EV Safe Charge Announces Availability for Parking Lot Installations

June 09, 2015


JUNE 9, 2015 – LOS ANGELES, CA – EV Safe Charge, a new start-­‐up company offering the safe, quick and reliable installation of EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations for owners of electric vehicles has announced their start of business, based in Los Angeles, CA.

The company operates nationwide and in Canada and recently announced its availability for parking installations in all regions with the ability to handle all details involved in the installations, from advice and recommendations on the units to installation, permitting, electrical and technical support and to working with inspectors to make sure all work is done to their specifications.

The company is a leader in the installation of units for both residential and commercial applications. Units are built to be able to withstand harsh weather either under cover or in the open. Designers and engineers working with EV Safe Charge can help prepare the locations and work with parking lot owners and operators to determine the best and most location-­‐friendly areas units would operate most efficiently.

EV Safe Charge has established relationships with the leading manufacturers of EV charging stations, and is prepared to handle installation and all logistical support, including recommendations on unit purchases, rebate assistance including to determine if rebates may be available, scheduling, electrical upgrades if necessary and all work with local utilities. EV Save Charge operates as a one-­‐stop-­‐shop for all the needs associated with the purchase and installation of an EV charging unit for any job large or small.

A recent report titled Electric Vehicle Geographic Forecasts, notes that North America is the world’s strongest market for light-­‐duty PEVs (Plug-­‐in Electric Vehicles) with more than 133,000 sold in 2014, and predicts that this will continue to be the case. In the report, Navigant Research, a respected global industry analyst and the report’s publisher, estimates that the US market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of between 14.7% and 18.6% between 2015 and 2024, and that annual PEV sales in 2024 will exceed 860,000 in the “conservative” scenario and 1.2 million in the “aggressive” scenario.

About EV Safe Charge EV Safe Charge is a new and unique concept in offering buyers of electric cars and building owners a simple, easy and guaranteed way to safely install a reliable high-voltage electrical charging capability in their home or commercial space. EV Safe Charge is able to install charging units in all parts of the US and Canada. The company enjoys relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers including ClipperCreek and more, plants a tree for each charger they install and offers complimentary membership to clients in it’s EV Owners Motoring Club which produces fun and interesting events for EV enthusiasts.

For more company information visit: www.EVSafeCharge.com