Cale Announces Apple Pay Enabled Pay Stations

June 28, 2015

Next-Generation Payment System Adds Customer Convenience and Security


TAMPA, FL, June 26, 2015 – Cale, a global leader in unattended payment technology for parking and transit operations, will begin offering secure contactless card readers that accept Apple Pay for its Cale WebTerminal pay stations (CWT) in July 2015. The technology will be demonstrated next week at the International Parking Institute’s annual convention and trade show in Las Vegas, where Cale is a strategic partner and sponsor of the event. Cale’s contactless payment option will allow customers to quickly and easily pay using their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch.


“This is a natural progression based on our dedication to offer innovative and secure means for payment making parking easier” said Anton Kaya, CEO for Cale Group. “Cale was the first parking technology company to successfully deploy parking terminals allowing EMV chip-and-pin transactions in the UK in 2007. We are continuing to provide cities, campuses and parking operators with the most secure and innovative payment solutions for their customers.” Cale currently provides parking payment systems in more than 200 US cities with more than 15,000 terminals installed.


The new contactless reader selected by Cale because is also capable of accepting other NFC mobile wallets and will help Cale’s customers prepare for the upcoming shift by card-issuing banks to more secure EMV transactions from the current mag-stripe card technology.


Andreas Jansson, Managing Director for Cale’s largest subsidiary, Cale America, said that the new Apple Pay enabled readers are a game changer for the parking and transit payment industries. “With the sudden popularity of mobile wallets like Apple Pay and upcoming migration to EMV standards for physical cards, consumers can now drive preferred and convenient payment choices using their mobile devices and know that their transactions are fully secure,” explained Jansson.


Cale will offer the contactless card readers as a field upgrade options to its existing Cale WebTerminal (CWT) pay stations and as an available option for new terminals manufactured after September 2015.


About Cale America

Cale Group incorporates over 60 years of experience in the design and development of secure and innovative payment solutions for unattended parking and transit locations with cloud-based management applications. Headquartered in Kista, Sweden, the Cale Group has subsidiaries in ten countries and a network of partners in over 30 countries worldwide. Cale America Inc. was established in 2012 and is Cale’s largest subsidiary with systems installed in over 200 cities, campuses and privately-managed properties throughout the US, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.


Contact Information:


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Cale Group

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Andreas Jansson, Managing Director

Cale America Inc.

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