September 16, 2021








SAN DIEGO, CA —Los Angeles’ latest mixed-use development has chosen to leverage EnSight Technologies’ car counting and parking guidance ecosystem for The Grand LA by Related. A two-level sub-terainian parking garage, The Grand LA will be the newest location within EnSight’s rapidly growing portfolio to leverage its machine-learning and neural network software for zone and level counting.


Since 2019, EnSight has consulted with Related and CORE (USA) Investment Holding LLC, who owns and manages The Grand LA, on the design for their parking occupancy management and guidance solution for the self-park garage. As construction at The Grand is nearing completion, EnSight’s camera-based and proprietary software will be installed as early as October 2021.


The Grand LA is Downtown LA’s newest, dynamic destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Anchored by chef-driven restaurants, a collection of shops, a luxury hotel, and residences, The Grand LA combines lifestyle, arts, culture, and entertainment providing a truly unique experience in Los Angeles.

“To have been selected as the parking occupancy management and guidance solution for The Grand LA is continued evidence that our vision-based software is cost efficient, easy-to-use, and, most importantly, highly accurate. As the latest location to EnSight’s portfolio, the self-park garage at The Grand LA will immediately and directly benefit from our continued investment in our proprietary ecosystem on day 1, and that’s exciting,” stated EnSight Technologies’ Managing Member Chris Scheppmann. “Elevating the parking experience is just one of the many business initiatives Related and CORE are committed to. Once their cloud is populated with parking data, our platform will provide them valuable business intelligence data, so they can make tweaks and improvements to their newly minted parking asset.”


EnSight Technologies’ intelligent camera-based solution counts vehicles entering and exiting each zone of each level and transmits that occupancy information to several dynamic LED signs located throughout the parking garage, providing real-time information about how many parking spaces are available, so drivers can quickly and conveniently find parking.


EnSight’s parking guidance and occupancy management technology leverages the latest advancements in machine learning to differentiate between vehicle types and vehicle uses. This allows the system to continuously improve performance accuracy as new vehicles are introduced to parking facilities.


About EnSight Technologies

EnSight Technologies is a parking technology company that has set out to simplify parking guidance with smart technology. EnSight’s smart, simple, and scalable technology ecosystem provides a cost-effective parking guidance alternative to parking owners and operators of all sizes. For more information, please visit www.ensight-technologies.com.

Parkopedia partners with CenNavi of NavInfo Group to provide digital parking services to the Chinese automotive industry

September 16, 2021


Parkopedia partners with CenNavi of NavInfo Group to provide digital parking services to the Chinese automotive industry




  • ●  Parkopedia to deliver premium parking services in China as part of CenNavi’s in-car solutions
  • ●  Connected car service provider, Parkopedia, helps millions of drivers each year find and pay for parking solutions in China
  • ●  CenNavi, part of NavInfo Group, is a leading provider of traffic information services across more than 360 cities in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
  • ●  BMW drivers will be the first to benefit from the new partnership with wider automaker announcements to be made shortly



    Shanghai, China: Research carried out by Parkopedia earlier this year found that almost 90% of drivers in China struggle to find parking, with drivers blaming a lack of information as the main cause. The total number of passenger cars in the country has now exceeded 281 million with just 80 million public parking spaces available,✴ making finding a parking space a vital part of the driver user experience in China, and a key issue for automakers to resolve.

    To help solve this issue, leading connected car services provider Parkopedia has partnered with location data provider CenNavi, a subsidiary of mapping giant NavInfo, to provide static and dynamic off-street parking data, payments, as well as nearby parking recommendation services, to automakers in China. Parkopedia’s services will act to complement CenNavi’s existing suite of products, such as real-time traffic information, lane-level traffic forecast services, event information services, City plate number limit warnings and EV charging dynamic services.

    Parkopedia’s patented parking space availability recommendations will be a welcome addition to CenNavi’s in-car solution, allowing the vehicle to intuitively send out recommendations to the driver for nearby parking spaces seamlessly via the vehicle head-unit, as they approach their destination.

    CenNavi’s parent company, NavInfo, is the HD mapping and location services provider to BMW China. Parkopedia, having already worked with BMW China since 2018, will continue to support drivers who are currently using the automaker’s iDrive 7.0 infotainment operating system, as part of the new partnership. This will enable drivers to continue to utilise parking services such as detailed parking information (including prices, opening hours and precise location data) and dynamic space availability, in all major cities in China. BMW China will also provide technical feedback to Parkopedia from their vehicles, allowing the parking data provider to continually improve the accuracy of its dynamic parking data predictions for their drivers.

    Commenting on the announcement, Hans Puvogel, COO at Parkopedia, said: “We are delighted to partner with NavInfo and CenNavi. Our combined market-leading parking and traffic management solutions will ensure drivers in China are able to complete total journeys with minimal interruptions, as well as allowing us to deliver the latest complete traffic and parking solutions available to automakers and drivers in China.”

Xinxin Jiang, GM of CenNavi Vehicle Product BU, added: “Parking is a frequently searched feature in vehicle navigation. We are very happy to cooperate with the market leader Parkopedia in the parking industry, to provide detailed and accurate, static and dynamic data to connected cars, helping to make the journey easier for every driver.”


About Parkopedia

Parkopedia is the leading connected car services provider used by millions of drivers and organizations such as Audi, Apple, BMW, Ford, Garmin, GM, Hyundai Kia, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Sygic, TomTom, Toyota, Volkswagen, and many others. Parkopedia helps drivers find and pay for parking, EV charging, fuelling and tolls in 15,000 cities across 89 countries. Parkopedia is also developing highly detailed parking maps and corresponding algorithms to help drivers and self-driving vehicles navigate to an open parking space indoors. Visit business.parkopedia.com for more information.


Media Contact

Sophie Lian
+86 15201972529 sophie.lian@parkopedia.com



EasyPark is Now Available in Portugal

September 15, 2021




EasyPark is Now Available in Portugal



The tech company EasyPark that helps drivers find and manage parking and charge their electrical vehicle, is available in Portugal from the 14th of September. The award-winning app with coverage throughout Europe will be available to use for all street parking in the city of Lisbon.

The global tech company EasyPark has during the last few years expanded throughout Europe and is today available in 27 countries over the world. The company now announces that the services will be launched in Portugal, starting with the city of Lisbon, from September. The award-winning parking app will be available to use for all on-street parking spaces in the city.

“The EasyPark app makes it easier to pay for parking with minimal effort for the driver. Our vision is to make cities more liveable and a foundation for that is to make the parking experience as easy and seamless as possible”, says Jennifer Amador Tavares De Sousa, Country Director Portugal, EasyPark Group.

EasyPark offers several innovative features. Besides making it possible to start, stop, prolong or shorten the parking session in the app, drivers can also pay for electrical vehicle charging, find streets with high parking availability and pre-book parking spaces. The app is also adapted for in-car operating systems such as Apple CarPlay and Android Automotive.

The company also offers software solutions for parking providers, such as cities and property owners, that gathers data to aid decision making regarding city planning. An optimized parking ecosystem means a shorter search time for an available parking spot, which reduces both congestion and emissions.

“We are happy to be taking the step into Portugal and start offering our services to both drivers and parking providers. EasyPark will make a significant difference in making Portugal’s cities more liveable, starting with Lisbon”, says Amador Tavares De Sousa.

EasyPark has coverage throughout Europe and eases travelling and commuting between countries such as Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

About EasyPark Group
EasyPark is a fast-growing, leading European tech company that helps drivers find and manage parking and EV charging. Our technology helps businesses, operators, and cities with parking administration, planning, and management in over 2200 cities across 20 countries. What we do is make urban life easier – one parking spot at a time. Visit www.easyparkgroup.com to learn more!

Leading Concrete Waterproofing Company Alchemco Launches Concentrated Version of Accelerating Agent with Environmental Impact in Mind New Concentrated Version Will Help Reduce Use of Plastic and Transportation Emissions

September 15, 2021



Leading Concrete Waterproofing Company Alchemco Launches Concentrated Version of Accelerating Agent with Environmental Impact in Mind New Concentrated Version Will Help Reduce Use of Plastic and Transportation Emissions





HENRICO, VA  – Alchemco, a world leader in innovative concrete waterproofing systems, is pleased to announce the availability of a more concentrated version of its ACR® Accelerating Agent. This newlydeveloped offering was motivated by the company’s desire to become even more environmentally friendly as it grows and expands into markets across the globe; with the new concentrate reducing its use of plastic pails by thousands annually, as well as reducing emissions because of a smaller transportation footprint.

Alchemco’s ACR® Accelerating Agent is an acetic-based solution designed to be used as part of the award winning TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing System, as well as the with its CretePro and BridgeDECK Waterproofing Systems. It decreases the time needed for the innovative waterproofing gel to form below the surface of the concrete. It also expedites the sealing and waterproofing of both existing and future cracks in the concrete slab, providing ‘decades long’ protection for exposed concrete structures.

“The development of this highly-concentrated version of our Accelerating Agent represents the next step inAlchemco’s quest to not only provide exceptional products, but to deliver them in a manner that is environmentally-responsible without compromising quality or performance,” said Alchemco CEO Mario Baggio. “This is a natural progression in our product development, and we’re proud to deliver on a concept that achieves the same effective results in a way that is friendlier to the environment.”

Alchemco continues to focus on its proprietary waterproofing formulas, originally developed over 45 years ago, to help position the company as a world leader in concrete waterproofing systems. By using its unique technology, promoting the use of ‘factory trained’ Certified Applicators, and providing industry-wide education, Alchemco products are able to help owners avoid many of the ongoing maintenance, and structural problems that t ypically affect reinforced concrete structures, such as corrosion, spalling and carbonation.

Compared to the use of competing product offerings by other manufacturers, Alchemco’s waterproofing systems help owners save on the amount of labor required to apply them (less expensive, and shorter down time) … save on the volume of materials needed to waterproof a structure (far fewer empty pails or drums to take to the landfill) … while protecting the concrete structure a significantly longer period of time (several decades).

Additional information about Alchemco and its wide array of high-quality products can be found online at https://www.alchemco.com.


About Alchemco

Alchemco is a global manufacturer of high-quality concrete waterproofing systems, as well as a variety of cleaning and repair products. Its TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing System was voted ‘Most Innovative Product’ at the 2020 World of Concrete Convention held in Las Vegas, NV.

Over the years, Alchemco’s portfolio has grown to include the following brands: TechCrete, BridgeDeck, CretePro, DuraTite, GraffitiBlok and Alchemco Clean & Repair (ACR). The company’s biochemically modified waterproofing technology has been adopted globally, leading to the company’s current position as one of the world’s most innovative providers of concrete waterproofing systems.

Media Contact:
Annie Florence B. Lopez Alchemco Public Relations +1 804.330.6438 pressreleases@alchemco.com



September 15, 2021






Gravity has begun construction to convert a 42nd Street indoor parking garage under license with Related Companies into a public EV Charging Space—providing charging options and speeds only found at large, outdoor sites away from city centers


New York, NY (September 15, 2021)—Gravity, the pioneering electric vehicle fleet and infrastructure start-up, today announced Manhattan’s first and only True Fast Charging site will open this fall in the heart of Manhattan, on West 42nd Street. Gravity plans to rapidly scale the model with dozens of public parking garages across the city including a portfolio of new designs that can adapt to even the most space-constrained site.


Gravity’s first Midtown site represents a major breakthrough for the EV charging industry, which has struggled to deliver a full range of charging options to the e-driver—including fast charging in minutes—in space-constrained indoor settings most common in city environments. Overcoming this challenge positions Gravity to meet the ever-growing demand for charging space in New York’s core—something no other company has been able to solve.

The 29-space street-level site located at Manhattan Plaza in Midtown, under license from Related Companies, with its own dedicated entrance on 42nd street, will provide charging options for every use case—from fast-charging in minutes to overnight charging for long-term parkers. Deploying state-of-the-art innovation in charging hardware, cables, cable management, authentication and payment processing, as well as uniform user-friendly user interfaces, Gravity will provide a flexible, convenient and seamless experience to EV drivers which they plan to replicate at dozens of sites across the five boroughs.

Adjacent to the Lincoln Tunnel, this first facility will offer fast, convenient charging for EV fleets and private electric vehicles in the heart of Midtown while also serving as a charging hub for Gravity’s new fleet of all-electric yellow taxis. This marks the first in a series of new partnerships with major commercial and residential owners. Gravity has surveyed hundreds of parking garages across New York City, analyzed their space and power constraints, and developed a portfolio of design solutions to retrofit them for EV charging on a scale never attempted before.

“This is a technological leap for big cities like New York that have struggled to meet demand for charging in space-constrained indoor garages. We’re opening the first True Fast Charging in Manhattan, and now we are poised to rapidly scale our solution across New York City and beyond,” said Moshe Cohen, founder and CEO of Gravity. “For every EV driver who has

experienced false advertising, lackluster charging speeds or inaccessible locations, we’re here to revolutionize your experience. Tesla has set the bar with its V3 Superchargers. Gravity aims to surpass that experience for all EVs, and to bring it to the heart of densely populated cities.”

Hi-res renderings of the Manhattan Plaza facility: https://www.truefastcharging.com/ Gravity’s preview of custom charging space solutions: https://www.truefastcharging.com/preview/gravity-charging-center

page3image53143680 page3image53143872page3image63117824

“Related is a champion of environmentally conscious design, construction and operation in real estate and remains devoted to reducing the environmental footprint at our properties,” said Jeff Brodsky, vice chairman of Related Companies. “We are proud to be a part of this monumental moment in offering sustainable, True Fast Charging in Manhattan through Gravity and its unique innovation.”

“In New York City and Westchester, transportation is the second largest and the only growing source of carbon emissions,” said Raghusimha Sudhakara, Con Edison’s director of Demonstration Projects and Electric Vehicles. “That’s why in addition to providing incentives to make EV ownership more affordable, we’re making charging more convenient for New Yorkers by supporting projects like Gravity’s True Fast Charging in Manhattan. It’s a win-win for our customers and the environment.”

Charging Options:

The 29-space parking facility will accommodate the 3 charging use cases Gravity has identified:

 True Fast Charging: Using equipment capable of up to 180Kw of power or greater, roughly equivalent to the speed and ease of outdoor V3 Tesla Superchargers, Gravity truly meets the acute need for True Fast Charging in urban areas. This new equipment will also ensure Gravity’s fleet of yellow taxis will only be off the road charging for the time it takes for daily service and disinfection of the vehicles. With its combination of high-capacity equipment and high-current (400amp or greater) charging cables, Gravity ensures that in all its True Fast Charging sites, drivers will receive greater than necessary charging speeds required to ensure a full charge in minutes not hours—on-demand charging while the driver waits.

  •   Intermediate Charging: Charge in 1-3 hours using 24-30Kw equipment, convenient for drivers parking while they go to restaurants, theaters, museums, and meetings.
  •   Slow Charging: Charge overnight or in 6-8 hours using 11Kw equipment, convenient for residents using overnight or long-term parking, or full day-time parking.

    Convenient Location:

    Located at 401 West 42nd Street, Manhattan Plaza’s garage is in close proximity to Midtown offices, theaters, restaurants, the Lincoln Tunnel, the West Side Highway, Hudson Yards, and the growing number of West Midtown residential buildings. It’s an ideal site for residents, commuters and visitors, as well as for Gravity’s new fleet of fully electric yellow taxis launching this year.

    Positive Environmental Impact:

    Gravity estimates the Manhattan Plaza facility will support charging for roughly 600 electric vehicles a day, including its own fleet of all-electric yellow taxis. This translates to support for thousands of EV owners, who on-average deplete a full battery less than once a week.

    Seamless Customer Experience:

    Gravity offers a unique and seamless experience to users. A simple touch-screen helps users adjust and monitor their vehicle’s charging while they wait in comfortable seating, or leave their vehicles to explore the surrounding neighborhood. All equipment is standardized and simplified: just drive up and plug in. This first Gravity Charging Space will also have 24/7 attendants, offering the public the option to have the vehicle parked in the connected Manhattan Plaza parking garage, immediately following charging: drop-off and go.

    As part of Gravity and Related Companies’ mission to electrify cities, Gravity charging spaces are all open to the public. Parking is also complementary while vehicles are being charged. At Manhattan Plaza, charging will be priced at the cost of providing the electricity, without markup.

    Welcoming Design:

    Collaborating with internationally renowned architect Jasmit Rangr, Gravity is transforming garages from dark, fume filled spaces to attractive, welcoming and sleek places to house the new generation of clean electric vehicles. Gravity’s charging centers are designed to provide amenities such as informational touch screens in a welcoming ambiance of tactile structures and live plants.

page4image52707904 page4image52708096 page4image52708288 page4image52708480

Learn more at gravitymobility.com

HONK Brings Contactless Parking to Simon Fraser University Just In Time For Back-to-School

September 15, 2021



HONK Brings Contactless Parking to Simon Fraser University Just In Time For Back-to-School


The SFU Burnaby Campus will now have a better parking experience thanks to HONK



VANCOUVER, BC, Sept 15, 2021 – HONK, North America’s leading provider of contactless payments for parking, launched its parking services at SFU. As the majority of students, staff and faculty return to campus for the first time since March 2020, HONK’s contactless parking solutions will enhance the overall campus experience by making parking easier and more accessible. Starting immediately, drivers can purchase 10-pack parking passes and hourly/daily parking from the safety and convenience of their phone – all without downloading an app.

“SFU’s Parking & Sustainable Mobility Services department is happy to partner with Honk to offer contactless payment and the FlexPass system,” said SFU Parking & Sustainable Mobility Services Director, David Agosti. “For the start of our Fall 2021 term, both offerings will give faculty, staff, students, and visitors safe and barrier-free options that adapt to our changing transportation and hybrid work-study environment.”

Hourly and daily parking can seamlessly be purchased via the scan-to-park option that gives drivers a quick, guest checkout experience. With no app to download or pay station to touch, drivers simply scan their phone on the QR code to pull up a payment screen that is pre-loaded with the rate options. Drivers type in their license plate, select for how long they want to park, and can pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Interac Debit, and all major credit cards.

Drivers can opt to receive text reminders when their parking is set to expire and can add more time to their parking session directly from their phone – no need to rush back to feed the meter if a study session runs late! The HONK payment system integrates directly with SFU’s parking enforcement – passing paid parking sessions to enforcement officers in real-time.

To reflect the new patterns of in-person and hybrid learning, SFU is offering drivers the option to purchase a digital parking pass – FlexPass, powered by HONK – which is a prepaid bundle of 10 parking passes that can be used at designated parking lots across campus. To use, drivers simply park their car and click ‘redeem’ from the HONK wallet and one parking session will be deducted from the 10-pack.

“We’re thrilled to expand our presence along the West Coast and bring our contactless payment system to SFU,” said Michael Back, HONK Founder and CEO. “Parking is a critical piece of the campus experience, and we’re proud to work with SFU to achieve the highest level of safe, convenient and accessible parking for their students, staff and faculty to enhance the overall campus experience.”


As Canada’s engaged university, SFU works with communities, organizations and partners to create, share and embrace knowledge that improves life and generates real change. We deliver a world-class education with lifelong value that shapes change-makers, visionaries and problem-solvers. We connect research and innovation to entrepreneurship and industry to deliver sustainable, relevant solutions to today’s problems. With campuses in British Columbia’s three largest cities—Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey—SFU has eight faculties that deliver 193 undergraduate degree programs and 144 graduate degree programs to more than 37,000 students. The university now boasts more than 170,000 alumni residing in 145+ countries.


Honk is North America’s leading provider of safe, contactless payments for the parking industry. Since 2013, Honk has been creating touchless solutions to make paying for parking easier, faster, and safer for drivers. Motorists can download the HonkAPP to search and pay for parking, and extend their parking session right from their phone. Or they can opt to use HonkTAP smart stations for a contactless way to pay. Simply tap or scan a mobile phone — no app download or pay station required. Honk is trusted by millions of drivers and is accepted at over 3,000 locations across the United States and Canada.

For information, interviews and images, please contact:

Rachel Lemkow Director, Marketing



City of Goleta CA Orders Beam Global EV ARC™ Off-Grid EV Charging System for Public EV Charging

September 14, 2021

City of Goleta CA Orders Beam Global EV ARC™ Off-Grid EV Charging System for Public EV Charging



SAN DIEGO, Sept. 14, 2021 — Beam Global, (Nasdaq: BEEM, BEEMW), the leading provider of innovative sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media and energy security, announced that the City of Goleta in California has ordered an EV ARC™ solar-powered EV charging system to be placed at Goleta City Hall for public EV charging. The system was funded in part by grants from the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) and California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), and was purchased through California Contract #1-18-61-16 which simplifies the procurement process and ensures best pricing.

The City of Goleta’s EV ARC™ unit is equipped with a ChargePoint™ Dual Port charger and can power up to 265 e-miles of driving in a day. The EV ARC™ system generates and stores its own clean electricity and delivers that electricity to power EVs, day or night, and during inclement weather and power outages. The transportable but permanent unit includes the Emergency Power Panel option for first responder use during blackouts or in locations where there is no utility connection available.

“The City of Goleta is having the EV ARC solar-powered EV charger deployed at City Hall for public charging, advancing our goal to have our municipal facilities powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025,” said Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte. She added, “Our city has made providing safe, reliable, affordable energy alternatives a priority for our community. This is another important step on our path toward both achieving sustainable energy and combating climate change.”

Requiring no connection to the utility grid, Beam Global products eliminate disruptive construction projects, costly electric circuit upgrades and utility charges to deliver significant long-term savings to city budgets.

“The California Contract is fast becoming a key EV ARC purchasing vehicle for local and state government entities, across the US not just in California, who can now take advantage of best pricing negotiated by the State of California,” said Beam Global CEO Desmond Wheatley. “The City of Goleta is saving tax-payer dollars by selecting a system that requires no electrical work, no construction and generates no utility bill. Residents and visitors to Goleta can have access to sustainable EV charging, and enjoy Driving on Sunshine.”

Grant funding like the 2021 Clean Air Grants for Infrastructure program offered by Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District and the Cal OES Community Power Resiliency Allocation to Cities Program are increasingly including or requiring off-grid infrastructure solutions for energy and EV charging security. Beam’s product portfolio is ideally suited for these types of funding opportunities and Beam views this type of spending as a significant opportunity especially in light of the $7.2B in the IIJA Infrastructure Package and a further $13.5B in the House Energy and Commerce committee’s recommended support for EV charging.

About Beam Global

Beam Global is a CleanTech leader that produces innovative, sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media, and energy security, without the construction, disruption, risks and costs of grid-tied solutions. Products include the patented EV ARC™ and Solar Tree® lines with BeamTrak™ patented solar tracking, and ARC Technology™ energy storage, along with EV charging, outdoor media and disaster preparedness packages.

The company develops, patents, designs, engineers and manufactures unique and advanced renewably energized products that save customers time and money, help the environment, empower communities and keep people moving. Based in San Diego, the company produces Made in America products. Beam Global is listed on Nasdaq under the symbols BEEM and BEEMW (formerly Envision Solar, EVSI, EVSIW). For more information visit BeamForAll.com, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter

Forward-Looking Statements

This Beam Global Press Release may contain forward-looking statements. All statements in this Press Release other than statements of historical facts are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are generally accompanied by terms or phrases such as “estimate,” “project,” “predict,” “believe,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “target,” “plan,” “intend,” “seek,” “goal,” “will,” “should,” “may,” or other words and similar expressions that convey the uncertainty of future events or results.


PayByPhone Celebrates Local by Launching A San Francisco Block Party

September 14, 2021



PayByPhone Celebrates Local by Launching A San Francisco Block Party




VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  – PayByPhone, the world’s leading mobile parking payment company, introduces their fourth PayByPhone Block Party of the year – a chance for PayByPhone to celebrate their favourite local artists, businesses and creators in the communities that they’re so proud to be a part of – PayByPhone will be activating in the City of San Francisco, CA.

The City of San Francisco is home to a plethora of local entrepreneurs, artists, and creators, providing unique and diverse services to the community, with their inspiration stemming from the culture, lifestyle, beauty the city and the people have to offer.


PayByPhone will be hosting a giveaway with some very special local items sourced from businesses right down the block from the locals of San Francisco doorstep, including:


  • Little Skillet Gift Card
  • House of Tadu Ethiopian Kitchen Gift Card
  • MM Clay Ceramics Gift Card
  • Red Bay Coffee Gift Card
  • Gamescape Gift Card
  • Smitten Ice Cream Gift Card
  • Rare Device Gift Card
  • Plants & Friends Gift Card


Get to know some of the memorable businesses included in the bundle for PayByPhone’s San Francisco Block Party Giveaway and how to enter by heading over to PayByPhone’s Instagram page.


How to Enter:


  • Visit the contest post on our PayByPhone Instagram page
  • Like & save the post and follow @paybyphone on Instagram
  • Tag a friend you’re bringing to the party and your favourite local business in the comments of the Instagram post (1 comment = 1 entry)


From September 13th until September 27th, contest entrants will have the chance to win a collection of gift cards sourced from some of PayByPhone’s very favourite San Francisco’s small businesses. Two lucky winners will be selected, to not only win a special locally sourced bundle valued at $500, but PayByPhone will also be donating $250 to a local non-profit in the winners name.


For more information on PayByPhone’s San Francisco Block Party and to listen to the curated San Francisco Block Party Playlist on Spotify go to park.paybyphone.com/blockpartysfo 


About PayByPhone

PayByPhone is one of the fastest growing mobile payment companies in the world, processing over 130 million transactions annually, totaling more than $550 million USD in payments. Through the company’s mobile web, smartphone and smartwatch applications, PayByPhone helps millions of consumers easily and securely pay for parking without the hassles of waiting in line, having to carry change or risking costly fines. A subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, PayByPhone is leading the way in the creation of the mobile future. For more information, visit paybyphone.com.

The Waiting Game: To EV or not to EV? ParkNews.biz Aug 31st – Sep 13th, 2021

September 13, 2021



The Waiting Game: To EV or not to EV? ParkNews.biz Aug 31st – Sep 13th, 2021



If you were to purchase a car, will it be an EV?  JVH, write a blog: Sep 13, 2021 – Chicken or the Egg – JVH, Parking Today .  “Is it possible that it isn’t really the price of EVs that keep folks considering ICE vehicles, but the charging problem and related range anxiety? Therefore, is it possible that we need to have the infrastructure in place before we expect car sales to explode.”

JVH also says: “My guess is that the EVs owned in New Jersey are owned by people living in private homes with garages where they can be charged overnight. They are going to have to tap into those living in apartments to hope to reach their 330,000 goal in four years.”

Thus, for someone like me who lives in an apartment, an EV right now is not a good idea for my next car.  And if I were to live in Florida, there is always a challenge with electricity.  As the power goes out a lot.  And then if I were to charge it elsewhere, how long do I have to wait for a full charge?  Waiting Game might be great for Van Morrison but it isn’t my cup of tea.  With ICE car, I pull up to the gas station, fill it up an I am good for a while depending how much I drive.  We live in a day of instant everything, be it instant deliveries or instant often non verified news.

Also as JVH mentions: “When you are filling your tank with gas, you are paying for exploring, drilling, extraction, refining, delivery, and all the machines required to do same. It only makes sense that those driving EVs would have to pay all those similar costs. Today they are piggybacking on the infrastructure that runs our homes, cities and factories.” Hence, when will charging my potential car reflect those costs?

Hopefully, soon as in England, all new homes will be equipped with chargers.  New homes though, does it apply to apartment buildings and condo buildings? Sep 13, 2021 – England is set to be the first country to require new homes to have electric vehicle chargers

Pre pandemic, in Los Angeles, a number of people I know gave up their cars since it was easy and inexpensive to get Uber or Lyft.  Yet, these days, the price of taking a ride share is through the roof.  Shortage of drivers for one.  And the gas prices.  Average TNC ride is twice or three times the previous cost.

And yes, there are a plenty of scooters blocking sidewalks in Los Angeles and in other cities.  Nevertheless, I don’t see many people using them.  Perhaps it is the younger Sally Rooney generation though, not the one in Dublin, Ireland.  They take busses, drive or take taxis.  Here in the USA for the foreseeable future, private cars seem to be the way.  And not as much the EV cars but the old fashion gas eaters.

Have a blessed week.


Astrid Ambroziak

Editor, ParkNews.biz

Creative Director

Parking Today

310 390 5277 ext 9





LAZ Parking Announces National Job Fair On September 15th In 20 Cities With 3,500 Open Positions

September 13, 2021



LAZ Parking Announces National Job Fair On September 15th In 20 Cities With 3,500 Open Positions




LAZ Parking is excited to announce they will be having a national job fair across 20 cities over 15 states with 3,500 job opportunities scheduled for September 15, 2021. Founder and CEO Alan Lazowski says, “LAZ is grateful to people across the country that are interested in learning about LAZ Parking and contributing to our amazing team. We also want to thank all the job fair hosts across the country for their hard work and dedication.”

Head of People & Culture at LAZ Parking, Eric Daigle, adds, “Every day that new people join our work family, we are living the first part of our mission to create opportunities for employees. This national job fair is terrific for people who are looking to find a new position with a great company. We can’t wait to welcome hundreds of new LAZ Parking employees across the United States on September 15th.”

LAZ Parking is the largest and fastest-growing privately owned parking operator in the United States and a pioneer in digital parking technology. Founded in Hartford, CT, in 1981, with four decades of experience providing best-in-class parking management and transportation services, LAZ operates over 1.2 million parking spaces across the country in over 3,200 locations in 35 states and 444 cities.  Over the past decade, LAZ has led the industry with business intelligence, remote monitoring, eCommerce solutions, and most recently launched its Proximity On-Demand Services – “LAZ PODS”. Leveraging their national real estate parking network through connected tech enabled solutions, LAZ PODS includes EV charging, micro warehousing, last mile logistics, and ghost kitchens. LAZ works across various industries, including hospitality, commercial, healthcare, airports, transportation, universities, government, retail, events, residentials, and shuttle services. LAZ is a people first, conscious capitalist company that believes in elevating humanity through business. Additional information can be found at www.lazparking.com.

Below is a list of the states and cities that will be hosting a job fair. Visit this link to learn more info on the job fair in your city: https://interviewdays.indeed.com/hd/e2c91dbc-38c2-4057-abbe-15918c0d5ff1.

California San Diego, Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, West Hollywood

Colorado Denver

Connecticut Hartford

District of Columbia Washington, DC

Georgia Atlanta

Maryland Baltimore

Massachusetts Boston

Minnesota Minneapolis

New Hampshire Portsmouth

New York New York City

North Carolina Asheville, Charlotte

Ohio Cleveland, Cincinnati

Pennsylvania Philadelphia

Tennessee Nashville

Texas Dallas


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