Quercus announces the launch of the brand-new license plate recognition unit SmartLPR® Access NA

May 27, 2015

The All-New SmartLPR® Access NA, ALPR unit with motorized lens: smarter than ever

Quercus_SmartLPRAccess_photo_press release


Quercus announces the launch of the brand-new license plate recognition unit SmartLPR® Access NA with motorized lens and all the necessary equipment for optimum license plate acquisition and processing in an All-in-one solution.


SmartLPR® Access NA can recognize the US states marked on the license plates and is one of the few products on the market with a stand-alone architecture. Apart from the remote control lens, SmartLPR® Access NA includes in the same device the digital camera with motorized lens, OCR processor, lighting, Wiegand output interface, I/O and Ethernet.


SmartLPR® Access NA relies on a holistic technology that includes advanced computer-vision algorithms that can tackle with all kind of situations coming from an evolving parking environment: recognition of multiple countries at the same time, detection and OCR processing of colour-coded plates, correct recognition of the number plate, state and pattern associated with each US State.


The motorized lens provides straightforward and fast adjustments, along with remote control of the zoom and the focus of the unit. The user can make the most of the motorized lens to accurately establish these settings so that license plate could be correctly read. In case of maintenance, there is no need to go to the real installation as all the optical readjustments can be done remotely.


What stands out about Quercus is our capacity to guarantee the smoothness of operation for all the SmartLPR® Access NA units within a facility. The internal web-server has been designed to enable the simultaneous setup of different units, as the settings of one unit can be almost instantaneously replicated to all the ALPR units in the car park. The results of the settings can be verified by means of the web based tool, allowing for on-the-spot check and maintenance.


The user-friendly software that allows for fast and straightforward setup combines with the simple yet sophisticated hardware. SmartLPR® Access NA is completely sealed and includes in a single unit all the necessary equipment to provide accurate and reliable results. Its sealed architecture also makes the installation effortless as the unit requires a simple, fast plugging of the cables into the plug & play connectors.

The housing has been redesigned in order to align with the requirements of modern parking facilities, giving the unit an appealing look while preserving all the core highly technological features that define Quercus products.



SmartLPR® Access NA reaches a perfect alignment of hardware and software that provides smooth operation of the units, high reliability results and enhance experience for system integrators and installers that need to interact with the unit.


“The parking and security integrators will always prefer to integrate in their projects products that are undemanding, allow for time-saving setup and maintenance, and do not involve loads of cables nor other exterior equipments”, says Carles Trupita, Quercus’s Technical Support Director. “SmartLPR® Access NA is meant precisely to address this need, providing an All-in-One reliable solution with an effortless installation, that allows for remote and accurate setup of several units at the same time, reducing time and costs”, adds he.


SmartLPR® Access NA offers a technological product suitable for both parking and security applications. For access control applications, the unit integrates a Wiegand output interface and allows for internal white lists. No external modules are necessary; the conversion to Wiegand format is done automatically. The internal white list can be used to make it operate as a stand-alone unit or as a back-up mechanism to open the barrier in case that access control management system fails.


About the company

Quercus has long experience as a developer of their software proprietary license plate recognition engine and as a provider of All-in-One ALPR units. The company counts with a consistent presence on the global parking market with products deployed on all continents with key installations worldwide. Projects such as Desjardins shopping mall (Montreal) and Town of Vail (Colorado) will be soon functioning with the brand-new SmartLPR® Access. Sales and Technical Support is continuously provided from different subsidiaries and offices in US, Europe, Brazil or South America.