Parkmobile, LLC honored with statewide procurement for Massachusetts

January 23, 2015


The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) has selected Parkmobile as a premier mobile payment vendor due to Parkmobile’s unmatched national presence and strong technical proposal

Boston, MA January 23, 2015 — The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is the regional planning agency (RPA) for the greater Boston region. Part of the MAPC mission is to maintain a regional perspective on growth, development, and governance for the welfare of the region. As a component of satisfying this mission, MAPC has selected Parkmobile as a premier vendor for member municipalities in Massachusetts to contract with and provide parking payment system services.

Parkmobile leads the industry in innovation from being the first mobile payment provider to offer apps in the US to providing partners like New Haven, Washington, DC and Los Angeles with industry best mobile payment solutions that increase municipal revenue while providing patrons with fast and easy public parking options. Based upon cutting edge technology, Parkmobile offers the best approach for mobile payments to municipalities. Parkmobile has deployed its solutions in more than 650 locations and 38 states throughout the US over the past five years and expanding to 4,800 locations in 2015, following ten years of success in Europe.

Parkmobile is proud to serve municipalities both regionally as well as across the US. Existing municipal partners include local communities such as Somerville, Medford, Mansfield, and Newburyport; and regional jurisdictions that include New Haven, Greenwich, Hartford, and Norwalk, CT. Other national markets Parkmobile services includes Arlington County, VA, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami Beach, New Orleans, St. Louis, Oakland and Indianapolis. Furthermore, Parkmobile has recently been awarded the mobile payment contracts for the cities of Columbia, Missouri, Minneapolis, New Orleans, St. Louis and Milwaukee.

Equally impressive is the fact that over 95% of our US customers have chosen to register and park with our service by downloading and using one of our award-winning mobile apps. Parkmobile has had a long-standing relationship with the meter vendors who also were approved by the MAPC and have jointly deployed in multiple operations.

Parkmobile is the undisputed mobile payment leader in the Northeast. Presently, Parkmobile helps over 150,000 Northeastern residents pay for parking in the region and has also assisted another 50,000 Parkmobile members from other areas of the country park with the service in the Northeast.

“Parkmobile has a long history of developing and implementing innovative and agile solution for parking,” said Cherie Fuzzell, Chief Executive Officer for Parkmobile, LLC. We are excited to be selected. Additionally we announced late last year that we are opening a Parking Innovation Center in Boston which further signals our commitment to providing our cities and local communities with resources and technology that help to reduce urban congestion and create a model for others to follow.”

“It used to be a parking meter was a parking meter,” said Marc Draisen, Executive Director of MAPC. “Now, there are all kinds of systems out there, and it can be hard for cities and towns to figure out which technology is best. We’ve screened these systems and figured out how well they work, and which ones are priced best. We hope this makes it easier for municipal officials to choose a system that’s right for their community.”

About Parkmobile

Parkmobile, LLC is the leading provider for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on- and off-street parking. Their services are used in more than 4,800 locations in the U.S. by millions of registered users. Parkmobile’s investors include Fontinalis Partners and the BMW Group. Fontinalis Partners, with offices in Detroit and Boston is a venture capital firm strategically focused on Next-Generation Mobility. For more information please visit, or on Twitter @Parkmobile.