Introducing RESERVEC: The Future of Online Reservations

July 30, 2014

Modern Reservations Technology will change the way Business is Conducted

With online transacting growing steadily, it is essential for businesses of all sizes to understand that consumers will begin to reserve more goods and services online than ever before. We welcome RESERVEC! Our mission is to offer a variety of services to a range of industries and businesses across the globe.

RESERVEC understands the modern online consumer and is well on its way to becoming a recognized leading provider of online consumer shopping intelligence for a wide range of industries. The company provides a private-label, real-time, and multi-channel central reservations system in three languages (English, Spanish, French) for ANY industry.
RESERVEC’s “reserve in the cloud” online solution provides businesses with the ability to operate a real-time central reservations system on their social, mobile, and websites. With a customized web-based application, the company allows businesses to create a price optimization environment to easily benchmark channel performance and forecast conversions. Furthermore, RESERVEC eliminates transactional hassle via automatic payment deductions so that businesses are able to conduct their transactions “in the cloud” without the use of paper money.

Mike Harley, President & COO of RESERVEC states, “RESERVEC is a truly futuristic company, with distinctive new technologies and a host of advanced features that will appeal to our customers.” He goes on to explain, “We are committed to offering the latest online technologies and marketing concepts for customers seeking more versatility in their businesses.”

With technology at an all-time high, RESERVEC has the resources and tools that are essential for an industry to thrive in today’s global market.

RESERVEC is an innovative reservations technology company capable of providing a performance-based, multi-channel transaction strategy for any size business and language. RESERVEC enables businesses to measure the impact of rate tiers and inventory management in order to respond to competitive and seasonable conditions. RESERVEC’S proprietary platform is enterprise grade and can seamlessly integrate with back-office management systems. For more information, please visit or call 813.381.5144.