More Great Seminars at PIE 2015 – Tom Wunk T2 Systems – Technology Camp

March 03, 2015

More Great Seminars at PIE 2015

Tom Wunk
T2 Systems
Technology Camp

Sunday, March 29, 2015
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Parking technology changes and updates for 2015

Take a moment to try to imagine your life today without some degree of reliance upon technology. Whether you are a hard-core user that insists on texting or speaking into your cell phone while in a restroom or a casual user with a lawn watering system with an automatic timer, we have all embraced technology to some degree or another. And as a result, we have all become dependent and expectant of technology.

Not sure of this? Think about the last time you were in line ready to board a plane and grew impatient when a passenger did not properly scan his barcode image from his cell phone and the boarding process came to a standstill. Or when you were at a gas station and the pump refused to provide a receipt at the conclusion of your sale. Or the GPS audio directions on your car insisted you make a right hand turn onto a one-way street with traffic coming towards you.

Many of you planning to attend the PIE sessions this year have a heavy reliance on technology: whether as a provider of said technology or a primary user of technology; offering the functionality and capabilities to your customers. In any case, technology and its proper application are fundamental to the parking industry.

In the PIE Technology Session, we will discuss the state of affairs of payment processing, EMV, electronic wallets, the application of license plate capturing for mobile and fixed operation, the importance of wayfinding and signage, and parking APPs.

We will also cover the unintended consequences associated with the implementation of new technology. These could include the development of new policies and procedures, retraining of staff and/or the hiring of new staff, greater dependency on the solution vendor, and adjustments to overall cost of ownership.

The session will not be able to tell you what technology you should consider, what product is the best of breed, or how much you should spend. Rather, our goal is simple – create a more educated consumer: make you more aware of what you need to know, what you need to ask, and what to plan for when you take the plunge. Recognize your responsibility in the process and the importance of evaluating your needs and business practices, and examining your operation before any consideration to new technology is given.