French ParkNow Offering Launches at Parkopolis

June 17, 2015



On stand B31, at Parkopolis today (17 June), the Parkmobile group is launching ParkNow cashless parking to municipalities and private parking operators across France. ParkNow is a phone parking solution developed through collaboration between BMW i mobility services and Parkmobile, two worldwide leaders in their respective fields.


ParkNow is a smartphone app and connected car solution which allows motorists to find and pay for their parking quickly and easily. Brand independent, the service will be provided soon, not just within BMW vehicles, but also those of other leading manufacturers. This new offering anticipates the forthcoming reality of vehicles that not only find and navigate to an empty parking space, but automatically pay for this space too.


For municipalities and private parking operators the current solution provides the opportunity to offer carte bancaire payments quickly and easily. ParkNow operates independently, sitting alongside existing infrastructure, so requiring no complex integration with IT systems.


As payments move from coin to mobile phone, municipalities and private parking operators benefit from cost reductions, such as fewer cash collections, reduced processing and banking, as well as lower machine replacement, maintenance and repair.


In cities, where similar Parkmobile cashless parking solutions are provided, up to 95 per cent of payments have transferred to digital, generating considerable savings for those offering the solution.



Pierre Castella, Country Manager for Parkmobile France, comments “Parkopolis is France’s premiere exhibition dedicated to parking and I cannot think of a better place to launch our new, innovative cashless parking service. We are thoroughly looking forward to the next two days where we will meet with and demonstrate our solution to the leading individuals in this field.


“ParkNow is quite simply a whole new way of parking, which benefits both motorists and those providing the parking facilities. Already live elsewhere in the world, we can’t wait for it to be a reality here too.”


The ParkNow solution will be demonstrated at Parkopolis on stand B31 in Hall 5.1Parkes de Versailles. Already operational in San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Newark, and many more places, the solution is being introduced to new countries, like France, too. For more information about how the solution works please see,


Parkmobile is the premier provider of digital parking solutions and mobile payments for parking worldwide. Leading the market in the UK, USA and the Netherlands, the group also has a presence in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand.


Globally, the group handles more than 100,000,000 cashless transactions per year.