SKIDATA Appoints New Head of Sales – Southwest 

August 13, 2018



SKIDATA Appoints New Head of Sales – Southwest 



New Brunswick, NJ August 13th, 2018 – SKIDATA, Inc. Has Recruited John Couvrette To Replace Chris McKenty Who Has Been Promoted To New Role With Parent Company SKIDATA AG 



SKIDATA AG has announced the promotion of Chris McKenty – Head of Sales – Southwest for SKDATA, Inc. to an international position with the company. Beginning September 1st, Chris McKenty will no longer be working for SKIDATA in the United States, as he begins his new role as Sales Director Region Africa/Middle East. John Couvrette, a veteran in the parking industry, has been selected as Chris’ successor. 

Chris McKenty joined the SKIDATA team in 2015 when then-subsidiary Sentry Control Systems (now part of SKIDATA) hired him as Vice President of Sales, West Region. During his 3 years with SKIDATA, Chris has promoted, grown, and developed SKIDATA’s product lines throughout the Western United States with a steady increase in sales and structure to the organization. 

Stefan Schaffner, CEO – SKIDATA USA, said, “We wish Chris all the best in his new role and would like to thank him for his enormous contributions to the organization over the last three years.” 

Chris McKenty shared his thoughts on his time in the U.S. as well as this new opportunity, “I have really enjoyed my time in California. Good weather, great beaches, fantastic diving and wonderful people. Working with Sentry and then SKIDATA has been one of the highlights of my career and one that I will never forget. I now look forward to working with SKIDATA and the challenges that I will be presented with. I wish John good luck and welcome him to our strong organization!” 

John Couvrette has already begun reporting to the Los Angeles office and will be working with Chris McKenty to make the transition a smooth and successful one. John brings an incredible resume of experience in the parking, data, and software industries. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of San Diego and has been involved in software systems throughout his entire career. Prior to joining the SKIDATA team, he held the titles of Regional VP of Sales West & VP of Sales – PARCS for T2 Systems, Inc. 

“John is a senior sales leader with profound professional expertise who will be responsible for the continued development of the sales territories in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona. His entrepreneurial experience and incredible track record will be an asset to SKIDATA,” said Stefan Schaffner. 

John is an active member in several industry organizations including the International Parking Institute (IPI) Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee as well as the Green Parking Council Marketing Committee. In addition to his involvement in several very successful organizations, John previously worked to design and implement CASE Parking, a web-based dashboard developed to provide real-time data to both parking managers as well as parkers via smartphones, signs, and websites. John is a trailblazer in establishing high-quality standards across various organizations’ operations, accounting, sales, and marketing departments. 


SKIDATA is an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Almost 10,000 SKIDATA installations worldwide in ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, cities, spa & wellness facilities, trade fairs and amusement parks provide secure and reliable access and entry control for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in providing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group ( belongs to the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group (, a leading provider of digital security solutions. 

SKIDATA Group ( belongs to the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group (, a leading provider of digital security solutions. 


Matthew Gooley From: SKIDATA, Inc. 




SKIDATA, Inc. • 120 Albany Street – Tower II – Suite 750 • New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901 USA • Tel (908) 243-0000 • Fax (908) 332-0602 E-Mail Info.USA@skidata.comInternet SKIDATA® is a registered trademark of SKIDATA AG in the USA, the European Union, and other countries.

The Old Parker’s Almanac: The Forecast Calls for Cloudy with a Chance of Parking

August 13, 2018



The Old Parker’s Almanac


The Forecast Calls for Cloudy with a Chance of Parking



By Mike Nickolaus




“(It) strives to be useful, but with a pleasant degree of humor.”

  • Robert B. Thomas, Editor and Founder, writing about The Old Farmer’s Almanacin 1829


For 225 years, The Old Farmer’s Almanachas been published without interruption.  It includes information about Astronomy, Gardening, Recipes, Advice and more.  But it is perhaps best known for its Long-Term Weather predictions.


According to the Almanac, the forecasts are derived from a secret formula developed by its Founder in 1792 and still stored today in a black box in Dublin, New Hampshire.


While scientific study has estimated the accuracy of the Almanac’spredicted weather deviations to be ~50% (a coin-flip), this hasn’t harmed the Almanac’senduring charm with 3 million annual print readers and 50 million online viewers.


Even the Almanacitself states that “although neither we nor any other forecasters have as yet gained sufficient insight into the mysteries of the universe to predict the weather with total accuracy, our results are almost always very close to our traditional claim of 80 percent.”


The same can be said about The Old Parker’s Almanac– also known as parking occupancy algorithms – 200 years later. If you read trade magazines, company websites, proposals, marketing materials, or attend parking conferences, you hear more and more vendors touting “algorithms”, “predictive analytics”, “asset-light” detection systems and “lean infrastructure” as a way to inform motorists where they can find a parking space today.


Just like with Mr. Thomas’ Black Box in Dublin, New Hampshire, these “Cloud-based” Black Boxes ingest historical data about highly variable phenomena (payments, citations, sample surveys, traffic counts, special events, weather and more) and attempt to use it to precisely inform you about the future.


But just like the weather on a wedding day in the month of May, 50 or even 80 percent accuracy won’t do you much good.  When a motorist drives downtown searching for a parking space, just like a bride deciding whether to move her wedding indoors, they insist on the latest, real-time information (most likely from their smartphone), not stale data from last week, last month, or last year repackaged as “analytics”.


If these “pseudo-scientific” efforts were simply humorous diversions like The Old Farmer’s Almanac, there would be little harm in the effort.


But just as the failed, high profile sensor projects of a decade ago set the “smart” parking industry back years, today’s “predictive” efforts are doomed to over-promise and under-deliver and run the risk of a similar wave of setbacks.


As any of you who download an app with high expectations only to have it fail to meet them after 3 or 4 uses know, once it fails to deliver you simply ignore or delete it.  That will be the fate of parking guidance apps that don’t display real-time, up-to-the-minute occupancy information.


So why do vendors keep pushing these solutions on their clients?


Because accurate vehicle sensors haven’t been available.  In the absence of what was really needed – a sensor that delivers 99%+ accuracy within a few seconds of a status change – vendors have worked themselves into knots trying to deliver proxies for this data.


It is a function of how valuable this information is, and how hard it has been to collect it, that so many companies have spent so much time and money trying to “guess” where a car is right now rather than simply observe it.


But fortunately that is changing and cities no longer have to rely on so-called educated guesses.   The latest sensors are accurate and flexible enough to be installed in the ground, on a pole, or on the curb; in a metered space or just a time-limited one; and transmit changes in occupancy within a few seconds.  They can be installed in motorcycle separators to manage two-wheelers, in truck stops to detect tractor-trailers, and can read permits with active RFID tags.  They can even be deployed as part of a system to reserve premium on-street parking spaces.


Data from the sensors feed mobile apps, webpages, in-car dashboards, variable message signs, smart meters, enforcement handhelds and dynamic pricing engines to help motorists find spaces right now and to help city staff better manage on-street parking.


Once a city has installed accurate sensors, it can unlock a host of valuable Smart Parking benefits in addition to guidance including providing free time on arrival, supporting graduated meter pricing, implementing special event pricing, zeroing out remaining time, directing enforcement officers, and using comprehensive data to make better policy decisions.


If you’re interested in offering these features in your City, leave The Old Parker’s Almanacon the shelf.


Mike Nickolausis the President & CEO of CivicSmart and a 30-year veteran of the on-street parking industry.  He can be reached at



August 13, 2018








Leading online parking reservation provider, ParkCloud, has partnered with European parking operator, Q-Park, to champion creativity through parking as part of international event – PARK(ing) Day.




Driving one of the leading projects in the UK, both ParkCloud and Q-Park decided to use their respective influence in the industry to pioneer a CSR initiative that showcases young artistic talent, giving students the opportunity to experience live briefs that take them away from the context of the classroom.


Students from a number of schools and colleges across Greater Manchester in the UK have signed up to take part in this year’s project, which will see them create a painted concept around the theme of ‘Manchester and urban mobility’ in the setting of a parking space.


Following a first round of entries from each participating school and college, each artwork will be reviewed by a panel of judges – which includes the iconic street artist behind many Manchester street murals, Russell Meehan, aka Qubek. Once a shortlist has been agreed, each student will be invited to recreate their designs at the grand finale, which will take place on PARK(ing) Day itself (21st September) at Q-Park’s First Street car park in Manchester city centre.


Under the watchful eye of the judging panel, the students will battle it out to win the main prize – £500 contribution towards their further education, a tech prize bundle and winner’s certificate. There is also an additional £250 prize up for grabs for the winning art department.


Originating from San Francisco in 2006, the drive behind PARK(ing) Day – which is celebrated annually on the third Friday of September – derives from the need for more open, creative space within urban areas; with ‘parklets’ now appearing in cities all over the world each year in a salute to creativity.


Mark Pegler, Managing Director at ParkCloud, said: “Working within the parking industry, we can appreciate how many dimensions there are to the parking experience that many people do not consider on a day-to-day basis. Bringing a project such as this to life, with the help of our partners over at Q-Park, brings new context to parking and helps create thought-provoking conversations around urban mobility within our communities.”


John Denton, Head of Sales & Marketing at Q-Park, commented: “Built-up, urban city centres rarely offer the opportunity for the community to get involved with creatively revamping public spaces – especially for local students – so we’re extremely pleased to be championing PARK(ing) Day alongside ParkCloud in Manchester this year.”


Two of the volunteer colleges have already completed their first round of artworks, as they now wait in anticipation for the rest of the school and college entries to be completed ahead of the shortlist announcement in September.


Following the final paint, ParkCloud – which is currently nominated for Best Airport Parking Operator in the British Travel Awards – will be hosting an exclusive event to celebrate the culmination of the PARK(ing) Day project and its own 10-year anniversary.


To vote for ParkCloud in this year’s British Travel Awards, please click here.


last year’s entries from Parrs Wood Sixth Form College


ParkCloud’s promotional poster for PARK(ing) Day 2018


About ParkCloud


ParkCloud, simply put, lets drivers book a parking space in advance, in the same way as it’s possible to do with hotel rooms, restaurant tables…and even a coffee these days.


When travelling, parking is usually the last thing on anybody’s mind, but research shows that as much as 20 minutes is wasted when searching for a parking space. ParkCloud aims to solve that problem by letting customers make a parking booking, whether they are getting on a plane, taking a cruise, catching a train, or visiting a city or event.


ParkCloud was founded in 2008 as an online parking reservation service and within the 10 years we’ve been operating our success and growth has been rapid.


Today we are an award-winning, global provider, working with car park operators across 42 countries to include them on our comparison search engine, which aims to give consumers the most user friendly, efficient service possible when they need it most.


This bookable parking network is also made available to travel industry partners to help complete the itineraries of passengers worldwide.


Winner of Queen’s Award for International Trade


Marketing Head of Zipcar UK moves to AppyParking 

August 13, 2018



Marketing Head of Zipcar UK moves to AppyParking 




AppyParking has just announced their new Head of Marketing as Garry Thornton. Garry previously worked at Zipcar UK where he was responsible for changing people’s perceptions of car ownership and bringing the concept of car sharing into the UK mainstream.




Garry will support Dan Hubert in continuing to spread AppyParking’s positive parking message and help raise awareness about new smart city solutions that will enable cities, fleets and the general public to overcome the friction and inefficiencies of traditional parking solutions.


‘I’ve always admired how Zipcar strikes a positive chord with its audience and puts a tangible benefit at its heart. They have been advocates of the sharing economy way before anyone else with a strong agenda to help reduce congestion and pollution by reducing car ownership. Garry totally gets the Mobility as a Service revolution and to have him onboard to help share our message in an emerging and sometimes complex ecosystem is massively exciting.’ says Dan Hubert CEO and Founder of AppyParking.


Garry Thornton joined Zipcar in 2008 when it was is formally known as Streetcar. In 2011 Zipcar acquired the UK operator before the world’s largest car-sharing operator ultimately became part of the Avis Budget Group in 2013. During his time there Garry established the B2B and Zipvan marketing operations before stepping up to manage all products as Head of UK Marketing in 2013. Garry’s recent efforts can be seen with the successful launch of the UK’s largest fleet of shared electric vehicles as part of Zipcar’s ‘floating’ car-sharing offering, Flex. The 325 VW e-Golfs are part of a fleet that enables drivers to pay-by-the-minute for one-way, drive and drop trips anywhere across an inner London operating area.


‘Making cities better places to live and work has long been a passion during my time at Zipcar and I can’t wait to strap in and help Dan and the team deliver on the tremendous potential AppyParking has to offer local governments, city authorities, communities and industry partners, both across the UK and beyond.


As a marketer, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be joining such a dynamic company, with world leading tech, product portfolio and a mobility mission that resonates deeply. The opportunity to take AppyParking’s rich story, develop the brand and reach new audiences across various owned, earned and paid mediums is a dream. Roll on September.’


News about Garry Thornton arrival comes recently after two other key hires. Ben Boutcher-West, previously from Bosch Mobility Solutions and Minesh Naren, previously from Buchanan Solutions.


Garry Thornton joins in September 2018. More news will follow shortly about other strategically significant hirings.




Dan Hubert CEO 07941 413875


About AppyParking

Dan Hubert founded AppyParking in 2013 when he tried to park outside The Royal Albert Hall and found it a near impossible task, thanks to confusing sign posts and crammed parking bays. He decided he wanted to make parking simpler.

AppyParking™ is more than just another parking app. We’re a connected car and intelligent kerbside management solution that provides a platform for the fragmented public and private sector to manage their on and off-street parking and traffic management data.

The Parking Platform™ understands every possible rule, restriction and tariff and provides the world’s first standardised parking and traffic management data set.  Available as an API, app and web application, AppyParking not only saves drivers time, money and parking fines but save cities from congestion and most importantly pollution.


AppyParking is Europe’s most awarded parking app and has been awarded cross-sector by the parking industry, the automotive industry and the general public.

AppyParking has won two innovation awards in the prestigious British Parking Awards and was recently voted the 15th most disruptive company in the world.


August 10, 2018





Candiac, August 10, 2018 – Keolis Canada and the City of Candiac, with the manufacturer NAVYA, financial support from the Québec Government, the collaboration of Propulsion Québec, the Cluster for Electric and Smart Transportation and the Technopôle IVÉO, are pleased to officially announce the first long-term demonstration project of a 100% electric autonomous shuttle on public roads in Canada. The NAVYA Autonom Shuttle will operate in mixed traffic, this is a first step towards integrating autonomous shuttles into shared transportation solutions, in addition to complement the existing transport offer. The pilot project will begin in the summer 2018 for a period of 12 months, including 8 months at the service of citizens. During the winter, a research and development project to test the shuttle in Québec cold weather conditions will take place without passengers on board.

For this project, Keolis has obtained financial support of 350,000 $ from the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation as part of the measure to support demonstration projects in the action plan in favor of the industry of ground transportation and sustainable mobility.

The NAVYA Autonom Shuttle will operate along a two-km route between the exo park-and-ride lot and the bus terminal and the intersection of Marie-Victorin and Montcalm North Boulevards with several stops along the way, including City Hall, retirement housing and local businesses. The shuttle will also allow employees in the area to reach their workplaces from the bus terminal. In addition, the CAA-Québec Foundation for road safety, with the support of partners, is evaluating the possibility of conducting an independent study on road safety and social acceptance in this project. The lessons learnt would offer precious insights with a clear goal of maintaining, without condition, harmony between vehicles sharing the road.

“Keolis Canada has strong expertise in developing mobility solutions tailored to different communities and improving passengers’ travel options and habits. The autonomous electric shuttle complements Candiac’s existing transportation offer and is yet another step towards integrated intermodal transportation services,” says Marie Hélène Cloutier, Vice-President, Passenger Experience, Marketing & Sales for Keolis Canada. Patrick Gilloux, President and Chief Operating Officer of Keolis Canada adds: “We are very excited to launch this project in Québec. Keolis is investing in new shared electric mobility services because it is an important cornerstone for the future of public transportation.”

“Candiac places great importance on public and active transport. We are constantly working to provide additional multimodal transportation options while remaining steadfastly focused on the notions of sustainable development and the smart city. A true showcase of technological advancements, the autonomous electric shuttle project put forth by Keolis Canada and NAVYA is perfectly aligned with our vision in terms of innovation and is at the heart of our 2014–2029 strategic development plan. We are extremely proud to be the first city in Canada to move forward with a project of this nature,” stated Normand Dyotte, Mayor of Candiac.

“NAVYA is proud to work with our partner Keolis Canada and the City of Candiac on this important milestone in Canadian transportation. This project embodies NAVYA’s vision of autonomous shared mobility and fills an important transportation need for which our shuttles were designed. We commend Québec for its collaborative efforts to complement existing transportation options,” says NAVYA’s CEO, Christophe Sapet. “NAVYA is an ideal partner for municipalities that take a sustainable and viable approach to transportation. Our autonomous shuttles are operating in 17 countries, and we’re pleased to welcome Canada to the list of forward-thinking nations.”

“The autonomous shuttle project in Candiac is a first in several ways for the electric and smart transportation industry of Québec. One of the main benefits of autonomous transportation is to improve passengers’ experience, especially within areas that are not currently served by collective transport offer, such as the first and last kilometers of a trip, without having to add heavy infrastructures,” says Sarah Houde, Executive Director of Propulsion Québec. “This progress will also contribute to the development and adoption of a regulatory framework, practices and public policies that will foster the development, testing and marketing of electric and intelligent vehicles, one of Propulsion Québec’s principal mandates. This is a great achievement that will benefit the community and members of the Cluster.”

“IVÉO is pleased to contribute to the development of this demonstration project. It is important for us to respond to all types of mobility issues in small and medium-sized cities. With this project, we address Candiac’s specific concerns, and we are able to make the right link between the service offered by Keolis and the municipality’s decision-makers. Québec’s presence in the new mobility ecosystem is crucial, and this is a good example of what we can do in a collaborative environment,” adds Benoit Balmana, Chief Executive at IVÉO.

“The CAA-Québec Foundation for road safety is particularly interested to study the different considerations that the arrival of this new autonomous mobility on our roads rise and, incidentally, to road sharing at large. The impact on users, being pedestrians, cyclists or car drivers, must be evaluated for a harmonious and safe road sharing. Therefore, we are seriously considering the possibility to measure social acceptance of this autonomous mobility as part of such a stimulating and promising project”, underlines Marco Harrison, director of the CAA-Québec Foundation.

More information on video here:

The NAVYA Autonom Shuttle

With a capacity of 15 passengers and operating at a speed of approximately 25 km/hr, the autonomous electric shuttle facilitates access and travel, saving time for both public transit users and passengers on private sites. NAVYA counts 25 international projects, with Keolis, the company has tested the vehicle in multiple environments: in France, in Lyon since 2016 and in Paris at the Charles de Gaulle airport where the shuttle crosses a high traffic open road, in Australia in the suburbs of the capital Adelaide, in the United-States in Las Vegas, etc. With the autonomous shuttle, Keolis has already safely transported near 110,000 passengers worldwide. Ideal for urban areas and specific locations, such as airports, industrial facilities, amusement parks, hotel complexes and hospitals, it has been designed and developed to improve and to smooth initial and final stages of a trip.

About the City of Candiac

Candiac has earned a reputation for being a peaceful, safe city that cares about the quality of life of its citizens, who are increasingly seeking a place where they and their families can thrive. Located near the metropolis, it offers an environment and services of very high quality. The city has many green spaces, an urban forest of 17,000 trees and kilometres of walking and cycling trails, making it a place where citizens live in harmony with nature. With a population of 21,000, Candiac offers both the tranquility of a small municipality and easy access to a range of services. The proximity, availability and great diversity of its services are the benefits of being part of growing urban environment. Candiac has developed a variety of green projects over the years to provide its citizens with ecological solutions and a forward-thinking environmental vision. Through these new innovative initiatives, Candiac has confirmed its position as a leader in sustainable development.

About Keolis Canada

Leading the way in public transport, the Keolis Group develops customized mobility solutions adapted to the changing needs of passengers and to the requirements of the communities it serves. Internationally recognized as the leading operator of light rail services and automated metro, Keolis adopts a determined innovation approach with all its partners and subsidiaries to develop new forms of shared and customized mobility, and reinforces its core business across a range of transport modes including trains, buses, cars, trolleybuses, shared private hire vehicles, river shuttles, ferries, cycles, car sharing services, autonomous electric vehicles and urban cable cars.

Keolis in Canada specializes in intercity, urban, school, accessible, airport, charter and light rail transportation services. Keolis offers safe and reliable high-quality service thanks to a team of over 900 experienced employees. Keolis operates a fleet of 410 vehicles in Canada, of which 14 Light Rail Vehicles with the future operations of Keolis Grand River, Ontario. Every year, Keolis transports almost 10 million passengers and over 1 million packages in Canada.

Keolis is a major player in the public transportation of passengers in Europe and around the world. Today, over 3 billion passengers worldwide have used one of the shared mobility services offered by Keolis.

The Keolis Group is owned by SNCF (70%) and Caisse de dépôt et placements du Québec (30%). Keolis employs 63,000 people in 16 countries and recorded a turnover of 5.4 billion euros (8.7 billion Canadian dollars) in 2017.


NAVYA is a leading French name in the autonomous vehicle market and in smart shared mobility solutions. With more than 200 employees in France (Paris and Lyon) and in the United States (Michigan), NAVYA develops, manufactures and commercializes autonomous, driverless, and electric vehicles that combine robotic, digital and driving technologies at the highest level.

Since 2015, NAVYA has been the first to market and put into service autonomous mobility solutions, shuttles and cabs. NAVYA has a range of two autonomous vehicles: the AUTONOM® SHUTTLE, launched in September 2015, of which more than 100 have already been produced as of today and 89 sold in 17 countries as of June 30, 2018, notably in the United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Australia, and the AUTONOM® CAB, unveiled in November 2017 and whose first road tests will start shortly.

Created in 2014 by Christophe Sapet and Robolution Capital 1 (managed by 360 Capital Partners), his reference shareholder, NAVYA’s shareholders also include the Gravitation fund and Paris Region Venture Fund (Région Île-de-France) managed by CapDecisif Management as well as Valeo and Keolis groups.

NAVYA is listed on the Euronext regulated market in Paris (ISIN code: FR0013018041- NAVYA).

About Propulsion Québec

Québec’s smart and electric vehicle cluster rallies the entire electric and smart vehicle sector around joint projects aimed at positioning Québec as a leader in smart and electric land transportation systems. Created in 2017, Propulsion Québec currently has 98 members from a variety of sectors and deploys its resources across seven distinct working groups tasked with developing and supporting innovating projects. The cluster receives financial support from the Government of Québec, the Government of Canada and Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM).

About Technopôle IVÉO

IVÉO is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support small and medium cities in deploying innovative mobility solutions on their territory. IVÉO specializes in developing pilot projects that will shape tomorrow’s transportation to make it more efficient, more sustainable and safer. IVÉO currently includes more than 15 municipalities and numerous innovative companies in its network.

About the CAA-Quebec Foundation

The mission of the CAA-Quebec Foundation, created in 2008, is to help advance knowledge in the area of traffic safety. To that end, it conducts research and acts as a resource complementing other Québec-based specialists and organizations active in the field. CAA-Quebec, a non-profit organization, provides all of its members with peace of mind by offering them high-quality automotive, travel, residential and insurance benefits, products and services.


 Propark Welcomes Peter Kim to The Parking Dream Team 

August 08, 2018



Propark Welcomes Peter Kim to The Parking Dream Team 



(Hartford, CT) – Propark America announced today that Peter Kim has joined the company as the director of airport marketing and revenues. 



“We’re so happy to welcome Peter Kim to the Propark family,” said John Schmid, Propark’s Chief Executive Officer. “As the newest member of ‘The Parking Dream Team’ Peter has a strong, diverse track record when it comes to marketing airport parking facilities and driving asset value through intelligent marketplace positioning.” 

With an extensive background in airport marketing that spans over six years, Peter developed go-to-market strategies with a focus on revenue growth and customer acquisition. Responsible for the oversight of various digital and print marketing strategies, Peter’s primary focus was optimizing all campaigns to drive maximum return on investment across all channels. 

“We expect a profound impact on the bottom line for our near-airport parking asset owners and investors,” continued Schmid. “By further developing our focus on profitability within this particular vertical, we will propel asset appreciation in a real, tangible way. We look forward to Peter driving improved results for our stakeholders for years to come.” 

Propark currently operates nine distinct near-airport parking brands, providing service to a variety of markets across the country, including New York City (JFK), Hartford (BDL), Denver (DEN), Oakland (OAK), Pittsburgh (PIT), Columbus (CMH), Nashville (BNA), Providence (PVD), Phoenix (PHX), Newark (EWR) and Seattle (SEA). 

About Propark America 

Propark America is one of the country’s largest privately-owned parking companies, providing full-service parking solutions and mobility services for all business types, in over 75 cities across the United States. For more information, please visit 

PassportParking® expands in Philadelphia region

August 08, 2018




PassportParking® expands in Philadelphia region



Mobile payment app launches in Borough of Morton




Morton, Pa. (Aug. 8, 2018) — The Borough of Morton and Passport announce the launch of the PassportParking® mobile application in downtown Morton. The mobile application is powered by Passport, the global leader of mobile payments for parking and transit serving transportation operations throughout North America. Passport has a growing presence in the Philadelphia-area with this implementation marking its fifth successful borough launch. The mobile app is also available in the boroughs of Swarthmore, Phoenixville, Kennett Square and West Chester.


For the first time, residents and visitors in downtown Morton will have the option to pay for parking with a mobile application. Signs and decals will be displayed to direct drivers to where the PassportParking app can be used in lot and on-street parking areas.


In addition to being able to pay for parking through the app, users are also able to:

  • Extend their sessions remotely
  • Keep track of all parking history
  • Receive notifications
  • Get email receipts


“The partnership with Passport helps us further accommodate our drivers in downtown Morton,” said Morton Borough Manager Robert Poole. “If residents and guests are spending time in downtown or commuting on the SEPTA regional rail line they can now pay for parking without digging for coins.”


“We’re very excited to have this partnership with Morton,” said Passport VP of Sales David Singletary. “This expansion in the Philadelphia-area gives drivers an opportunity to pay for parking with more convenience and ease. However, app users might spend their day they can rest assured knowing they can extend their sessions from wherever they may be.”


Drivers can download the free PassportParking app from theApp Store and Google Play. Users can also manage their parking online at

About Passport
Passport transforms the way cities manage their operations. The fintech company’s mobile-first platform has been adopted by more than 450 cities, universities, and private operators around the world in cities including Chicago, Toronto, London, and Miami, across more than 5,000 locations. Passport’s product lines —– parking, transit and tolling payments, parking enforcement, and permit management —– enable organizations in the public and private sectors to streamline their operations, enhance customer service, and make data-driven decisions. Consistently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies and Best Places to Work in Charlotte, North Carolina, Passport has an ingrained practice of putting People First —– a guiding principle in its Culture.

Passport is backed by a group of investors, including Bain Capital Ventures, Grotech Ventures, MK Capital and Relevance Capital. Learn more, or get in touch with Passport at





 SKIDATA announces successful installation at Sacred Heart Medical Center 

August 08, 2018



 SKIDATA announces successful installation at Sacred Heart Medical Center 




New Brunswick, NJ August 8th, 2018 –  SKIDATA, Inc. Announces The Completion of the 8 Car-Park Installation for Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington. 



SKIDATA’s first installation with Providence Health & Services – the largest healthcare provider in the state of Washington, has just wrapped up in Spokane with Towne Park as the operator. The project was installed in phases to allow for the immediate use of each parking area as it was completed. This was a very well thought out installation that kept the disruptions to everyday parking operations to a minimum. 

 Jim Bradley, Senior Director of Operations at Providence Health & Services shared his thoughts on the process, “Excellent work and great partnership between SKIDATA and Towne Park to improve parking service and access at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center.” 

The 8 garages include a total of 33 lanes of equipment and 9 POF’s. SKIDATA’s tried and true Power.Gates column devices were used at most entries and exits with corresponding Barrier.Gates. Hospital staff parking access was facilitated with the use of the Smart.Gate – barrier only lanes with goosenecks housing the readers in the lane. For paid parkers 6 cash & credit card Easy.Cash APMs were installed as well as 3 credit card only Credit.Cash APM units. 

Sweb.Validate has been deployed to provide convenient online validations throughout the entire hospital with the use of a simple browser-based interface. An additional convenience feature is the ability to purchase long term tickets at the APMs. The medical center is also incentivizing paying for parking at the APMs by providing a $1 discount for parkers who pay at the machines instead of in the exit lane itself. 

SKIDATA is excited about this long-term relationship with Providence Health & Services and looks forward to future opportunities. 

SKIDATA is passionate about its commitment to deliver superior, reliable, and trend setting solutions. We are ready to help our customers to unlock the power of SKIDATA. 



SKIDATA is an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Almost 10,000 SKIDATA installations worldwide in ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, cities, spa & wellness facilities, trade fairs and amusement parks provide secure and reliable access and entry control for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in providing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group ( belongs to the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group (, a leading provider of digital security solutions. 

Contact: Matthew Gooley

From: SKIDATA, Inc. 



RVA’s downtown to receive parking upgrade with PassportParking® app

August 08, 2018



RVA’s downtown to receive parking upgrade with PassportParking® app



City adopts first mobile payment option




Richmond, Va. (Aug. 8, 2018) — An estimated 7 million people visited the Richmond-area between fiscal 2015-2016, and according to the Richmond-Times Dispatch, they spent about $6 million a day. With signs pointing toward a steady increase in tourism growth in the Richmond region, the City of Richmond is again upgrading its parking operations to keep up with thedemand of tourists and its residents in popular high-traffic downtown areas, such as Carytown.Today, the city is launching PassportParking®, a mobile parking application that allows motorists to pay for their parking through their smartphones. The app is powered by the global leader of mobile payments for parking and transit, Passport, serving cities and universities throughout North America.


The app is available for more than 1,500 on-street parking spaces primarily in the downtown area of the city. The city has 567 single-space meters and 161 pay stations. These more traditional payment methods will still be available for those who choose to use them. However, the PassportParking app is found to be a convenient alternative. The app enables parkers to monitor and extend parking sessions remotely, send alerts and notifications about parking sessions, provide payment history and emails receipts at the end of each parking session. This would be the first time Richmond has offered a mobile payment option.


“The PassportParking® app will offer our residents and guests flexibility and convenience here in our city,” said Lynne Lancaster, Deputy Director of DPW, City of Richmond. “This technology aligns with Mayor Levar Stoney’s transportation initiatives — it helps improve the way people commute in the city. The new app will give people the freedom to enjoy Richmond at their leisure.”


“When you can enjoy a city at your own pace you get to really embody all it has to offer. When motorists use the app they can simply pay for their parking sessions from their phones and extend them, if need be. No need to run back to a meter or pay station. Our app offers the ease of doing everything from the palm of your hand. It simplifies your stay so you won’t feel rushed when all you want is to cherish your time,” said Kelsey Owens, Passport regional director.


The PassportParking app is free to download through the App Storeor Google Play. Users can also manage their parking at In the Commonwealth, the app is also accessible in Virginia Beach, Lynchburg, the College of William & Mary and at Northern Virginia Community College. The ParkNorfolk app, also developed by Passport, is available in Norfolk.


About Passport

Passport transforms the way cities manage their operations. The fintech company’s mobile-first platform has been adopted by more than 450 cities, universities, and private operators around the world in cities including Chicago, Toronto, London, and Miami, across more than 5,000 locations. Passport’s product lines —– parking, transit and tolling payments, parking enforcement, and permit management —– enable organizations in the public and private sectors to streamline their operations, enhance customer service, and make data-driven decisions. Consistently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies and Best Places to Work in Charlotte, North Carolina, Passport has an ingrained practice of putting People First —– a guiding principle in its Culture.

Passport is backed by a group of investors, including Bain Capital Ventures, Grotech Ventures, MK Capital and Relevance Capital. Learn more, or get in touch with Passport at


ParkMobile to Partner with McAllen, TX

August 08, 2018




ParkMobile to Partner with McAllen, TX




            ParkMobile will provide smart parking to the City of McAllen




McAllen, TX – August 8, 2018 –  ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the US, announced today a new partnership with the City of McAllen that will enable people to pay for parking on their mobile device. The ParkMobile app is now available at approximately 1,530 on-street spaces.


New stickers and signage will provide information to drivers on how to pay for parking using the new app. ParkMobile is a free app available for iPhoneand Androiddevices, users can additionally register on After setting up their account, customers can immediately begin using the system with their registered mobile device. The ParkMobile app lets users remotely view and update/add time for their parking spot.

“ParkMobile is thrilled to be expanding our network to McAllen,” stated Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “We are proud to provide motorists across Texas a smarter parking experience.”

“We are excited to be able to provide this service to our downtown patrons,” said Mario Delgado, director, Metro McAllen.  “I have personally used this app in another city before and it is convenient and effective, and it makes parking that much easier.”

ParkMobile maintains a wide presence in Texas with availability in South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Texas A&M University, Fort Worth –  among many more.

As the most widely used mobile parking solution in the country with more than 10 million people using ParkMobile’s services over 60 million times per year across 350 cities, ParkMobile is excited to make a difference leveraging our large network of users.


About ParkMobile

ParkMobile, LLC is the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in North America, helping millions of people easily find and pay for parking on their mobile device. The company’s technology is used in over 3,000 locations across the country, including 7 of the top 10 cities as well as college campuses, airports and stadiums.  People can use ParkMobile solutions to quickly pay for on-street and garage parking without having to use a meter or kiosk.  Additionally, ParkMobile offers parking reservations at stadium venues for concerts and sporting events. Reservations are also available in metro areas, allowing people to drive into the city without having to worry about finding parking.  ParkMobile has been named to the Deloitte Fast 500, the ACG Georgia Fast 40 and the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Pacesetter list. Additionally, the company won 2018 Stevie Awards for Most Innovative Tech Company and Best Integrated Mobile Experience. For more information, visit or @ParkMobile on Twitter.


ParkMobile Contact:  Jeff Perkins, CMO,


City of McAllen Contact: Xochitl Mora, Director, Office of Communications, O: 681-1202 / M: 662-9269 / E:



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