Parkopedia Announces Global Partnership Deal With Flowbird (formerly known as Parkeon).

March 21, 2018



Parkopedia Announces Global Partnership Deal With Flowbird (formerly known as Parkeon).




  • Parkopedia to provide Flowbird with off-street parking data for its Path to Park app

  • Flowbird to provide Parkopedia with on-street parking availability data to be used across Parkopedia’s B2B and B2C services

  • Initial launch in Europe and North America

  • Parkopedia offers detailed information on more than 60 million parking spaces in 8000 cities


Parkopedia, the world’s leading parking services provider, today announced a global partnership deal with Flowbird (formerly known as Parkeon), the world leading provider of parking infrastructure and services for municipal and commercial parking operators. Parkopedia will provide Flowbird with off-street parking data and booking capabilities for its Path to Park app. In addition, Flowbird will market Parkopedia’s data and services as part of its full suite of products and services for municipal and commercial parking operators.


In turn, Flowbird will provide Parkopedia with its unique on-street parking data exclusively, which Parkopedia will use to further improve its on-street parking data for consumers and B2B customers.


Commenting on the announcement, Parkopedia’s CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich said, “This partnership between two global leaders in parking is extremely exciting as it brings a huge amount of added value to automotive OEMs and parking operators globally.”


Flowbird’s’s CEO, Bertrand Barthélemy, added: “We are very much looking forward to working with Parkopedia and integrating the services of the global leader in automotive parking services into our growing digital product portfolio for the parking industry.”


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Global Parking Index 2018: Spotlight on US Cities


Parking Property Advisors and Parkopedia proudly present this 2018 Top 40 US Cities Parking Index. Whether you

are in the parking business or operate a business dependent upon parking, market-based parking rates help you

make decisions that impact your business. Our goal with the 2018 Top 40 US Cities Parking Index is to provide

parking stakeholders with hourly, daily, monthly and monthly reserved rates from the Central Business Districts of forty of the top US markets.


In developing this report, Parking Property Advisors gathered data from more than 650 parking facilities representing more than 300,000 parking spaces via direct research with numerous operators, owners, appraisers and property inspections. This data was combined with Parkopedia’s extensive store of parking information for the Top 40 US CBDs.


All prices were calculated as the median of corresponding parking rates for all publicly available off-street parking facilities in a city center based on Parkopedia’s global dataset of parking in cities across US and Parking Property Advisors research of rates in Central Business Districts in major US cities.


  • Hourly parking: 1 hour stay on a weekday
  • Daily parking: 8 hour stay on a weekday
  • Monthly parking: Unreserved monthly rate (a space is guaranteed but it is not a dedicated space)
  • Reserved Monthly parking: Monthly rate for a guaranteed space.


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Lödige Industries racks up 720,000 cars

March 21, 2018


Lödige Industries racks up 720,000 cars



Europe’s largest fully automated car park system in Aarhus celebrates record number of cars parked.



Warburg/Amsterdam, March 21, 2018 Germany-based Lödige Industries, a leading global provider of logistics systems, has announced at Intertraffic in Amsterdam today that its fully automated car park system in Aarhus, Denmark has breached the 720,000 parked cars mark. The system, installed by Lödige Industries for its client Realdania By & Byg in mid-2015 and the largest fully automated system in Europe, has a capacity of close to a thousand spaces.

Parking innovation for urban spaces of the future

Cityscapes around the world are changing. Areas previously used for commercial or industrial purposes are becoming defunct as these activities decline or move to the outskirts. In Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest metropolitan area with over 340,000 inhabitants, the port area had declined and the goal was to tie the city and the water closer together.

With this in mind DOKK1, a new public building, was built, housing a modern multi-media library, municipal citizen centres, offices and public spaces. Ample parking was needed to support the new hub at the waterfront. To maximise space, the parking facility was built underground, yet the architects, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, and owners Realdania By & Byg wanted the parking experience to be a memorable and positive one.

The fully automated system installed by Lödige Industries provides a solution to both these goals. Since the absence of drivers and passengers in the facility means cars can be stored much closer to each other, the car park system in DOKK1 can park approximately 60% more cars in the space than a conventional facility could. At the same time, the company worked hard with the architects to ensure parking and retrieving the car is a positive, welcoming experience. Glass doors, brightly lit areas and a comfortable and friendly user experience are the hallmark of the system and continue to please both users and the owners of the building.

Peter Kjølby, COO of Realdania By & Byg, confirms: “Our ambition was to provide a parking solution that will set new standards of parking comfort by rethinking the process from the user angle, and which by the rational use of space will make more room for the life of the city. The automated parking facility Lödige Industries has built for us echoes this and continues to deliver on this day in and out.”

The average duration of a parking process is just 107 seconds, with 20 cabins available, queues are a rare occurrence. Up to 972 cars can be parked at any given moment in the three levels of the facility. 24 transfer vehicles are operating in two aisles. State-of-the-art scanning technology ensures the cars enter the system safely, while the algorithms of Lödige Industries’ proprietary management software ensures they are parked in the best possible space given current levels of usage and retrieval patterns. Average retrieval speed is 120 seconds, due in large part to the palletless technology employed by Lödige Industries. Using a flat robot, called a ‘shifter’, cars are held only by their tires, where they would naturally touch the roads. The transfer vehicles transport them at a constant speed of 2 meters per second.

Philippe De Backer, CEO of Lödige Industries, welcomed the new record number of cars parked: ”720,000 cars in just over two years is an excellent result for our client. I am pleased to see that our system continues to meet Realdania By & Byg’s expectations. The numbers we are seeing, are a testament to the ingenuity of our engineering team, the strength of the management software and the commitment of our team on site.”


About Lödige Industries

Lödige Industries is a leading global provider of logistics systems, headquartered in Germany. With offices around the world, Lödige Industries supplies materials handling solutions for a broad range of clients. The company, founded in 1948, is specialising in delivering complex material flow systems from planning, construction, programming and commissioning phases through to servicing. Lödige Industries is the world market leader in air cargo handling terminals.


For more information on Lödige Industries please contact:

Petra Ernst-Gutierrez, Head of Marketing & Communications, Lödige Industries,, +49 (0)172 8681059


About Realdania By & Byg

Realdania By & Byg develops experimental new buildings, sites and neighbourhoods, and also conserves historic houses, all on a sustainable basis. This is done through philanthropic investments and active ownership of properties and sites. Realdania By & Byg is a subsidiary of the private philanthropic organization Realdania whose mission is to improve the quality of life and benefit the common good by improving the built environment.


For more information on Realdania By & Byg please contact:

Michael Guldager, +45 (0)21 25 53 89,,


For video content on the DOKK1 car park facility:

And on user responses:



Illegal use of bus lanes is not the way for Essex motorists

March 20, 2018


Imperial – Illegal use of bus lanes is not the way for Essex motorists


Faced with a growing population and continuing increase in traffic on the roads, Essex County Council’s Highways team is extending its use of bus lane CCTV enforcement to improve the reliability of public transport and the safety of pedestrians in busy urban areas.  The move follows the appointment of Imperial at the end of 2016, which has led to a marked increase in motorists complying with bus lane regulations and a dramatic improvement in back office efficiencies.


“We are now benefitting from Imperial’s knowledge, experience and wholehearted commitment to work in partnership with both ourselves and our CCTV camera supplier,” says Andy Champ, Network Operations Manager at Essex Highways.


“From the outset, Imperial’s insight and professional guidance improved the effectiveness of our existing bus lane enforcement operations in Colchester, Basildon and Chelmsford.  And we have worked with Imperial to develop plans for further enforcement initiatives in other locations within the county’s main urban areas. These include two additional sites in east Colchester where there is genuine justification to address accessibility and safety issues around key public areas and transport interchanges like Hythe railway station.”


As well as advising and supporting the authority with a review of its cancellation policies and new arrangements for reviewing contraventions, the team at Imperial’s Business Processing Unit in Northampton handles customer calls relating to Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), PCN correspondence, scanning, postage and PCN payments. Imperial’s 3sixty software is used for all back office processing and the enforcement solutions feature unattended ANPR cameras and review software provided by SEA.


“Dedicated, resilient and versatile back office procedures and systems are absolutely essential for effective and efficient bus lane enforcement,” emphasises Imperial’s Toby Bliss.



“The volume of contraventions is always difficult to forecast after the initial period of warning notices, but it’s important to cater for all eventualities as well as fluctuating volumes at different times of the week and year.  Careful preparations are also vital – not only to guarantee operational efficiency and to maximise compliance levels, but also to achieve optimum payment recovery and to minimise the administrative demands of unwarranted appeals. Such a considered approach helps an authority like Essex Highways to adopt a progressive approach to bus lane enforcement with confidence and assurance.”


Hayley Street, Senior Operations Technician at Essex Highways, adds: “Although it was a daunting prospect to change processes and IT support systems at the same time, it was evident at a very early stage that our new partnership with Imperial was delivering benefits.

But it wasn’t just a case of efficiency and operational improvements as we now have much greater resilience and versatility in all areas of our bus lane enforcement operation.”


The concerted approach to enforcement has helped to address the misuse of bus lanes in the county’s main towns, which can cause punctuality problems for public transport and safety concerns for pedestrians.  Prior to the introduction of CCTV enforcement, there were well over 400 bus lane contraventions every day in a major bottleneck in Duke Street, adjacent to Chelmsford’s busy railway station.  The number of contraventions fell by 50% during the period when warning notices were issued and has continued to fall since the issue of Penalty Charge Notices so buses are no longer suffering unnecessary delays.



Editorial enquiries –           Ron Dyson – tel: 01935 83622  mob: 07477 174674                                                      
                            0117 925 1700              


ParkMan USA LLC: Next generation parking technology to debut in downtown Hell’s Kitchen (NYC)

March 20, 2018


Next generation parking technology to debut in downtown Hell’s Kitchen (NYC)



Following last year’s successful soft launch in Denver, CO, the award-winning mobile parking platform ParkMan has recently struck a partnership with NYC-based Enterprise Parking Systems and will gradually be rolling out its newly refurbished platform in NYC starting on March 21st, 2018.



The CEO of ParkMan USA LLC, Patrick Kongsbak, commented that the company’s recent stateside expansion has been a lasting priority after years of dedicated effort and expansion within Europe.

“ParkMan is currently available in seven markets globally of which the

U.S. is the most significant. We’ve done extremely well in Europe and are very pleased to have partnered with a customer-centric and major local player like Enterprise Parking Systems for our launch here in NYC,” he said.

A full-fledged parking platform for providers

The new ParkMan CRM platform offers considerable untapped potential by letting providers connect directly with their customers. It also includes tools for customer retention and maximizing occupancy based on key insights into customers’ parking behavior, real-time supply/demand statistics and customizable promotions.

Patrick Kongsbak added that the Nordic company will be carefully monitoring the launch and optimizing performance to accommodate for changing needs: “We’re extremely thrilled for the first two Enterprise lots to go live on March 21st, and hopefully, we will be rolling out  more soon. It’s paramount to us that our partner is happy, so we will be watching this and future launches very closely”.

For more information about the company and its CRM platform, please visit The parking app is available for both iOS and Android devices.








For any further queries, please contact: Patrick Kongsbak

WGI Hires Three Managers for its Parking Solutions Division

March 20, 2018


WGI Hires Three Managers for its Parking Solutions Division



(WEST PALM BEACH, FL – March 20, 2018) WGI is pleased to announce that three managers in two states recently joined the firm’s Parking Solutions Division:



  • Alex Pappas joined WGI’s Chicago office as a senior business development manager. He has over 25 years of experience in architecture, engineering, construction, and project management. Alex is a licensed architect in Illinois and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is an active member of the American Institute of Architects.


  • Jeremy Rocha joined the firm as a senior project manager in its Houston office. Jeremy comes to WGI with over 19 years of experience, and specific expertise in civil engineering, parking design, parking planning, and construction management. He is a registered engineer in Texas and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston. He is an active member of the International Parking Institute, the Texas Parking Transportation Association, and a member of Leadership Houston Class XXXVI.

  • Robert Tober recently joined WGI as a restoration manager in its Chicago office. He has over 39 years of experience in the engineering/construction industry with specific expertise in the evaluation, repair, and restoration of building facades and concrete structures. Robert is a registered professional engineer in seven states and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil/Structural Engineering from The University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana.

David Wantman, PE, and president of WGI, says, “We are extremely fortunate to have Alex, Jeremy, and Robert join our team. Their eight decades of combined industry experience, dedication, expertise, and passion dovetails nicely with WGI’s steadfast commitment to client services excellence.”



As a multidisciplinary consulting firm, WGI has 14 offices in six states, serving an active client base in over 30 states, specializing in the following disciplines: Land Development/Municipal Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Parking Solutions, Geospatial Services, Subsurface Utility Engineering, Structures, Water Resources, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Sciences, Architecture, Land Planning, and Creative Services. The Zweig Group ranked WGI #4 on its 2017 Hot Firms list and #23 on the 2017 Best Firms to Work For list. In 2017, WGI ranked #2195 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. South Florida Business Journal ranked WGI #5 on its 2018 Top 25 Engineering Firms, WGI #61 in its 2017 Top 100 Private Companies, and #16 in the $25M and over category as a 2017 “Fast 50” Honoree from the same publication. In 2017, WGI ranked #252 on the ENR’s list of the Top 500 Design Firms and ranked #22 in ENR’s Top Southeast Design Firms of 2017. For more information, please visit

ABB launches its most economical charging solution for electric vehicles

March 19, 2018



ABB launches its most economical charging solution for electric vehicles




ABB enhances its portfolio of charging solutions with the addition of a range of AC wallboxes, an easy to install solution for homes and businesses



The new AC wallbox portfolio, comprised of 52 different types in total, provides a high quality, cost effective electric car charging point for private and business use. The latest addition further strengthens ABB’s comprehensive portfolio of smarter building solutions from lighting to heating, music, security and car charging.


Easy to fit and with a compact design of 50 by 25 cm2, the wallbox can be installed at homes or offices. It is particularly suited to businesses that wish to provide overnight charging facilities for customers, such as those in the hospitality business.


Frank Mühlon, Head of ABB’s Global Business for Electric Vehicle Charging, said: “With the continued growth in sales of hybrid and battery powered electric cars, businesses and drivers are looking for simple and cost-effective vehicle charging solutions.”


“Charging should not be an interruption to the day, which is why we have extended our portfolio with the AC wallbox, which is simple to install and use at home or work. Drivers will now enjoy being able to just plug their car in overnight and get on with their day.”


Manufactured with a robust all-weather enclosure for indoor and outdoor use, wallboxes are available in different versions, offering 4.6 and 11 kW AC charging as well as 22 kW AC 3-phase charging. As with all ABB products, expert assistance with fitting and maintaining the wallboxes is only a phone call away through the company’s global technical support services.


Compatible with the industry standard Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), the ABB AC wallbox is future-proof and enabled for authentication and load balancing.


For added flexibility, the wallboxes offer a range of connector types including type 2 socket, type 2 socket with shutter and type 1 and type 2 cable. For locations where wall mounting is difficult, a range of pedestals are available including one charger, two chargers back to back or two chargers in a 90 de- gree angle. Wallboxes are also available with or without energy meter, load balancing, back office inte- gration and UMTS/3G modem.


Other key optional features include: Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and key authorization for in- creased security; sim card models for data communication; input current limiting software to match site requirements; communication interface for intelligently controlled charging and web tools for statistics, configuration and access management.


Frank Mühlon added: “With the launch of the AC wallbox, customers can now benefit from charging solutions that are connected to their building infrastructure. Regardless of where they live and work,


ABB now offers a smart solution to meet their needs.”


ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a pioneering technology leader in electrification products, robotics and motion, industrial automation and power grids, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport  & infrastructure globally. Continuing a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB today is writing the future of industrial digitalization with two clear value propositions: bringing electricity from any power plant to any plug and automating industries from natural resources to finished prod- ucts. As title partner of Formula E, the fully electric international FIA motorsport class, ABB is push- ing the boundaries of e-mobility to contribute to a sustainable future. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 135,000 employees.






AGD Systems to exhibit at Intertraffic 2018, 20-23 March, RAI Amsterdam

March 19, 2018


AGD Systems to exhibit at Intertraffic 2018, 20-23 March, RAI Amsterdam



AGD Systems, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of ITS product solutions, is exhibiting at this year’s Intertraffic Amsterdam – 20-23 March 2018.




At Intertraffic AGD will showcase its WiFi-enabled, IP-capable 645 Pedestrian Detector – now with larger 10m x 3m detection zone, and the non-intrusive, loop-replacing 318 Traffic Control Radar. These highly successful products – both proven in the UK – deliver unprecedented ease of deployment, integration and setup to allow maximum flexibility for evolving traffic models.


Said Ian Hind, AGD’s commercial director: “AGD has a comprehensive range of ITS product solutions that are well suited to applications in international markets. All our solutions are designed and developed for specific applications by Traffic Group Technology, the in-house engineering centre for The Traffic Group companies. Looking ahead, we are developing an exciting new radar detection product for highways that opens fresh markets for AGD and will bring our solutions to new customers and channels.


“This highways monitoring radar will collect detailed traffic data on the network and will replace loop technology to monitor multiple lanes on inter-urban routes. We are looking forward to showcasing our solutions and exploring future possibilities with ITS professionals at this year’s Intertraffic Amsterdam.”


AGD can be found on stand 10.102 at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018.





About AGD Systems


AGD Systems is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of ITS product solutions. AGD makes easy-to-integrate, globally compatible ITS product solutions designed to help create safer, greener, more efficient traffic and transport environments. AGD’s solutions are created for smart cities, smart highways and strategic transport initiatives around the world, and are the result of strategic ITS thinking strengthened by 25 years of practical implementations.


Working closely with system and product integrators, national road authorities and traffic engineers, AGD develops solutions that fit today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges across urban and inter-urban settings. Products serve traffic and pedestrian control, highways and enforcement environments, and applications such as tunnel and track.


AGD Systems is now part of The Traffic Group (TTG).  Formerly AGD Group Limited, the name change reflects the growth in the business, expansion through recent acquisitions and a product range that increasingly addresses the wider needs of the traffic market. TTG has a portfolio of businesses focused on product solutions designed to help create safer, greener and more efficient traffic and transport environments. The group has two core offerings:


  • Advanced low-power radar, electro-optical sensors and ANPR/surveillance cameras for Intelligent Traffic Systems. Applications include traffic and pedestrian control, highways monitoring, air quality/emissions measurement, parking systems and enforcement
  • A comprehensive range of portable traffic signals suitable for applications ranging from simple two-way deployment through to complex, UTC-integrated temporary junction schemes


With a strong focus on engineering excellence, the group has achieved three Queen’s Awards for Innovation in the last 12 years. TTG invests extensively in new product development and advanced production test facilities to ensure the highest standards of quality, reliability and regulatory compliance. The group has a strong customer base within the UK and overseas, including major systems integrators, Highways England, local authorities, utilities and many leading traffic management companies. It also has an extensive distributor network.


TTG’s current portfolio of companies comprises: AGD Systems Ltd, MAV Systems Ltd, Pike Signals Ltd, Hollco Ltd, AGD Systems Pty Ltd (Australia) and Arkon Services Ltd. A privately owned business, TTG employs over 100 staff located across six sites in the UK and Australia, and is headquartered in Gloucestershire, UK.


Inugo Expands US Operations with New Reseller In San Diego

March 19, 2018



Inugo Expands US Operations with New Reseller In San Diego




Inugo today announced that Access Professional Systems of San Diego, CA is now a certified Reseller of Inugo products in Southern California. Access Professional Systems (APS) is a leading provider of parking and access management systems in Southern California, with over 7,500 successful projects delivered since 1977.



Inugo is the first end to end parking access solution for mobile phones. The Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller attaches to any electrically operated gate or rolling door, connecting the door to the Inugo Cloud Platform through the Internet, and the user’s mobile phone through the Inugo App. Drivers enter the parking facility simply by tapping the entry button in the Inugo App. The Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller then activates the gate automatically. This new solution revolutionizes access control, eliminating the need for proximity cards, RFID, paper tickets and other outmoded access solutions. Because Inugo will work on any kind of electric gate hardware it can bring together all parking access under a single online portal for easy administration.


“We are excited to welcome APS to the Inugo family” said Sam Barclay, CEO. “APS has an incredible team and are famous for the level of service they provide. We are proud and pleased that they believe so strongly in Inugo.” Barclay continued: “APS have shown an ability to deliver well thought out, innovative access, parking and video solutions to their customers, which is why they have been so successful over such a long time”.


“Inugo’s mobile phone based gate access control answers our Customer’s continual demands to utilize their phone for access. This a new and unique service that just works, and we couldn’t be happier with our new partnership” said Chris Scheppman, President of APS. “We are solution experts in our field, and we carefully select the best and most technically advanced solutions to meet and exceed our Customer expectations. Inugo is a perfect fit with that philosophy”.


APS will sell, install and service Inugo Intelligent Gate Controllers and the Inugo Cloud Platform across San Diego, Orange and LA counties.



The Inugo App is available for iOS and Android users.


For more information contact: Inugo Systems Ltd

Liz Barnett | Director of Marketing Inugo Systems Ltd

DESIGNA at Intertraffic 2018, Amsterdam

March 19, 2018

DESIGNA at Intertraffic 2018, Amsterdam







Kiel, 2018-03-19: The anticipation is building. From 20 – 23 March 2018, DESIGNA will be represented at Intertraffic 2018 in Amsterdam (stand 03.302), one of the world’s biggest traffic and transport industry trade fairs. Taking “Integrated Intelligence” as their theme, DESIGNA and its partner, ilogs, will be demonstrating the opportunities that the seamless interaction between inno- vative software features and the latest hardware offer for every industry.



Visitors can look forward to several firsts. For example the new sector-specific software offerings, CAPS, that will take parking management into a new dimen- sion, three new pay stations, and the 10th anniversary of the successful DESIGNA cloud service, ASP.




The DESIGNA trade fair highlights


CAPS – the new definition for optimised parking management


As unique as every company: CAPS made by DESIGNA are the new customised software solutions for parking management. Tailored specifically to each sector, CAPS meet a wide variety of demands. They also extend both the service offer- ing and workflow of car park operators easily at the click of a mouse.



A very special first: the introduction of three new pay stations.

That technical specifications and superior design go very much hand in hand is demonstrated by the three new DESIGNA pay stations – Pay Cash & Card, PAY Cashless and PAY Coinless. The special feature of the new pay stations is that they are specifically designed to cover the demand for different payment meth- ods. Different operating heights are also no problem, for example if a disability- friendly pay station is required.



An impressive anniversary – 10 years of the ASP Cloud Service.

There is hardly another service from 2008 to the present day that has elicited such a positive response on such a sustained basis from car park operators as the DESIGNA ASP cloud service. No wonder, since it offers the convenient out- sourcing of the entire IT system, a specially shielded server park, the lightning quick addition of, for example, parking services or the installation of the latest security updates. Currently around 45 million parking transactions take place every year via DESIGNA’s ASP cloud service.



Additional information:




DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH Tabea Thomsen

Faluner Weg 3

24109 Kiel, Germany

Phone +49 431-5336-0














Parkmobile Celebrating Milestone Achievement with the Pittsburgh Parking Authority

March 16, 2018



Parkmobile Celebrating Milestone Achievement with the Pittsburgh Parking Authority



Pittsburgh, PA – March 16, 2017 – Parkmobile and the Pittsburgh Parking Authority are celebrating the milestone achievement of 5 million transactions since the deployment in October 2015. Using either the Parkmobile or Go Mobile PGH app, users can pay for parking throughout the city using their mobile device.



To celebrate the achievement, Parkmobile and the Pittsburgh Parking Authority are offering a promotion for $1 off parking. The first 2,000 users can redeem the discount with the promotional code “LUCKY”. The promotion will run from March 16 -17 on all on-street meters throughout the city.  The offer will be one-time per user, while supplies last.

“We selected Parkmobile because it was the vendor that offered the most advantageous state of the art technology.  It has been a positive, collaborative working relationship and we look forward to the continued growth of the use, by the public, of the mobile phone payment option.” stated David Onorato, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority.

“The volume of success we have had in Pittsburgh has been phenomenal. Since our deployment in 2015, we have built a thriving relationship with the Pittsburgh Parking Authority and the people of Pittsburgh. The success of the Go Mobile PGH app is attributable to the changing scope of technology. We rely on technology to be smarter and faster. We will continue to redefine the standard of parking through unparalleled convenience and access,” stated Jon Ziglar, CEO of Parkmobile.

“It’s been a wonderful experience and we are excited to see the future milestones we can achieve in Pittsburgh.”

As the most widely used mobile parking solution in the country with 8 million people using Parkmobile’s services over 60 million times per year, Parkmobile is excited to make a difference leveraging our large network of users.

About Parkmobile

Parkmobile, LLC is the leading provider of parking solutions in North America, helping millions of people easily find and pay for parking on their mobile device. The company’s technology is used in over 3000 locations across the country, including 7 of the top 10 cities as well as college campuses, airports and stadiums.  People can use Parkmobile solutions to quickly pay for on-street and garage parking without having to use a meter or kiosk.  Additionally, Parkmobile offers parking reservations at stadium venues for concerts and sporting events. Reservations are also available in metro areas, allowing people to drive into the city without having to worry about finding parking.  Parkmobile was recently named by Deloitte as a Technology Fast 500 winner, recognizing the fastest growing technology companies in North America. For more information, visit or @Parkmobile on Twitter.


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