Unitronics to build largest automated car park in North America

March 10, 2015

Automated car park to accommodate approximately 1,400 vehicles to be built in Calgary, Canada for one of the world’s premier hotel chains


(Tel Aviv, Israel; 9 March 2015) Unitronics 1989 (R.G.) Ltd, a leading global provider of industrial automation products, smart warehouses and automated parking solutions, is pleased to announce that its fully-owned subsidiary, Unitronics Systems Inc., has signed a Binding Letter of Intent (“BLOI”) with Prestige Properties Corp (“Prestige”) for the design, supply and installation of an Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieval System (“AVSRS”) in Calgary, Canada. Unitronics will be paid a total of USD24m (NIS 95 million) for the successful delivery of the project.


Under the terms of the BLOI, the AVSRSwill provide approximately 1,400 parking spaces for one of the world’s premier hotel chains. The formal contract is expected to be signed once Prestige receives a development permit from the relevant authorities and proceeds with the project. This is expected to occur in 2015.

Unitronics has developed an advanced proprietary automated car parking solution comprising an array of automated robots, elevators and command-and-control software designed to enable the automated, fast and efficient storage and retrieval of cars, on average, within approximately two minutes (to store or retrieve a car). Overall, Unitronics’ system is designed to enable up to three-times more cars to be parked than a regular parking garage in the same space. Additionally, Unitronics believes that it offers the only AVSRS solution in the world that is more cost effective than conventional parking for such projects.


Unitronics believes the benefits of its parking solutions include: savings in valuable real estate; environmentally friendly, low electricity consumption, reduced fuel emissions, and reduced noise and risk of groundwater contamination; reduced maintenance costs; and improved accessibility for people with disabilities. In addition, Unitronics’ automated car park is designed to offer high personal and asset security.


Haim Shani, Chief Executive Officer of Unitronics, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to build the largest automated car park in North America, which is a tremendous achievement and further affirmation of our proprietary design and advanced robotics technology. Having previously built one of the world’s largest, automated smart warehouses for the pharmaceutical industry, this new project validates the strength of our offer for automated solutions. We look forward to delivering this project and achieving another milestone for our business.”




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Established in 1989, Unitronics specializes in the development of automated parking solutions, smart storage and logistics systems, and PLCs for industrial automation. Unitronics’ solutions are designed to create enhanced people-machine interactions by means of a user-friendly visual interface and to enable remote management over the internet, the organisational network, and GSM cellular networks for commercial-mobile apps. Unitronics’ international distribution network includes 140 distributors and sales offices in Europe, the United States, Israel and the Far East, as well as the company’s subsidiary, Unitronics Inc., which manages the Unitronics marketing and distribution operations in North America.