IDeaS Aids Revenue Management Strategy at New Zealand’s Largest Airport

January 15, 2015

In a strategic move to maximize revenue opportunities for car park facilities, IDeaS introduces tailored SaaS offering to the Auckland Airport

MINNEAPOLIS – JANUARY 14, 2015 – Driving better revenue took new meaning today, as IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of pricing and revenue management software, services and consulting, announced a new partnership with New Zealand’s Auckland Airport to manage the revenue for more than 7,500 short and long-term car park spaces, empowering the organization to more powerfully price and forecast its facilities and maximize revenues.

With more than 14 million domestic and international travelers using the airport annually, optimizing revenue for the finite number of car park spaces at three locations across the airport had become increasingly critical for the organization. A pricing model based on an increased level of online pre-bookings as well as traditional “roll-up” businesses demanded more accuracy and sophistication than a manual revenue management process could provide.

“Our human brain is only so big and we’re capable of only so many calculations, and we know there are systems that can help make more pricing decisions in a shorter time,” said Ray Middleton, commercial manager for Auckland Airport parking. “I look forward to making better decisions with a greater level of certainty as to what we’re doing. That in itself, with the integrity of the IDeaS Car Park Revenue Management System, being tested and proven elsewhere, will help us immensely in terms of revenue growth.”

Similar to revenue management for the hospitality industry, car park revenue management utilizes powerful, science-based analytics to forecast, manage and optimize revenue opportunities at a revenue per available space level. The system leverages revenue management principles to balance demand uncertainties with demand-based price optimization and length-of-stay controls, and fully integrates with existing reservation systems. The system is fully based in the cloud.

“All revenue streams in an airport environment are under incredible pressure, and car park revenue is one of the areas that can provide significant contribution to the airport’s overall financial success,” said Joseph Martino, senior vice president for IDeaS. “IDeaS has the right system and the right support to drive revenue opportunities in car park facilities and we look forward to partnering with the Auckland Airport for many years to come.”

IDeaS Car Park Revenue Management System is currently integrating and exchanging data with Auckland Airport’s pricing and reservation systems, and is expected to be online in early 2015, delivering forecasts and generating a revenue uplift for the organization.

“There’s an integrity and an honesty with IDeaS, and they’re easy to work with,” added Middleton. “They’ve traveled the journey before and know what they’re doing. There was no need to talk with anyone else.”

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About The Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport is the major connection between the world and “the land of the long white cloud.” It is where New Zealand touches the world – welcoming visitors and fare welling friends.

Auckland International Airport Limited (Auckland Airport) was formed in 1988, when the New Zealand Government corporatized the management of Auckland International Airport. In 1998, the Government sold down its shareholding, and Auckland Airport became the fifth airport company in the world to be publicly listed.

Today, Auckland Airport has been voted as one of the 10 best airports in the world, and is a major driver of the economy. Auckland Airport generates billions of dollars for the economy, creating thousands of jobs, and making a vital contribution to New Zealand trade and tourism by strengthening connections with the world.

More than 70 percent of visitors enter or leave New Zealand via Auckland Airport, which handles 14+ million passengers a year. More than 20 international airlines serve Auckland Airport, Australasia’s second busiest international airport, after Sydney.

As New Zealand’s major transport hub, Auckland Airport is investing in an airport and traveler experience that all New Zealanders can be proud of. Auckland Airport is continually developing the capacity and services to ensure it will sustainably cope with an anticipated 24 million passengers a year by 2025, reflecting New Zealand’s growing popularity as one of the world’s leading tourism destinations.

About IDeaS

IDeaS Revenue Solutions leads the hospitality and travel industries with the latest pricing and revenue management software, services and consulting. Powered by SAS® and more than 25 years of experience, IDeaS proudly supports more than 6,000 clients in 94 countries and is relentless about providing its clients more insightful ways to manage the data behind their pricing practices.

IDeaS empowers its clients to build and maintain revenue management cultures–from single entities to world-renowned estates–by focusing on a simple promise: Driving Better Revenue.

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