SMC Teams with Amano McGann

June 19, 2014

Not surprisingly, SMC Software has teamed up with a third PARCS company in the month of June.

For the third time in less than a month, SMC Software has teamed up with an additional PARCS company in the parking industry. SMC, a leading provider of white-label reservations technology for the parking industry, has seamlessly and successfully integrated with Amano McGann. The last PARCS company to integrate with SMC Software during the month of June, Amano McGann, will enjoy a seamless connection to a cloud-based, Centralized Reservations System that will provide mutual customers with a true end-to-end solution.

The newly integrated software enables consumers, corporate accounts, and travel agencies to book online parking reservations in real time. This benefit adds value to the parking customer’s encounter by ensuring the parking experience is easier and faster. This is accomplished by simply reducing the hassle-factor at checkout.

SMC Software president, Mike Harley, explains, “Integrated, cloud-based systems are the future of reservations technology. We are excited to be partnering with our third PARCS company in the month of June and look forward to working with many more throughout the rest of 2014 and beyond.”