Duke Hanson joins the PayLock team

April 03, 2015

Somerville, NJ; 01 April 2015

PayLock IPT today announced that Daniel “Duke” Hanson, a long-time leader in the parking and transportation community, will be joining PayLock’s business development team.

As reflected by his more than 30 years of operational, consulting, and sales experience, Mr. Hanson is a recognized leader in the parking and transportation industry. For institutional clients of all sizes, he has been responsible for implementing and enhancing innovative programs like automated transit fare systems, weigh-in-motion trucking initiatives, and comprehensive on-street parking program solutions.

“Over the years, Duke has proven that he is truly dedicated to bringing new and creative solutions to the marketplace” said PayLock CEO, Cory Marchasin. “I am thrilled that he is joining our team because he shares our values and our focus on bringing positive change to our clients and customers. – The guy just gets it. Plus, he has really cool hair.”

PayLock IPT LLC provides unique parking management products and services including Self-Release Booting and Digital Permitting. All our transformative solutions provide unprecedented customer service geared to improving life experiences for residents, visitors, and businesses.

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