November 07, 2014

Bedford Borough Council engaged with Metric Group Ltd for the installation of their cutting edge Xparc pay on foot system. The systems are in operation at three multi storey car parks which are unmanned and being operated remotely from the Borough Hall.

“I am delighted with the reliability of the equipment and the efficiency of the centralization,” said Stephen Hardy, Interim Parking Specialist, Bedford Borough Council.

“I am grateful to Metric for its help and support,” he added.

The Swindon-based parking system manufacturer has been centralising pay on foot sites to one control centre.

Bedford Borough Council required a centralised pay on foot system to link all their multi storey car parks together and then have the operational and managerial systems reporting back to one location within the Borough Hall.

The Council chose Metric’s Amano Xparc system for its modern appearance and the flexibility the system can offer with true web based technologies, payment and reporting features.

The barcode style Xparc system has proved to be a very reliable choice giving Bedford Borough Council the flexibility and reliability required in busy town centre car parks.

Bedford’s River Street multi storey car park is the latest car park to have the Xparc pay on foot system installed and connected to their centralised system, enabling three multi storey car parks to be operated from the one location.
All of the entry, exit and pay stations have internal CCTV cameras. These can be used both as a management tool or to further enhance security within the car parks.

At the same time, Bedford Borough Council has recently completed the installation of more than sixty Elite pay and display parking terminals replacing an aging stock of machines. Again, these terminals are all linked via GPRS to the hosted WebAslan Back Office system.

Full management, auditing or operational functions can be carried out remotely via the hosted WebAslan system.

Both WebAslan and the Xparc systems can generate scheduled analytical reports for sales statistics and auditing processes. This means the local authority can export in Microsoft Excel format to be more compatible with other reports required by the Council.

“We are delighted to partner with Bedford Borough Council to provide them with the XParc system,” said Richard Boultbee, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Metric Group.

“The Amano technology is proving really popular in the market place with capability to scale the system from an entry level low cost installation to a high end solution which provides us and our onward customers with great flexibility,” he added.