Rydin Decal Partners with Ellucian

May 29, 2014

– Rydin Decal, a parking management solutions provider, announces a partnership with Ellucian, a technology solutions provider to educational institutions. The partnership enables the integration of Rydin’s web-based parking management software, Rydin PermitExpress™, with the Banner® Student Information System by Ellucian.

Rydin PermitExpress™ Parking Management Software allows educational institutions to centralize important parking information and manage numerous parking functions (parking permit sales, permit distribution, citations, appeals, driver and vehicle information) online. The robust solution is cloud-based, so it is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection.

“At many colleges and universities, parking information and student records are isolated into separate data silos” stated Mike Weiler, Director of Sales at Rydin Decal. “In order for the silos to communicate, it typically requires time-consuming manual updates or one-a-day processes. We found that there was significant demand among universities to integrate parking information with student records. With that in mind, it made sense to integrate with one of the most popular student information systems within the industry, Banner® by Ellucian.”

Rydin partnered directly with Ellucian for integration development. The two companies worked closely together to leverage Ellucian’s open, flexible, and standards-based architecture. “Our solution was developed to meet strict, internal quality requirements, and to maximize the flexibility and reliability of the Banner® product. As an Official Ellucian Collaborative Partner,” Weiler noted, “Rydin PermitExpress™ is pushing Banner® integration with Parking Enforcement further than anyone else in the industry.”

PermitExpress™ enables Banner® users to realize many benefits. “For example,” said Weiler, “Banner® customers will benefit from real-time validation, which allows the system to automatically grant or deny the ability to purchase a parking permit. The system will also know what type of permit the parker is allowed to buy. Students will be able to conveniently purchase permits and pay for citations with their student account. Schools can even create an automatic hold to be placed on a person’s Banner® record for defined violations, like an unpaid citation.”

“We are excited to offer a parking management solution that is aligned with Banner®”, added Weiler, “and we are excited to welcome Ellucian into the Rydin Community.”

About Rydin Decal: For over 58 years, Rydin Decal has helped organizations across the country improve the efficiency and security of their parking programs through parking permits, permit distribution services and parking management software. Rydin takes great pride in their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Rydin PermitExpress™ has experienced rapid adoption by colleges and universities and continues to grow at a rapid pace since its release in 2010, with the community doubling in size each year. Rydin relies on their community of users to help the software evolve. Based on the community’s feedback, new features are added every year to Rydin PermitExpress™. For additional information about Rydin Decal’s products and services, please visit www.rydindecal.com.

About Ellucian: Ellucian helps education institutions thrive in an open and dynamic world. Ellucian delivers a broad portfolio of technology solutions, developed in collaboration with a global education community, and provide strategic guidance to help education institutions of all kinds navigate change, achieve greater transparency, and drive efficiencies. More than 2,400 institutions in 40 countries around the world look to Ellucian for the ideas and insights that will move education forward, helping people everywhere discover their futures through learning. For additional information about Ellucian products and services, please visit www.ellucian.com .