Honk Launches Enhanced BackOffice Software to Manage and Grow Your Business

December 05, 2019





Honk Launches Enhanced BackOffice Software to Manage and Grow Your Business




Honk BackOffice 2.0 gives parking operators and municipalities even more control to streamline their operations and target new customers



TORONTO, ON December 5th, 2019 – HonkMobile, North America’s leading provider of electronic payments for parking, just launched an enhanced tool to help clients manage their parking services and grow their businesses. Parking lot operators and municipalities and universities that use Honk’s product suite (HonkAPP, HonkTAP, HonkKIO) to process parking payments now have access to Honk BackOffice 2.0, a tool that gives them improved transactional and financial reporting, as well as enhanced analytics into all parking sessions.


Honk is continuously working to revolutionize the parking industry, and has become the answer to quick and easy parking payments among drivers in Canada and the USA. By leveraging Honk’s products, parking operators are reducing costs, modernizing their operations, attracting new customers, and increasing revenue. Honk BackOffice 2.0 is a critical piece of this new and improved parking experience, giving Honk’s clients even more control over their operations — while saving them time, money, and resources.


New enhancements include the ability to:

  • Instantly modify parking rates to reflect demand, availability, and special events
  • Edit amenity offerings, GPS coordinates, and parking zone descriptions
  • Create, manage, and report on promo codes to build loyalty among parkers
  • Customize access for employees & contractors at all levels


The upgraded tool gives operators real-time data to make informed business decisions that focus on company growth. Transaction reporting also provides operators with unique behavioural insights into both their customer base and ideal demographic with the goal of driving new customer acquisition.


Transaction and financial reporting functionality includes:

  • Complete tracking of parking spot utilization at each location
  • Insights into new & existing customers
  • Ability to create customized financial reporting, filtered by date, parking zone, invoice, plate, start/end date, and dollar amount
  • Breakdown of card type utilization by gross volume, discounts, processing fees, and net deposit
  • Breakdown of total revenue, and fully downloadable CSV file of all financial statements


“Honk is once again delivering on our commitment to help clients streamline operations and increase customer acquisition,” said Michael Back, Honk Founder and CEO. “We are confident that the richer financial and transaction data will enable our partner operators to make the very best business decisions, reduce risks, and confidently target their customer base. Honk BackOffice 2.0 makes it easy for parking operators and municipalities to further automate their operations — reducing processing time and saving them money.”


About HonkMobile

Honk is North America’s leading provider of both on-demand mobile payments and advance parking reservations. Since 2014 Honk has been creating solutions to avoid and eliminate the traditional parking meter. First, with their innovative app, then with HonkKIO — a low-cost payment kiosk aligned with the app. Now HonkTAP completes their family of products, serving the needs of all drivers, parking operators, and real estate owners — making it simple to pay for parking with the tap of a phone.


Honk has already modernized over 2,000 locations and 250,000 parking spaces across Canada and the United States. With the touch of a button, motorists can reserve and pay for parking anywhere Honk is accepted in North America.


For information, interview, and images, please contact: Rachel Lemkow

Director, Marketing rachel@honkmobile.com

New High-performance LED Round Highbay from Barron Lighting Group

December 04, 2019





New High-performance LED Round Highbay from Barron Lighting Group



Glendale, AZ – December 4, 2019Barron Lighting Group, the parent company to Trace-Lite indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial lighting, announces the addition of the RHL Series High-performance LED Round Highbay.


“At Barron Lighting Group, we are excited to introduce our newest product offering – the RHL Series LED Round Highbay. Available in multiple wattage configurations, the RHL is ideal for gymnasiums and multi-purpose rooms requiring easy installation as well as battery backup and occupancy controls,” said Heather McCune, Vice President, Sales Operations of Barron Lighting Group.


The compact, energy-efficient RHL Series LED round highbay provides over 70% energy savings compared to HID technology. This product is offered in multiple lumen packages optimizing project flexibility for retail, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, warehousing, gymnasium and other large interior spaces with mounting heights up to 50’. The RHL delivers up to 29,800 lumens with a diffused lens and is supplied standard with mounting hook. The RHL highbay is suitable for ambient temperatures up to 55°C. Options include 347/480VAC, battery backup and occupancy controls.


For more information about the RHL – https://bit.ly/2p80qep


About Barron Lighting Group

Barron Lighting Group, based out of Glendale, Arizona, manufactures a comprehensive line of lighting fixtures and solutions for commercial and industrial applications and is the parent company to four brands: Exitronix life-safety and emergency lighting, Trace-Lite indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial lighting, specialty LED commercial and decorative lighting, and Growlite indoor and greenhouse horticultural lighting.


For more information, visit barronltg.com.


TagMaster receives order for delivery of RFID systems to toll stations in India

December 04, 2019



TagMaster receives order for delivery of RFID systems to toll stations in India

Stockholm, Sweden 4 December 2019


TagMaster, a leading supplier of advanced sensor systems for Smart Cities within Traffic and Rail, has received an order for delivery of 340 RFID systems for road toll projects in India. The order is worth approximately SEK 3 million and delivery will take place during the fourth quarter this year.



The expansion of the road network in India to cope with the difficult traffic situation in the country is pervasive. The Indian government prioritizes infrastructure investments and tolls are an important part of financing the expansion of the road network.

TagMaster is, since eight years, one of the main suppliers for Indian toll stations. The current order concerns the delivery of a total of 340 RFID systems to a large number of multi-lane toll stations. The stations are an important part of the process of making the transport system in India more efficient.

“The order shows that our products and technology are at the forefront and more orders in India are to be expected in 2020. It also gives us the conditions to continue investing in Tolling & Security, which is a priority application area for us”, said Jonas Svensson, CEO, TagMaster.

Deliveries of the RFID systems are made during the fourth quarter of this year and the order is worth approximately SEK 3 million.

For further information, please contact

Jonas Svensson, CEO, +46 8-6321950, jonas.svensson@tagmaster.com

About TagMaster

TagMaster is an application driven technology company that designs and markets advanced sensor systems and solutions based on radio, radar, vision and magnetic technology for demanding environments. Business areas include Traffic Solutions and Rail Solutions sold under the brands TagMaster, CitySync, Balogh, CA Traffic, Magsys, Hikob and Sensys Networks with innovative mobility solutions in order to increase efficiency, security, convenience and to decrease environmental impact within Smart Cities. TagMaster has subsidies in UK, France and US and exports mainly to Europe, The Middle East, Asia and North America via a global network of partners and systems integrators. TagMaster was founded in 1994 and has its headquarters in Stockholm. TagMaster is a public company and its shares are traded on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm, Sweden. TagMasters certified advisor is Erik Penser Bank phone +4684638300, E-mail: certifiedadviser@penser.se.  www.tagmaster.com

The launch of Parking Forum

December 04, 2019



The launch of Parking Forum



Colombus, OH – Parking industry veteran and consultant Dave Altman today announces the launch of Parking Forum (www.ParkingForum.org), a source of knowledge for parking professionals and property owners. 



The idea behind the Parking Forum project came about when several large US universities kept asking Dave the same questions as they built new parking structures or added new technology.

“It felt wrong to take consulting fees and just keep answering the same questions over and over. Our industry needs a repository of knowledge, so that’s why I am launching Parking Forum.”

Parking Forum was in private beta for the last month, and already has hundreds of answers to common questions like how to implement ALPR, which parking app has the best rates, and how to handle guest or visitor parking.

“I think this tool will get more and more valuable, especially as parking moves to a service. From scooter parking to mopeds and electric vehicle charging, parking is evolving faster than ever and most of the knowledge is specialized and hard to find. Let’s build a community.”

Find out more and join the discussion at ParkingForum.org

LKCM Headwater Investments Announces New Company, Building Controls & Solutions

December 04, 2019




LKCM Headwater Investments Announces New Company, Building Controls & Solutions



Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas – LKCM Headwater Investments is excited to announce the formation ofa new company, Building Controls & Solutions, a leading provider of energy management, building controls, automation and gas detection solutions for the commercial building community. This new company will include afamily of three companies, including Relevant Solutions-Building Solutions division, Amcon Controls and INTEC Controls, to provide increased distribution of products, value-added  services,  and cloud solutions to help companies improve their HVAC, lighting, energy, security, garage and safety capabilities



Building Controls & Solutions is joining together these companies in order to offer more resources and manufacturing partnerships, increase inventory availability, and grow technical expertise. Building Controls & Solutions will also provide expanded programming, engineering, fabrication, technical training, and additional services for customers.


“We are excited to bring together strong global product brands to combine with our local in-market technical resources at Relevant Solutions, Amcon and INTEC Controls, covering many cities and states across the U.S. Our value starts with high quality products and is truly enhanced by solutions that bring customized value- added services to our commercialbuilding customers every day”, says CEO, Eric Chernik.


With locations in Texas, Utah, Louisiana, New Mexico, and California, Building Controls & Solutions is expanding their services to help companies create smarter work environments, maximize environmental efficiencies and leverage technology for building effectiveness, security and safety. The headquarters for Building Controls & Solutions is located in Farmers Branch, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.


LKCM Headwater Investments is the private equity arm of Luther King Capital Management and seeks to partner with management teams to build highly successful companies.


To learn more about Building Controls & Solutions, visit: www.buildingcontrolsandsolutions.com


FEIG ELECTRONIC: Moscow-City Skyscrapers Streamline Parking Access and Control with Secure RFID

December 03, 2019



FEIG ELECTRONIC: Moscow-City Skyscrapers Streamline Parking Access and Control with Secure RFID




FEIG ELECTRONIC partners with ISBC Group to deploy UCODE DNA RFID security and parking access control solution in Moscow Business District




Weilburg, Germany  — December 3, 2019 — FEIG ELECTRONIC, a leading global supplier of radio frequency identification (RFID) readers and antennas with fifty years of industry experience, announces deployment of the UCODE DNA RFID security and parking contactless identification solution in the Moscow International Business Center, known as Moscow-City, one of the world’s largest business district projects.


The management of Moscow-City not only selected long-range, passive UHF RFID to implement in its controlled parking areas, it also chose to implementUCODE DNA, the highest form of secure RAIN RFID technology, developed by NXP Semiconductors.


Panoramic view of Moscow city and Moskva River at sunset. New modern futuristic skyscrapers of Moscow-City – International Business Center, toned


“Underscoring NXP’s innovation and leadership in developing advanced RAIN RFID technologies, our UCODE DNA was chosen to be incorporated with the FEIG and ISBC implementation of the contactless identification system in the prestigious Moscow-City,” said Mahdi Mekic, marketing director for RAIN RFID with NXP Semiconductors. “This exciting project represents yet another successful deployment of NXP’s contactless portfolio, and showcases our continued ability to meet the high-security requirements of highly demanding applications without compromising user convenience.”


“UCODE DNA is considered the only identification technology to match the physical protection of a barrier with the cybersecurity necessary to truly protect entrances from unauthorized access,” said Manuel Haertlé, senior product manager for FEIG Electronic. “As a respected contactless payment technology company, FEIG applies security know-how from its payment terminals, which are fully certified according to the latest high-class security standards, into our RFID systems. FEIG vehicle access control RFID readers incorporate advanced secure key storage elements, supporting various methods for secure key injection.”


FEIG’s partner ISBC Group provided the knowledge and support for this successful implementation using FEIG’s long-range UHF RFID. The resulting system enables authorized vehicle entry into areas reserved for private residential use or corporate tenants, while also allowing availability of temporary, fee-based visitor parking. Thanks to the cryptographic authentication of UCODE DNA, both the tag and reader must go through an authentication procedure before the reader will validate the data from the tag, which is transmitted wirelessly. This level of authentication is typically used in the most secure data communication networks.


“The system’s two-step authentication means that only authorized equipment can handle the secure protocol and the data exchange with the UCODE DNA based tag. Without the required cryptographic secrets, other readers would query the tag in vain, because the tag’s response cannot be interpreted or understood,” said Andrey Krasovskiy, director of the RFID department at ISBC Group. “On top of this, each data exchange in the authentication process is unique, so even if a malicious actor were to intercept the communication, the transmission is only good for a single exchange and the tag’s unique identity is protected from cloning.”


Established in 1992 and still growing, Moscow-City is the revitalization and transformation of an industrial riverfront into a new, modern, vibrant and upscale business and residential district. A mix of residential, hotel, office, retail and entertainment facilities, it is located about four kilometers west of Red Square along the Moscow River. Twelve of the twenty-three planned facilities have already been completed, with seven currently under construction. Six skyscrapers in Moscow-City reach a height of at least 300 meters, including Europe’s tallest building, Federation Tower, which rises more than 100 stories.


Partnering with ISBC and deploying FEIG Electronic RFID solutions, the Moscow International Business Center is delivering security and access control to its city center today, as it grows into the city of tomorrow.



FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas is one of the few suppliers worldwide offering RFID readers and antennas for all standard operating frequencies: LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (860-960 MHz). A trusted pioneer in RFID with more than 50 years of industry experience, FEIG ELECTRONIC delivers unrivaled data collection, authentication, and identification solutions, as well as secure contactless payment systems. Readers from FEIG ELECTRONIC, which are available for plug-in, desktop, and handheld applications, support next-generation contactless credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, NFC and access control credentials to enable fast, accurate, reliable and secure transactions. For more information, visit: www.feig.de/en


About ISBC

Founded in Moscow in 2002, ISBC Group provides knowledge and support to integrators for their successful implementation of RFID and smart card-based solutions. The company specializes in the distribution of smart card equipment, contact and contactless card manufacturing, smart card and RFID personalization services, and information security.  Its Research and Design Center is focused specifically on RFID, primarily HF and UHF solutions with NXP tags, and software development for the smart card industry. For more information visit: https://isbc-cards.com/


Passport Parking App is Now Available in Downtown Marquette

December 03, 2019



Passport Parking App is Now Available in Downtown Marquette



Say hello to more convenient parking with the Passport Parking App, now available in Downtown Marquette.



The Marquette DDA has partnered with Passport Parking to bring pay by phone parking to Downtown Marquette. Currently, Passport Parking is available at metered parking spaces on West Washington Street, as well as at the pay stations at the lower level of the Bluff Street ramp and North Main Street lot. Pay by Phone will be rolling out across the all of the metered parking spaces and pay stations in Downtown Marquette over the next month.


How does it work? It’s easy! Smart phone users can download the app from the ​Apple App Store​ or ​Google Play store and create an account with their mobile phone number or email address. Park anywhere you see Passport Parking app signs and decals, then use the zone and meter number on the sign to pay for your parking session and small convenience fee from your phone. Pay, extend, and manage your parking session with just a few taps.


What are the Benefits? No coins, no problem: Pay quickly and securely with your phone.

Forget refilling the meter in the rain or braving the cold. Get alerts when your parking session is about to end and instantly see how much time is left on the meter. Running late? Add time to your parking session directly from your phone, where parking regulations allow. Easy expenses: Receive email receipts at the end of your parking session and manage your parking history through the mobile app.


Visitors to downtown need not worry if they don’t use a smart phone; they will still be able to pay directly at the meter and pay stations using coins or credit cards, just as before.


“We’re excited to be able to add an additional and convenient way for visitors to pay for parking in Downtown Marquette,” stated Sarah Trumbley, Marquette Downtown Development Authority Operations Manager. “This makes tracking parking expenses and saving receipts a breeze. No more searching for spare change and fighting the weather while paying for parking.”


For more information, contact the Marquette Downtown Development Authority office at (906) 228-9475.

About The Marquette Downtown Development Authority
Established in 1976, the purpose of the Marquette Downtown Development Authority is to “halt property value deterioration and increase property tax valuation…to eliminate the causes of that deterioration, and to promote economic growth” throughout Downtown Marquette. At times unexpected, Downtown Marquette is always alive with unique businesses, amazing flavors, welcoming events, vibrant arts and boundless opportunities.




Acquisitions Make SKIDATA America’s Largest Provider Of Parking Access & Revenue Control Technology

December 02, 2019



Acquisitions Make SKIDATA America’s Largest Provider Of Parking Access & Revenue Control Technology



New Brunswick, NJ (December 2, 2019)— SKIDATA announced today that it is now the largest provider of Parking Access & Revenue Control (PARCS) equipment in the United States. The milestone resulted from the completed acquisitions and integration of three leading parking technology companies, Sentry Control Systems in Van Nuys, California; Harstad Controls in Minneapolis; and Protection Technologies, which had locations in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Denver.



“We are extremely proud that SKIDATA has grown to become America’s largest provider of Parking Access & Revenue Control equipment,” said Chris McKenty, Head of Sales, West for SKIDATA. “SKIDATA was already America’s PARCS leader and has handled over 1,100 installations over the past 20 years. Our ongoing growth assures that we will continue to offer the most advanced and user-friendly equipment throughout the United States.”


In addition to being the largest, SKIDATA is also the industry’s most established PARCS provider. The company recently announced SKIDATA 2.0 USA, a celebration of its 20th anniversary in the United States.


“SKIDATA 2.0 USA is a celebration of our success in America and a declaration of our commitment to continue to push the envelope in the development of new technologies to improve the parking experience, while making parking more manageable and efficient,” said McKenty. “Our continued focus on innovation means that we can offer our customers the most cutting-edge technologies to assure that they can provide the most user-friendly parking experience possible.”


The completed acquisitions and integration of Sentry, Harstad, and Protection Technologies has also permitted the standardization of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems offered to SKIDATA customers. This standardization will allow SKIDATA to continue to provide the most advanced and useful parking technology on the market, and it allows SKIDATA to provide the most effective technology solutions for projects of all sizes, including the largest, most complex, and most diverse projects.


With the completion of these acquisitions, SKIDATA now employees over 250 parking technology professionals in 10 regional offices and 5 distribution centers across America. In addition to the US headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ, SKIDATA has offices in Van Nuys, California; San Francisco, California; Denver, Colorado; Orlando, Florida; Minneapolis, Minnesota; St. Louis, Missouri; Las Vegas, Nevada; Portland, Oregon; Dallas, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Ashburn, Virginia (Washington D.C.); and Redmond, Washington.



SKIDATA is an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Almost 10,000 SKIDATA installations worldwide in ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, cities, spa & wellness facilities, trade fairs and amusement parks provide secure and reliable access and entry control for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in providing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group (www.skidata.com) belongs to the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group (www.nagra.com), a leading provider of digital security solutions.


Seth Shurtleff Rejoins SKIDATA as Vice President of Business Development

December 02, 2019

Seth Shurtleff Rejoins SKIDATA
as Vice President of Business Development



Los Angeles, CA (November 27, 2019)— SKIDATA announced today that Seth Shurtleff has rejoined the company as VP of Business Development. Shurtleff is a nationally-known authority on parking technologies, and the integration and design, procurement, and implementation of complex parking systems. In his new position, he will promote, grow, and develop SKIDATA’s product lines throughout the Southwestern United States, while supporting the company’s national marketing efforts.



“Seth Shurtleff is well-known and highly respected throughout the parking industry, and we are proud to welcome him back to SKIDATA,” said Stefan Schaffner, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Vice President North America of SKIDATA. “SKIDATA is America’s leading provider of integrated parking technology solutions, and Seth’s leadership will be a tremendous asset as we continue to introduce new parking technologies and integrated technology packages to private and public developers, parking owners, and operators.”

A parking executive with more than 15 years of experience, Seth Shurtleff has helped lead some of the parking industry’s most successful companies, including TIBA Parking Systems, Sentry Control Systems, and Central Parking. Shurtleff is a resident of Hermosa Beach, California, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

SKIDATA is an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Almost 10,000 SKIDATA installations worldwide in ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, cities, spa & wellness facilities, trade fairs and amusement parks provide secure and reliable access and entry control for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in providing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group (www.skidata.com) belongs to the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group (www.nagra.com), a leading provider of digital security solutions.

Bomel Construction: New Parking Structure Part of North City Expansion

November 26, 2019




Bomel Construction: New Parking Structure Part of North City Expansion



SAN MARCOS, Calif.––North City (northcity.com), a mixed-use community near California State University San Marcos (csusm.edu), keeps growing. The recent additions include the university’s six-story Extended Learning building, a 700-space parking structure and a 66-unit apartment complex.

‘They really delivered’

Billy Lydon, the university’s project manager, was impressed by the performance of Bomel Construction Co. Inc. (bomelconstruction.com), builder of the six-level parking structure.

“They did a great job on it and really delivered what we had asked for,” he said. “They really did a good job seeing it all the way through close out.”

The 138,000-square-foot Extended Learning building includes 14,000 square feet of commercial and retail space, six labs, 14 conference/study spaces, community clinic education and research space, seven academic support centers and the offices of CSUSM’s Public Health, Social Work and Speech-Language Pathology programs.

CSUSM Extended Learning offers accredited degrees, certificates and customized training programs designed to accelerate professional development. It is continually adding new and relevant programs to its offerings in response to the changing economic needs of the region.

Extended Learning functions as a financially self-supporting unit within the University, which means it receives no funding from the state and relies solely on revenues generated from its various programs to operate.

Close quarters

Bomel Construction, widely regarded as the parking structure specialists in the West, faced a number of challenges during the 221,000-square-foot garage’s construction phase, including working on a busy congested site.

“We had two major projects working at the same time, with two shared entrances and only 30 feet between each other. This required that we coordinate every delivery and concrete placement with the other project,” said Adam Perrington, Bomel’s project manager. “We worked closely with the other contractors, so that things ran smoothly and did not impact either schedule.”

Bomel Construction finished the parking structure ahead of schedule for the ownership group.

Lydon was pleased with how Bomel was able to complete the garage within the university’s tight budget.

“They delivered a design that fit the footprint of the parcel of land that we had and made it efficient,” Lydon explained.

As part of the California State University system, the San Marcos campus is subject to third-party peer reviews during the design phase.

“Our structural peer review had requested some changes to the monument frames and Bomel was easy to work with and accommodated those changes,” added Lydon, who has worked at the university for eight years.

Perrington said he enjoyed delivering this project and working directly for Sea Breeze Properties.

The people that work at Sea Breeze are what makes them a great client,” he remarked. “They do not let egos get in the way of the project and are quick to get things done when needed.”

This is the second parking structure that Bomel Construction has completed in North City.

In addition to Perrington, the Bomel Construction project team for Cal State San Marcos was led by Project Executive Mike Lucio, Project Superintendent Rob Warner and Project Engineer Angie Bryant.

Irvine-based Bomel Construction, which also has offices in Carlsbad and Las Vegas, has built several garages at UC San Diego and Miramar College, as well as at universities and community colleges throughout Southern California during the last four decades. In addition to its extensive roster of projects serving high-profile property owners in a variety of markets, Bomel has higher-education parking structure projects under construction at California State University Northridge (1,600 stalls) and California State University Fullerton (1,900 stalls).


ABOUT BOMEL CONSTRUCTION: Established in 1970, Irvine, Calif.-based Bomel Construction Co. Inc. is widely regarded as the parking structure specialists in the western United States and is one of the largest concrete contractors in the nation.

In addition to its award-winning parking structure portfolio, Bomel is a one-stop source for all concrete construction needs. The company maintains a highly skilled staff for its in-house structural, architectural and site concrete divisions. Bomel works directly for property owners, developers and general contractors. Its portfolio of work includes projects of all sizes built at well-known casino-resorts, theme parks, shopping malls, office parks, mass transit centers, airports, universities and community colleges.  For more information: Bomel Construction Co. Inc., 96 Corporate Park, Irvine, CA 92606. Phone: 714-921-1660. Web site: www.bomelconstruction.com

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