ParkJockey, developers of the “One-Touch ParkingT” solution available in Chicago.

September 24, 2014

Chicagoans Can Now Drive With Peace of Mind & Let ParkJockey Handle the Rest
– from Locating to Reserving Parking & Cashless Payments

CHICAGO ─ September 17, 2014 ─ ParkJockey, developers of the
“One-Touch ParkingT” solution, announces its time-saving and eco-friendly
parking locator and reservation tool is now available in Chicago. The
no-cost mobile application drastically reduces the time spent searching for
a parking spot by providing parking locations, estimates walking distances
and even learns your parking-specific preferences so users can make an
informed and smart parking reservation, pay for it in advance, and
seamlessly sync their reservation with their calendar.

“ParkJockey rolled out its One-Touch Parking reservation application in
London, Miami and New York earlier this year with rapid adoption rates and
we expect to bring the same level of relief to the more than 2.6 million
Chicago residents and nearly 40 million people who visit the city annually,”
commented Managing Partner, James Weiss, ParkJockey Chicago. “Chicago is
known as the City that Works and ParkJockey’s parking application is going
to make sure its dedicated workforce gets to work with less stress and
without overpaying for their parking.”

At launch, ParkJockey’s application included access and reservation
capabilities for more than 6,000 parking spaces in Chicago and this number
is expected to grow exponentially by the end of the year.

“Our advanced team of technology experts and business leaders have invested
and developed an application that eases logistical challenges for commuters
and travelers, while also helping to ensure parking lot owners and operators
are operating at their full capacity and revenue potential,” remarked CEO
and Co-Founder of ParkJockey, Umut Tekin. “But we are not stopping there.
ParkJockey is already planning to roll out its second application by the end
of the year. The premium application has not yet been announced but can best
be described as a ‘virtual valet’; we are expecting it to revolutionize
parking as we know it.”

Benefits for ParkJockey Users

. One-Touch parkingT solution predicts the optimal parking space
based on your preferences and external factors such as the weather.

. One-Touch reservations from website or through the application.

. Saves time and fuel spent driving around searching for parking.

. Integrates / seamlessly syncs with your Facebook or personal

. Access to ParkJockey’s round-the-clock local customer service

. No payment worries; ParkJockey provides a cashless experience.

. Application learns your parking preferences such as valet versus

. ParkJockey Loyalty Rewards Program – one point is given for every
dollar spent on daily parking and the user receives a $5 off parking
discount once they accumulate 500 points.

Benefits for ParkJockey Parking Operators and Owners

. Increase revenue potential by tapping into ParkJockey as a sales

. Optimize capacity utilization with full online control to modify
your capacity and parking tariffs.

. Collaborate with traffic generating venues – your parking
operation will be exposed to events, venues and companies in your area to
drive reservations and sales to your location.

. Web-based solution provides real-time operational information and

. No monthly fees, no sign up fees, no credit card fees, and no

About ParkJockey

ParkJockey is led by a team of experienced technology entrepreneurs,
management consultants and parking specialists. ParkJockey has unrivalled
expertise in the industry and is available in London, Miami and New York. A
rapid expansion program is in place and will include Amsterdam, Istanbul,
Los Angeles, Paris and San Francisco by end of the year.

ParkJockey is a no-cost mobile application, website and parking rewards
program that helps users easily find and reserve parking, in advance or
on-the-go. ParkJockey removes the stress out of locating parking, comparing
prices and confirming availability for an easy park and go option for
today’s busy commuter. ParkJockey is a member of the US National Parking
Association and has been recognized in the UK for “Innovation in Consumer
Experience”. For more information, visit ParkJockey is
available for download from the iTunesR App Store and the Google PlayT store