Propark America is Winning Bidder for eBay Parking Contract

March 27, 2015

San Jose, California – Propark America announced today that it has been awarded the contract to provide valet parking management services at the world headquarters of eBay in San Jose.

“Propark was selected to resolve a severely impacted parking inventory problem through the utilization of an efficient valet parking operation that will provide eBay employees and tenants with afirst-class service,” said Tim Maloney, executive vice president, national sales. “Our program will feature our entire suite of Parking Spa amenities, and allow people to request vehicles remotely through a mobile app, as well as make reservations for onsite automobile repair and detailing services.”

In addition to valet parking services and premium amenities, Propark will also provide consulting services to eBay for overall transportation needs throughout their campus, including both parking and transportation.

“I’ve enjoyed finding a comprehensive solution to eBay’s parking issues,” continued Maloney. “Over time, we’ve found that certain strategies are a good fit with certain clients, like Google and Hines Real Estate. eBay is from a similar mold, so we were able to take aproven methodology and customize it to this account so that we achieve optimal results and success.”

About Propark America

Propark America is one of the nation’s leading parking companies, providing full-service parking solutions across all parking markets including office buildings, retail centers, corporate campuses, airports, universities, medical institutions, municipal facilities, stadiums, residential buildings and hotels.

Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, Propark operates more than 500 locations in convenient markets across the United States, including New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Cambridge, San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto, Reno, Cleveland, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Denver, Phoenix, Hartford, Stamford and New Haven.

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