Parking Professional Derek Kiley strengthens the Scheidt & Bachmann’s USA division

August 04, 2017



Parking Professional Derek Kiley strengthens the Scheidt & Bachmann’s USA division




Leading parking solutions provider Scheidt & Bachman USA recently brought on Derek Kiley, a parking industry professional, as Business Development consultant. Kiley’s experience in collaborating with policy makers, operators, business leaders, planners, and designers makes him an excellent choice for establishing long-term partnerships in the USA. As an industry pioneer he introduced barcode technology in the North American market 20 years. His understanding of state-of-the-art technology and eye for future trends is in line with our commitment to innovation.




LOWELL, MA – Leading parking solutions provider Scheidt & Bachmann USA announced on July 17th its partnership with Derek Kiley. Kiley will support team with analyzing customer demand and implementing market strategies.  Furthermore, he will work closely within the organization to fulfill operator’s and other decision maker’s demands by supporting all aspects of the development of our digital strategy.

Prior to working with Scheidt & Bachmann, Kiley held multiple business development roles on an executive level.

In this new role, Kiley will focus on client relations and business development.

Kiley stated:


“Scheidt & Bachmann plays a major role in the industry since 1872 by constantly evolving and earning a reputation for reliability. The Scheidt & Bachmann name has always spoken to quality. The car park management software provides a stable foundation for futuristic solutions and demonstrates our flexibility in allowing the integration of third party hardware and software.  As we convert digital changes into new business opportunities, our growth will be directly tied to the energy and diligence that we bring to every project. Incorporating our customers’ feedback into our processes and plans will ensure continued success.”


Scheidt & Bachmann USA’s Executive Vice President, Henk de Bruin, adds that, “Derek knows how to run a business and understands the unique challenges that operators face in the parking industry. This is an exceptional combination and we are thankful that he is supporting our team.”


For more information on Kiley’s expertise and his new role at Scheidt & Bachmann USA, please contact us at

Parkeon Completes Implementation of Paid Parking System Around The National Mall

August 04, 2017


Parkeon Completes Implementation of Paid Parking System Around The National Mall



Moorestown, NJ, July 26, 2017 –  Parkeon, Inc., the worldwide leader in multi-space parking systems, announces that they have completed the installation of a new paid parking system for their client, the National Park Service (NPS).  The new system is deployed around the National Mall, where the nation’s iconic museums and monuments can be found right in the heart of Washington, DC.



The implementation of parking meters and mobile parking payments is the result of over a decade of planning and studies  by the National Park Service. The analyses lead to a Request for Proposals released at the end of 2016 for the technology implementation and complete system operation.


In February 2017, NPS awarded the contract to Parkeon to supply and operate the new parking system. The system consists of 102 solar powered, wireless Strada Pay Stations in a cashless configuration.  Credit/debit cards are the only available methods of payment. These multi-space meters control approximately 1,200 parking spaces throughout the National Mall and Rock Creek Park.


The pay stations are connected to Parkeon’s Big Data Suite allowing both Parkeon and National Park Service staff to remotely monitor the system, explore parking trends and utilization patterns, study data correlations through spatial data analytics, and study sales, occupancy and rate efficiency in real time.


In an area where demand out paces the supply of available spaces, the primary goal of the new system is to reduce traffic congestion by increasing parking space turnover.  High turnover leads to a more fair and equitable delivery of limited public spaces. Drivers who need to use spaces temporarily during the day will find more options available because it will become much more difficult for those in the habit of monopolizing public spaces to continue to operate that way under the new system. In addition to reduced congestion, the paid parking system will also subsidize and facilitate the use of public transportation in the area.


Parkeon completed the system implementation in early June of 2017, but the company is by no means a new player in the area. It has been supplying the District of Columbia’s multi-space parking meter system since 2004.  There are approximately 1,000 Parkeon Pay Stations throughout the District that help in the management of on-street parking.

“We are very proud to have been selected for this important project,” says Benoit Reliquet, President of Parkeon, Inc.  “The National Mall receives over 30 million visitors each year and we look forward to working with National Park Service to find innovative ways to make parking simple so that the overall visit to our nation’s capital is an enjoyable one.”

In its first full month of operation, the new system generated over 60,000 successful parking transactions.




About Parkeon

Parkeon is a key player in the sector of urban mobility. By providing a single offer encompassing parking management solutions and ticketing solutions for public transport, Parkeon is now present in 55 countries and is accelerating its growth in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Latin America and North Africa. Parkeon’s capacity for continuous innovation is demonstrated every day. Systems and equipment provided by Parkeon facilitate management and mobility in more than 4,000 cities. Parkeon employs over 1,000 employees worldwide and achieved revenues of over $250 million in 2016.


For more information visit




August 03, 2017








Houston, TX (August 3, 2017)—Sentry Control Systems announced today that Mark Phillips has joined the company as Vice President, Texas Region. Phillips is a long-time parking technology professional, and in his new position he will oversee business development and customer service for Sentry in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Sentry is America’s leading parking technology provider.

“Mark is an experienced and accomplished parking technology leader, and he will be a terrific addition to the Sentry team,” said Michael Flanagan, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Sentry Control Systems. “Mark is highly respected throughout the parking industry, and he is extremely knowledgeable about the parking technology challenges facing parking owners and operators.”

A parking technology leader with more then 20 years of experience, Phillips joins Sentry from TIBA Parking Systems, where he was Western Region Manager and Federal APD. He is a retired U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant.


Mark Phillips can be reached at (469) 910-4245 and by email at


About Sentry

Sentry, a subsidiary of SKIDATA, is America’s leading parking technology company, providing innovative hardware and software solutions that improve the parking experience while increasing profitability. By installing, building, and managing parking control systems Sentry can help developers and owners of all types conquer their unique parking challenges. Sentry has over three decades of proven expertise and is backed by SKIDATA—an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Sentry [] offers comprehensive services that set the standard, including extensive training to assure that customers are getting the most from their equipment, ongoing maintenance, and outstanding support. SKIDATA [] is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Kudelski Group [].

Visit Sentry online,


Nedap secures vehicle access to Amwaj Islands

August 03, 2017

Nedap secures vehicle access to Amwaj Islands



Amwaj Islands in the Kingdom of Bahrain required a vehicle access control solution to enter the luxury community and residential areas. As a first solution, tenants were given remote controllers to control the barriers, but this solution was proved to be inefficient. Nedap’s business partner Secure Services Ltd. WWL implemented a complete access control solution, including TRANSIT to secure vehicle access to this exclusive community.


Luxury on the water

The Amwaj Islands is a group of 6 man-made islands located in the Persian Gulf to the northeast of Bahrain, near the coast of Muharraq Island. The islands contain residential, commercial, hotel and retail buildings, as well as a 240m diameter circular marina with over 140 berths. Other facilities like an international school, university, hospital, fuel station, theme parks and a lagoon side are situated on the various islands as well.


Replacement for remote controllers

Users of the luxury community needed a system for secure vehicle access. An important requirement was to solve the inconvenience of the use of IR remote controllers that sometimes did not work properly or ran out of battery; the solution had to be convenient for the drivers of the vehicles. Long-range readers and semi-active vehicle identification tags were the perfect match. The readers are connected to an access control system which makes the process of rolling out identifiers much easier in addition to enhanced security.


Automatic vehicle identification

Nedap’s long-range vehicle identification system TRANSIT was installed to provide secure access without forcing tenants to stop their vehicle. The TRANSIT Ultimate is a high-end reader that identifies vehicles up to 10 meters (33 ft.). The vehicles of all residents and contracting workers are equipped with the Window Button. This vehicle identification tag is identified as soon as it enters the reading zone of the TRANSIT Ultimate reader. It allows authorized vehicles to enter the community, without the need to stop at the gate.


Automatic vehicle identification ensures a smooth flow of authorized people only and increases the safety of both tenants and contracting workers.


Professional security solutions

This Nedap solution for long-range vehicle identification was integrated with gate barriers of FAAC and Magnetic. The access control  system of Secure Services Limited WLL. was chosen, the company that provides professional security solutions for local authorities, industrial and commercial clients.


“The system is working according to expectations and the end-user is satisfied and plans on continuous expansion”, Kevin Balkhuysen, Head of Technical Division, Secure Services Limited.







August 03, 2017






WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (August 3, 2017) – West Palm Beach-based One Parking, a national parking operations management firm, has added five new locations to the list of parking clients using their proprietary OPark system. The high-tech, 24/7, unmanned remote monitoring parking control system launched earlier this year and is regarded by the industry as best in class. The new locations include The Franklin, a 60-story, Class-A office building in Chicago, four other garages in Washington, D.C. and one in Denver. One Parking expects to announce at least five additional OPark installations before the end of the year.


“Our technology is revolutionizing the way developers think about parking,” says Kirsten Dolan, President and Chief Operating Officer of One Parking. “With OPark, we can offer them an industry-leading parking solution and VIP-style customer service while delivering significant savings in payroll costs.”

First installed at the popular CityPlace entertainment-retail center in West Palm Beach, the OPark system makes the parking experience as easy as possible. The system increases accountability of parking revenue and quick transaction time, and maximizes rate of traffic flow at exits. OPark saves on payroll and reduces overtime hours for late-night parking attendant shifts, while collecting revenues 24/7. OPark interfaces with the equipment that distributes tickets to drivers entering a parking facility, and that ticket is inserted into a card reader upon departure. But the OPark difference surfaces when a customer requests assistance. The “Help” button instantly connects to a Customer Service Representative who appears on a two-way video screen, creating a live, interactive human experience that is not available in other automated payment systems. The video background displays an image that is customized to show the facility where the driver is parked, even though the Customer Service Representative is assisting from the One Parking Command Center, located in West Palm Beach. The customer feels as if the representative is right there on the property, so there’s a sense of comfort, and a connection is created. The driver hears and sees the Customer Service Representative, and vice-versa.

“We have realized a significant savings in payroll costs, while maintaining the high level of customer service our customers expect at CityPlace,” said Kenneth Himmel, President and CEO of Related Urban. “One Parking has been a trusted partner. They keep our facilities clean and safe, they offer unmatched customer service and are very responsive to resolve any issue. It’s important that the premier experience at CityPlace is carried through to the parking experience in our garages. One Parking makes sure that happens.”

To learn more about OPark, visit, or visit One Parking’s website at


About One Parking

One Parking was formed in 2004 and manages over 80,000 self-parking & valet spaces for over 85 high-end assets throughout the United States. One Parking’s experience and expertise stretches across all asset classes including commercial, residential, mixed-use, and municipalities. Our first-class locations ensure easy access and intuitive flow patterns that maximize space, while offering expedited payment solutions to parkers.

McCarran International Airport installs AIMS for managing their parking operations.

August 02, 2017



McCarran International Airport installs AIMS for managing their parking operations




Enforcement of taxi and TNC operators was their biggest challenge. Citation issuance, customer permit sales, parking violation notices and payments are all handled by airport staff.


The AIMS Mobile enforcement app interacts real time with the AIMS database so flex fine amounts are applied to citations based on the number of previous times a plate has been issued a ticket. This has allowed the airport to assess higher fine amounts on each subsequent ticket at the time chronic violators are cited. These aggregate fine amounts are designed to hit chronic violators with excessive fines at the time of issuance so they are more apt to follow proper procedures while on airport property.


Visit for more information.


IDTechEx – Energy independent vehicles key to solving grid problems

August 01, 2017


IDTechEx – Energy independent vehicles key to solving grid problems



The UK National Grid has announced that peak impact of electric cars in the UK will be equivalent to capacity of 6 nuclear plants. According to National Grid’s “Future Energy Scenarios” report published 13 July 2017, smart charging could substantially decrease the pressure on the system at peak times, reducing additional demand from electric vehicles to 3.5GW by 2030 from a potential scenario of 8GW of additional demand without the technology.



18 gigawatts of extra demand for electricity — the equivalent of the capacity of nearly six Hinkley Point nuclear power stations — is projected at peak times by 2050. However, this ignores the many ways in which the real world implementation will be very different.

Dr Peter Harrop, lead author of the IDTechEx Research report, Energy Independent Electric Vehicles Land, Water, Air 2017-2037 advises, “Well before 2050, energy independent vehicles being developed by Toyota, Tesla and others will bypass national grids altogether and sell in large numbers. Hanergy and Sono Motors even promise mainstream solar-only cars by 2020 and even if they fail, others are on the job, some with particularly power rich designs employing wind energy as well when the vehicle is parked. Earlier than that, roadside solar charging stations are catching on as they improve efficiency, modularity, affordability and ability to incorporate wind power. That means entirely or mainly off-grid supply: you can even see them in Malta. Another offsetting factor is the immediate availability of smart charging recognised by National Grid that would power up car batteries at times when electricity networks can cope. Rapidly increasing range of electric vehicles creates much more freedom concerning when and where to charge, including from off-grid energy-independent houses. Six nuclear plants? It is just not going to happen. It is even arguable that no extra grid supply will be required”.

National Grid analysed the potential impact on demand at busy times of the day, such as after working hours, if forecasts for rapid growth in electric vehicles by 2050 are realised. The UK Government has said it plans all electric by 2050, which is a politician’s way of kicking an issue into the long grass: several other countries pitch 2030 or 2040. The National Grid study follows several developments that suggest the growth in electric vehicles might accelerate dramatically over the coming decades. Analysts IDTechEx agree with a tipping point approaching, not least as up front vehicle price parity occurs. Harrop thinks it is fair that the National Grid presumes that electric vehicle sales could account for more than 90% of all cars in the UK by 2050, with one million on Britain’s roads by the early 2020s and as many as nine million by 2030.

Industry experts and operators of local electricity networks, to which the majority of vehicle chargers will be connected, have warned that to avoid costly upgrades to grid infrastructure, drivers will have to become used to the idea they may not always be able to power up their cars immediately. However, only analyst IDTechEx factors energy independent vehicles into its forecasts.

IDTechEx is staging the world’s first conference and exhibition on “Energy Independent Electric Vehicles” 27-28 September at the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands. This event will embrace the commercial opportunity and technology roadmap of the vehicles by land water and air and their enabling technologies. It is staged by analyst IDTechEx which has the only comprehensive reports and consultancy on EIVs and their technologies such as structural electronics, triboelectric and 6D motion energy harvesting and extreme lightweighting. The overview report is Energy Independent Electric Vehicles Land, Water, Air 2017-2037.


About IDTechEx

IDTechEx guides your strategic business decisions through its Research and Events services, helping you profit from emerging technologies. We provide independent research, business intelligence and advice to companies across the value chain based on research activities and methodologies which provide data sought by business leaders, strategists and technology scouts to aid their critical business decisions. To discuss your needs please contact us at or see

CATSPass Mobile App Introduces Payment Solution for Charlotte Lynx Riders Powered by Passport

July 31, 2017



CATSPass Mobile App Introduces Payment Solution for Charlotte Lynx Riders Powered by Passport


City of Charlotte launches program for transit app, powered by Passport






Charlotte, NC — The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) has launched the CATS Pass app, a mobile pilot solution for LYNX Blue Line light rail fare. The CATSPass is powered by Passport, the industry leading mobile payments provider for transit and parking. With CATSPass, riders can pay for their light rail passes all within the app.




Riders are able to pay for their transit fares directly through their secure CATSPass account using their credit or debit cards. Riders can also add cash funds to their mobile app by visiting the Charlotte Transportation Center in Uptown. CATSPass users can then use their mobile ticket to board the LYNX Blue Line or store their tickets for later use with the in-app Ticket Manager feature.



“Our goal with the CATSPass mobile app is to make riding transit more convenient through the use of technology and this new app allows customers to purchase passes anytime, anywhere with their smartphone,” said CATS CEO, John Lewis. “It also allows CATS to ensure all of its mobility options and technological innovations are accessible to all of our customers.”



“As a Charlotte-based company, Passport is thrilled to partner with CATS to provide a mobile payment solution for the LYNX Blue Line,” said Bob Youakim, CEO of Passport. There is tremendous amount of value for our team and the community at-large in being able to ride CATS using the system we built together. We’re proud to be a part of such an exciting time for the City of Charlotte and look forward to supporting CATS as a technology partner.”


The CATSPass app is free to download through the App Store and Google Play.






Passport is the industry’s leading mobile technology solution specializing in enterprise business applications and payments for the public and private sector. Passport’s product lines–parking payments, transit payments, enforcement and permit management–collectively serve to deliver dynamic tools for agencies to better connect with their communities. Its services have been adopted by over 300 agencies on over 3,000 locations globally. Passport’s mission is to reduce operational complexity and deliver intelligent data to improve decision making for its clients.


Passport is backed by a group of investors, including Grotech Ventures, Relevance Capital, and MK Capital. For more information, please visit









Jacob Gonzalez, PE Joins WGI’s Carl Walker Division in Texas

July 28, 2017



Jacob Gonzalez, PE Joins WGI’s Carl Walker Division in Texas



(HOUSTON, TX – July 28, 2017) WGI is pleased to announce that Jacob Gonzalez, PE joined the firm’s Parking Solutions Division in its new partner, Carl Walker, a division of WGI. Jacob, as Vice President-Parking Solutions, will remain in Houston, leveraging contacts and experience accumulated during an almost 20-year career that included 18 years at a national consulting firm, where he grew from an engineer and parking consultant, to leader of its Prime PM team, and ultimately Director of Parking. Jacob also spent nine months as Managing Principal of a parking specialty firm’s Houston office.


Moving forward, Jacob will utilize his experience by working collaboratively with WGI’s Carl Walker Texas group – also taking on the responsibility of collaborating with CW’s team to cross-sell WGI’s services in Texas.
“I’m excited to grow the combined WGI/Carl Walker presence here, and assist the Parking Solutions team to establish Parking and Restoration services in the Florida market and nationally,” he says.

David Wantman, PE, and president of WGI, says, “We are extremely lucky to have Jacob join our team. His decades of experience in business development, and his passion for parking solutions consulting, client service, and relationships dovetails with WGI’s steadfast commitment to client services excellence.”

Jacob’s additional expertise includes master planning, parking technology, and integrated parking design with an extensive portfolio of healthcare, special event, transit centers and mixed-use projects. He is a registered PE in multiple states (Texas, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Kansas), and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from University of Houston.

He is the author of multiple articles and a design manual, as well as an active member of the International Parking Association, National Parking Association, American Society for Healthcare Engineers, Parking Consultant’s Council, and Texas Parking and Transportation Association, where he is a board member serving as treasurer. Jacob’s recent recognitions include 2015 Engineering New-Record/ Texas & Louisiana, Top 20 Under 40; 2015 Top 10 Rising Stars in Civil + Structural Engineering; IMPACT Award for Community from the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties; and Impact Southern Nevada for the 500 South Main garage.


As a multidisciplinary consulting firm, WGI has 14 offices in six states, serving an active client base in over 30 states with the addition of its 12th division, Parking Solutions, alongside its specialization in the following disciplines: Land Development/Municipal Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Surveying and Mapping, Subsurface Utility Engineering, Structures, Water Resources, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Sciences, Architecture, Land Planning, and Creative Services. The Zweig Group ranked WGI #4 on its 2017 Hot Firms list and #23 on the 2017 Best Firms to Work For list. WGI rose to #1609 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America – over 1800 places higher than last year’s placement. South Florida Business Journal ranked WGI #37 in its 2016 Florida Fast 100 (encompassing the entire state), #60 in the region’s 2016 Top 100 Private Companies, #10 on its 2016 Top 25 Engineering Firms, as well as #7 in the $25M and over category as a 2016 “Fast 50” Honoree from the same publication. In 2017, WGI ranked #252 on the ENR’s list of the Top 500 Design Firms and ranked #22 in ENR’s Top Southeast Design Firms of 2017. For more information, please visit .

WGI Contact:
Sima Narcus
Client Services Manager

NSL awarded Platinum status as an Investor in People

July 27, 2017



NSL awarded Platinum status as an Investor in People




NSL, the country’s leading provider of civil enforcement and specialist support services, has been awarded Platinum accreditation for the Investors in People standard. The accolade reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest possible performance through the quality of its people management.


With 4,000 employees in 250 locations around the country, NSL is part of the Marston Holdings group of companies and specialises in the delivery and management of frontline, back office and customer support services in complex public sector and highly regulated environments. Investors in People accreditation has  been at the heart of the business since 2005. The company was awarded Gold status in 2011 and, in the same year, was recognised as an Investor in People champion.


“This is a significant achievement for NSL and Marston Holdings and reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining high performance in people management,” says Gareth Hughes, Chief Executive of Marston Holdings. “Congratulations to the NSL team on such a success.”


“This is the highest award that Investors in People offers and is a credit to everyone within the business,” adds NSL’s Managing Director Mark Hoskin.  “In all of our operations and across all the services we deliver for  clients throughout the UK, we know people really do make the difference. So, naturally, we’re delighted our determination to excel in people management has been recognised at the highest possible level within such a widely respected standard.”


Investors in People is the international standard for people management, defining what it takes to lead, support and manage people effectively to achieve sustainable results. Underpinning the standard is the Investors in People framework, reflecting the latest workplace trends, essential skills and effective structures required to outperform in any industry. The standard enables organisations to benchmark against the best in the business on an international scale.


Representatives from Investors in People visited NSL in April and met with 128 members of staff to discuss the company’s approach to its people, the quality of its leaders, its business behaviours and its management organisation. The assessment also entailed close scrutiny of the company’s business practices, processes and culture and culminated with the award of Platinum status.


Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People, said: “We’d like to congratulate NSL on receiving such a coveted award. Investors in People accreditation is the sign of a great employer, an outstanding place to work and a clear commitment to success.  NSL should be extremely proud of its Platinum award.”






For more information, please contact:

Ron Dyson –             tel 01935 83622                       mob 07477 174674         




NSL is a trusted outsourcer to government and businesses across the UK, helping clients innovate and improve services to deliver better outcomes. The company provides frontline, back office and customer  support services to design and manage places used by the public and provide national enforcement expertise at our borders and infrastructure. With over 4,000 colleagues in 250 locations across the UK, NSL serves over 150 clients and 20 million citizens.



About Investors in People

Investors in People is the Standard for people management. The international people management Standard defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results. With a community of 14,000 organisations across 75 countries, successful accreditation against the Standard is the sign of a great employer, an outperforming place to work and a clear commitment to sustained success.


Based on a tried and tested framework and a rigorous process of assessment, organisations that meet the Investors in People Standard proudly display their accreditation to the world because they understand that it’s people that make the difference. Since 1991, the standard has evolved to keep pace with modern practices. The current sixth generation was launched internationally in 2015 and there are four levels of accreditation – Accredited, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


For more information about Investors in People please visit




Issued by The Aurora Partnership on behalf of NSL

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