July 14, 2015


CAME Grows Presence in Parking Management Sector


Medley, FL, July 14, 2015    Came Group consolidates its market share in the large public-space-management sector with the acquisition of the Spanish group Parkare – the parking technology and parking meter specialist.


The Parkare Group, established in 1980, sells sustainable mobility products and solutions. The union of CAME and Parkare will lead to a strong presence in the field of automation and management systems for parking facilities, a strong service orientation, and a solid technical reputation linked to intensive R&D.


“The acquisition of Parkare,” said Paolo Menuzzo, President of Came Group, “is the new element of a strategy of diversification and consolidation of the business that began in 2004 with the acquisition of Urbaco, now considered a flagship in the management of large public spaces. This operation will allow us to develop new synergies and growth strategies, further consolidating our leading position in international markets.”


The North American Operations for CAME Parkare is based in Medley, Florida, where CAME Americas Automation currently operates as a division of CAME Group. “The acquisition of Parkare only strengthens and expands Came Americas’ on street and off street solutions,’’ said Winslow Wise, Deputy CEO & Managing Director.


With over 15,000 parking meters and more than 1,600 parking facilities and guidance systems installed, CAME Parkare’s coverage is now international in scope.


Our systems include:

  • Off Street: Parking management systems and equipment (pay stations, rising arm barriers, guidance systems, automatic number plate recognition systems, central control units, etc.).
  • On Street: Pay & display, pay by plate, pay by space management systems and machinery.

Customer Service: Maintenance of the equipment and software throughout the lifetime of the systems.

For more information, please visit or call (305) 433-3307.


CAME Group, based in Treviso, Italy, operates in various automation sectors dealing with safety and access control to improve people’s lifestyles, while guaranteeing efficient and innovative products and solutions. CAME strives to innovate through the use of over 500 employees and 480 branch offices and distributors operating across 118 different countries.


Consolidating its presence in the management of large public spaces with the acquisition of Parkare, CAME has secured itself a strong presence in the field of automation and management systems of parking facilities.


The North American operations for CAME Parkare is based in Medley, Florida. For more information please visit or call (305) 433-3307.