Parking Professional Derek Kiley strengthens the Scheidt & Bachmann’s USA division

August 04, 2017



Parking Professional Derek Kiley strengthens the Scheidt & Bachmann’s USA division




Leading parking solutions provider Scheidt & Bachman USA recently brought on Derek Kiley, a parking industry professional, as Business Development consultant. Kiley’s experience in collaborating with policy makers, operators, business leaders, planners, and designers makes him an excellent choice for establishing long-term partnerships in the USA. As an industry pioneer he introduced barcode technology in the North American market 20 years. His understanding of state-of-the-art technology and eye for future trends is in line with our commitment to innovation.




LOWELL, MA – Leading parking solutions provider Scheidt & Bachmann USA announced on July 17th its partnership with Derek Kiley. Kiley will support team with analyzing customer demand and implementing market strategies.  Furthermore, he will work closely within the organization to fulfill operator’s and other decision maker’s demands by supporting all aspects of the development of our digital strategy.

Prior to working with Scheidt & Bachmann, Kiley held multiple business development roles on an executive level.

In this new role, Kiley will focus on client relations and business development.

Kiley stated:


“Scheidt & Bachmann plays a major role in the industry since 1872 by constantly evolving and earning a reputation for reliability. The Scheidt & Bachmann name has always spoken to quality. The car park management software provides a stable foundation for futuristic solutions and demonstrates our flexibility in allowing the integration of third party hardware and software.  As we convert digital changes into new business opportunities, our growth will be directly tied to the energy and diligence that we bring to every project. Incorporating our customers’ feedback into our processes and plans will ensure continued success.”


Scheidt & Bachmann USA’s Executive Vice President, Henk de Bruin, adds that, “Derek knows how to run a business and understands the unique challenges that operators face in the parking industry. This is an exceptional combination and we are thankful that he is supporting our team.”


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