SMART PARKING: TINYNODE presents its INNOVATIVE wireless vehicle detection systems at Parkopolis 2015

June 16, 2015



Paris, June 16th 2015 – Tinynode SA, the Swiss company specialized in wireless vehicle detection systems established in 2012 and recently integrated in Paradox Engineering’s ecosystem, will be showcasing its smart parking solutions at Parkopolis 2015, the international event about parking and urban mobility taking place in Paris, Porte de Versailles, on June 17th and 18th, 2015.


At booth C50, pavillon 5.1, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about Tinynode’s technology and discover some new features of A4 and B4 sensors for outdoor car parking, including squatting detection for electric vehicle recharge stations, or barrierless monitoring of restricted places in off-street parking lots.


Independent studies highlighted that people spend up to 60% of their driving time randomly looking for a parking space. Tinynode’s technologies help cities and people stop wasting time, life quality, and resources by implementing efficient vehicle detection systems and parking solutions. A4 and B4 sensors provide a simple, cost-effective and reliable way to detect if a parking lot is free or occupied by a car, offering data reliability exceeding 98%.


Installed above or flush with the ground, Tinynode’s sensors rely on a patented, lowest-power, multi-hop, self-configuring radio communication protocol enabling a number of applications for street level parking, multi-storey car parks, time-limited parking lots, electric vehicle recharge stations, etc. Citizens’ and tourists’ experience can be further improved by smoothly integrating Tinynode’s solutions with panels and displays, mobile apps, and mobile payment systems. Already deployed in successful smart parking projects across Europe, Tinynode’s sensors are easy to install and maintain, with batteries lasting up to 10 years.

As Tinynode is now part of Paradox Engineering’s ecosystem, the company will continue to provide superior smart technologies and offer customers the opportunity to take advantage of Paradox Engineering’s enhanced solution portfolio, with unparalleled products and services to manage any kind of urban service, from parking and mobility to public lighting, solid waste collection, and many more.


Paradox Engineering and Tinynode share the same DNA, based on wireless technologies for urban environments, and have a common vision: to provide machine to machine communications enabling smart environments in the Internet of Things age. Within Paradox Engineering’s ecosystem, Tinynode will have the opportunity to further grow and leverage robust competences, technologies and market presence.



About Tinynode SA


Tinynode provides high-accuracy outdoor vehicle detection systems for outdoor parking, based on purpose-built, lowest-power electronics and a multi-hop, self-configuring, self-healing mesh, patented radio protocol.


Tinynode SA was created in 2012 as a spin-off of Shockfish SA. In the early 2000’s Shockfish had built strong expertise in low power electronics and radio protocols by developing a device used in event management (SpotMe). Based on this experience, Shockfish began working on wireless vehicle detection in 2004, starting with a European research project on developing smarter highways. Eight years later, the business unit was transformed into a subsidiary, Tinynode SA, which entered Paradox Engineering’s ecosystem in 2015.


Tinynode’s mission is to design and sell wireless vehicle detection systems. Tinynode aims to help to create a smarter, safer, easier and more comfortable driving world. Tinynode’s products are reliable, high-performing, cost-effective and long-lasting, and they easily integrate with other technologies.


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About Paradox Engineering SA


Paradox Engineering SA is a technology company that designs and markets solutions and services to unlock the value of data for industrial remote and condition monitoring, smart projects (Smart Lighting, Smart Energy, Smart Water, Smart Waste, Smart Transportation, Smart Buildings, Smart Factories, etc.), M2M, HUMS and HAN applications in the Internet of Things era. The unique competences in radio design, network design and management, low power consumption and energy harvesting, and data collection are at the heart of Paradox Engineering’s DNA. The Company conceives and provides open standard urban and industrial wireless sensor network solutions, global virtual networks and OEM versions of its core network technologies, to companies and developers.


Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, in 2013 the Company welcomed the Japanese corporation Minebea Co. Ltd. as strategic capital partner and acquired the Italian electronic design center Syllogism System S.r.l. Paradox Engineering acts on a truly global scale, supported by branch offices in San Francisco (USA), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Catania (Italy) with business and projects spanning over five continents and a consolidated network of global partners.


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