Congratulations to Barbara J. Chance — 31 Years of Chance Management Advisors, Inc

April 02, 2015

31 years ago, on April 2nd, 1984, Barbara J. Chance, Ph.D., founded Chance Management Advisors, Inc.

Parking Today congratulates Barbara J. Chance and wishes her all the success now and in the future.

With deepest appreciation and admiration,

Parking Today


CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. (CMA) provides tailored consulting services in the areas of transportation, parking, and access management. CMA uses a distinctive and comprehensive approach to define issues and develop solutions, reflecting the firm’s foundation of management consulting with broad-based experience and expertise.

CMA was founded in 1984 in Philadelphia, where its offices are located. The firm works nationwide and internationally for:
municipalities and government agencies,
hospitals and medical centers,
special event centers,
private businesses, and
CMA coined the term Access Management to describe the firm’s approach to addressing transportation, parking, transportation demand management (TDM), and related issues. This viewpoint takes into consideration the planning, use, and integration of public transit, alternative transportation modes (ridesharing, bicycles), parking, pedestrian movement, sign and graphic guidance systems, and public information. CMA provides a full range of management, financial, operations, and design consulting services to address the complex issues of access in today’s world and in plans for the future.

Staff members at CMA have diversified expertise and credentials in the areas of management, financial analysis, parking policy and operations, transportation planning, land use planning, business administration, and marketing. In addition, many staff members have managed parking, transit, and TDM operations for institutions and public entities. The firm’s professionals understand the unique access demands and constraints faced by many organizations. The importance of access as a competitive issue continues to increase for hospitals, campuses, and special events centers. It is a major criterion on which people measure the desirability of a destination.