Parkhound Launches Brisbane Street Parking Finder

June 07, 2015


Parkhound, Australia’s Number 1 Car Park marketplace is proud to announce the launch of its online interactive Street Parking map in Brisbane. Brisbane is the second city to be mapped by Parkhound, following the successful launch of the service in Melbourne in April. Parkhound members can now view each Brisbane CBD parking meter overlayed onto a street map of the city.

The new feature has been designed to reduce the confusion around when and where people can park in the city centre. Commuters can save time by knowing exactly which street or block to drive to, rather than circling around trying to find a sign that meets their needs. Drivers can now also instantly search for times when free parking applies, potentially saving motorists hundreds of dollars each year.

With many international studies having found that 30% of traffic congestion in high density areas was caused by drivers looking for parking, the new service is bound to be a big hit with Brisbane motorists. Drivers can easily search for parking across Spring Hill, Auchenflower, Woolloongabba, West End, South Brisbane, East Brisbane, Kangaroo Point, Bowen Hills, Newstead, Fortitude Valley, Teneriffe and Milton.

Parkhound co-founder, Robert Crocitti, was excited about the launch “You can now search for free on-street parking without trying to decipher confusing signs. Once you park, if payment applies you can then pay for the meter instantly online, there is no need for coins or tickets”. Parkhound is the only company in the world to allow drivers to search, compare and pay for commercial, residential and street parking.

Michael Nuciforo, Co-founder of Parkhound, says “We found people spend between 14 to 19 minutes circling around looking for parking. We believe we can reduce this wasted time by over 50% by using Parkhound, meaning we can reduce traffic by 15% in the Brisbane CBD. The benefits are huge for commuters, city traders and the community as a whole”.

Michael felt that it was about time street parking restrictions were demystified, “Some of the parking signs we have seen in the Brisbane CBD require a PhD to understand. By giving people a simple yes or no, we are taking away the guess work for drivers as to whether they can park there or not”.

Parkhound has developed the new feature by presenting the geo-coordinates of each individual parking meter in the Brisbane CBD, recording their restrictions and then presenting this over an easy to read street map.

Parkhound members can easily search between free parking, metered parking and no stopping zones. So if you need parking for 2 hours on a Friday afternoon, Parkhound will display all the places in the CBD that you can park for 2 hours at that time. Finally, once a driver parks their car, if meter charges apply, they can pay directly via Parkhound as well.

Parkhound also offers an extensive list of over 3,000 off-street parking options that can be pre-booked, meaning motorists now have a one-stop shop for all their parking needs. “So whether you are going into the city for a couple of hours, or need a long-term parking space near your place of work or study, Parkhound can find you the best parking option in Brisbane for your needs” Mr Crocitti added.

Parkhound decided to create the new service based on research conducted last year that found Australian drivers spend on average 3,120 hours in their lifetime looking for parking. By allowing people to search for parking before they leave their home, Parkhound expects to reduce traffic congestion over time. “Looking for parking is an enormous source of congestion and unnecessary traffic in the Brisbane CBD. It’s wasting people’s valuable time, causing additional pollution and also hampering business” concluded Parkhound co-founder Robert Crocitti.

According to Mr Crocitti, Parkhound plans on rolling out the service across all major Australian cities. “We want this database to be a living, breathing thing. Over time we want to crowd source new parking restrictions and updates from Councils and members of the public”, he added.

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Parkhound is Australia’s Number 1 Car Park marketplace and allows drivers to search, compare and pay for all on-street and off-street parking options.

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