SFMTA Looking at Citation and Permit Management Vendors

February 13, 2015

Dixon Resources Unlimited is providing consulting services to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) in order to provide a Best Practices evaluation of the current citation and permit management operation. As a part of this process, we are requesting that vendors provide product demonstrations that incorporate current technology applications and integration capabilities and how these can be modified as future technologies are developed. The agency is preparing to draft request for proposals that may consider expanding beyond the current parking citation and permit management system solutions to incorporate additional, support services which are listed below.


We would like to invite your company (and any potential integration partners) to provide a 60 minute introduction and demonstration that incorporates any of the services described below. Please focus on existing capabilities of current systems. Prior to the development of the RFP specifications, SFMTA is interested in obtaining an understanding of your product and service capabilities. We consider this a vendor ‘show & tell’, a chance for you to showcase your technology and services. Please note, the SFMTA is under no obligation to develop an RFP and this is simply an opportunity to provide an introduction and awareness of your products and services.


SFMTA representatives have been invited to participate and attend the vendor presentations. Each presentation will be followed by a 30 minute question and answer session (Q&A). In addition to the Q&A session, we would appreciate that each presentations offer the opportunity for participant interaction in order to allow representatives to receive a full understanding of your technology and service offerings.


Presentations will be scheduled in San Francisco at the SFMTA offices. There will be no reimbursement for any costs associated with your participation in this ‘show & tell’ opportunity. Demonstrations will be scheduled from March 3 through March 6. If you are interested, please identify your preferred availability, ranking your top five (5) choices from the following time slots:

Tuesday, March 3 Morning
Tuesday, March 3 Afternoon
Wednesday, March 4 Morning
Wednesday, March 4 Afternoon
Thursday, March 5 Morning
Thursday, March 5 Afternoon
Friday, March 6 Morning

Please respond with your preferred availability rankings, presentation subject (based upon the eight (8) services listed below) and the number of attendees to patrick@dixonresourcesunlimited.com no later than February 19th. Time slots will be scheduled based upon a first come, first serve basis. Please respond in a timely basis, it is anticipated that the schedule will fill quickly. Your time slot will be confirmed by February 21st and will identify the meeting location.


Although a projector and screen will be provided, please come prepared to provide your own materials for review as a backup measure. If you would like your materials returned to you after the presentation, please make this clear prior to the meeting date. Meeting space is limited. We would request that your presentation team not exceed three (3) participants.


As mentioned previously, the RFP would be based upon a citation processing and permit management opportunity, but the SFMTA is also interested in other services described below. You are not required to present on all services. In fact, we are trying to focus on a “best-in-class approach”. This is a chance to demonstrate your company’s and any of your integration partners’ specialty and describe how it could benefit the citation and permit management services and the Agency as a whole.


Please identify which of the following service components you will include within your one (1) hour presentation:

1. An Enterprise Customer Records Management (ECRM) – this would be the overall tool used throughout the Agency. Users/customers would have a centralized account for any/all SFMTA transactions. Whether it be a temporary sign request, a residential parking permit or a parking citation/tow adjudication request, the ECRM encompasses the entire solution. This system would incorporate queue features and provide the overall query portal for the City’s 311 operators.

2. Point of Sale (POS) System – Vendor would provide an off-the-shelf system that incorporates the most current, integrated payment options, including web-based payments. The POS system would be integrated with each of the selected vendor systems providing a unified solution throughout the Agency. The proposed POS would be used for the temporary sign permits, the taxicab application and permit payment processes, permit/citation payments and all customer service desk payment functions.

3. Integrated Voice Response (IVR) System – SFMTA customer service should be supported by an automated IVR solution that provides automated information whenever possible. Similar to the POS, the IVR system should be adaptable and integrated with the overall system and for each department that provides customer support services.

4. Permit Management System (PMS) – The PMS would incorporate individual permit modules that would integrate the support services, correspondences, tracking and applicable scheduling for residential and specialty permits. The system should be capable of incorporating the temporary sign permit process. Integration with Enforcement will be a requirement to ensure that the handheld operating system provides the most current permit information available.

5. Citation Processing System –The specification for the Citation Processing system will include both parking and administrative/transit citations and will integrate the support services, correspondences, tracking and applicable scheduling for adjudication, scofflaw and towing/booting. The system shall include contemporary Business Intelligence tools to analyze, track and report on various parking enforcement key performance indicators (KPIs). The system shall have integration capabilities to transfer data to other SFMTA systems.

6. Enforcement Handhelds (hardware) – The enforcement handhelds could be provided as a standalone response or an integrated feature of the citation processing system. The ease of use and parking control officer (PCO) convenience, communications reliability and geo-locating capability are of interest to SFMTA.

7. Delinquent Collections, Debt– Similar to the handhelds, the delinquent collection services may be provided as a standalone service or may be incorporated with the citation processing system.

8. Data Management/Transition – SFMTA is considering the transition of data as an independent feature of the RFP. There is a significant amount of historical citation, scofflaw and permit related data that needs to be safeguarded. The SFMTA is interested in vendor suggestions for how to manage this transition and ongoing support services relating to the management of this data.


Again, we are excited to invite you and your potential partners to participate in this demonstration process. We look forward to reviewing your products and services and, most importantly, having the opportunity for open dialogue and discussion about the potential benefits for the SFMTA.


In order to minimize impact on the SFMTA, we request that you please refrain from soliciting staff directly regarding the ‘show & tell’ process. If you have any questions, please contact patrick@dixonresourcesunlimited.com directly.



Respond to patrick@dixonresourcesunlimited.com by February 19 with:

– Top 5 preferred availability rankings

– Presentation subject(s) based upon the 8 services listed above

– Number of attendees

Time slots will be scheduled based upon a first come, first serve basis and there is no guarantee that everyone will receive a presentation time.

Julie Dixon
(213) 716-6933