May 16, 2014

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, May 16, 2014—StadiumPark, a new technology start-up, expects to launch its newest mobile app within the next 2-4 months. The app will be available in iOS and android. The StadiumPark app allows users to pay for their stadium and arena parking using their mobile device. Their app uses 3G/4G wireless technology to open parking gates. Designated lanes will be similar to “EZ-Pass” lanes, allowing users to enter rapidly, and collect credit card payments through their mobile device.
StadiumPark aims to focus only on stadiums and arenas, which is a multi-billion dollar niche market. The app provides reciprocal benefits to both venues and fans. Fans no longer have to carry cash to events or wait in long parking lines. Operators can bring in larger volumes of cars in a more efficient manner and reduce shrinkage associated with high volumes of cash transactions.
Founder of StadiumPark, Jeremy Crane believes, “StadiumPark will revolutionize stadium and arena parking throughout the United States. Stadium and arena parking is long over due for change. By cutting cash and long lines out of the the equation, StadiumPark creates win/win scenario for venues and their fans.”

“Park Easy and Enjoy the Game.”
About Stadium Park: StadiumPark is a mobile application that serves stadiums and arenas, and attendees who drive to events. Registered users can pay for their parking and open parking gates with only a few clicks on their mobile devices. The app aims to draw in larger audiences to venues while also enhancing the fan experience. The company was founded in November of 2013 and is lead by its founder, Jeremy Crane. To learn more about StadiumPark, visit