Park Genius Rebrands To: ParkX

March 31, 2015

Mobile parking platform Park Genius announces corporate name change to ParkX to reflect broader scope of services and commitment to customizing client’s needs

Park Genius LLC, an Arizona-based mobile parking application that allows motorists to pay for and remotely add time to any parking space using their smartphone, is announcing its transition to the new corporate name ParkX LLC. The name transition is prompted by a rebranding strategy aimed at the company becoming an all-encompassing parking solution for parking providers and motorists alike.

“As an innovative company at the forefront of advancing technology in the parking industry, we are committed to delivering the most breakthrough technology in a way that tailors to the specific needs of each of our customers,” said Ross Shanken, Co-founder of ParkX. “The ParkX brand name gives us the flexibility to do exactly that.”

The company recently announced the launch of the private-branded label application “Park El Paso” for the city of El Paso, TX. The ParkX name puts the company in position to promote a similar approach for other parking providers interested in pursuing the private-branded label route for their parking operations as well.

“In effect,” as Shanken explains, “the X holds a number of meanings. For our clients that choose to create their own brand, the X acts as a placeholder that simultaneously promotes both the ParkX mobile platform solution and the brand that our client wants to promote for themselves. For our clients that choose not to go the private-branded label route, the X acts as shorthand for the word ‘express,’ which accurately describes what our solution is all about – speed, convenience, and reliability.”

ParkX allows users to pay for parking electronically using either a credit or debit card. Rather than searching for coins or carrying cash, motorists parking at participating locations can simply open up the ParkX app on their smartphone, insert their unique parking spot number, select the duration they wish to park for and press “Park.” The app also sends a message reminder to the user before their session is about to expire, allowing them to add more time remotely.

The ParkX platform delivers many added benefits to both local business and consumers including; customer validation, direct advertising, geo-tagged coupons, event promotion, wallet functionality and much more.

The ParkX mobile application is free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Current users of the Park Genius application will not have to download anything new, as the app will automatically update with the new ParkX name. Contact Co-founder Thomas Maguire at 844-427-2662 Ext. 702 for details or to schedule an interview. More information about about ParkX can be found at