MobileNOW! Announces Pilot Parking Program with Propark America

September 16, 2014

September 12, 2014, Hartford, Connecticut-MobileNOW! announced today that it will launch a new innovative mobile payment pilot program in Hartford, Connecticut in conjunction with Propark America.


The pilot project launched in Hartford will include several dynamic
locations and will serve as a platform for rapid nationwide deployment.
MobileNOW! also has the benefit of being the only mobile payment provider
led by a 30 year parking professional, which guarantees a parking operator
based success for all consumers.


“Our strategy for early adoption to grow the use of mobile payment as an
added convenience to all Propark patrons is to provide a great payment
option that is unmatched in the parking industry,” said John Oglesby,
President and Chief Operating Officer of MobileNOW!. “This strategy will
include marketing MobileNOW! directly to Propark current and potential
customers, through a variety of social media channels, a preferred merchant
program, customer loyalty vouchers, and local media outlets.”


“We are really excited to offer this mobile payment solution for our guests
in the City of Hartford,” said Heidi Moran, Vice President of Sales and
Customer Services for Propark America. “The MobileNOW! technology platform
will add convenience and ease-of-use for our parkers, simplifying the entire
process and providing a fast, secure payment option for customers.”


About Propark America

Propark America is one of the nation’s leading parking companies, providing
full-service parking solutions across all parking markets including office
buildings, retail centers, corporate campuses, airports, universities,
medical institutions, municipal facilities, stadiums, residential buildings
and hotels.


Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, Propark operates more than 500
locations in convenient markets across the United States, including New
York, Washington D.C., Boston, Cambridge, San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto,
Reno, Cleveland, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Denver, Phoenix, Hartford,
Stamford and New Haven.


Propark is a member of the International Parking Institute, the National
Parking Association, and is a Platinum Level Partner of the Green Parking


For more information, please visit


About MobileNOW!

MobileNOW! is the world pioneer and leading provider of mobile phone and
other cashless payment methods since 2006 for the parking industry. In
addition to enabling virtual payment and collection options, the MobileNOW!
platform offers full enforcement, management and reporting capabilities. For
more information, visit