SPOT Debuts New Look & Lightning-Fast Functionality Revolutionary mobile parking app eases search, improves availability and optimizes pricing

July 09, 2015


July 8th, 2015 (Boston, MA) – SPOT, the fast-growing mobile parking app that has eclipsed 20,000 downloads in Boston alone, today introduced “SPOT 2.0.” The dramatically enhanced version features a new look and feel with instant SPOT search, fine-tuned management and streamlined booking.

Among the numerous improvements in SPOT 2.0:
Find and reserve a spot with three taps in less than 20 seconds
Secure a spot for as little as 30 minutes or for up to months in advance
Earn supplemental income for individuals or businesses with minimal hassle
Receive real-time pricing analysis from SPOT’s expert team
Use predictive search based on popular and recent locations

“SPOT is simply aggregating a city’s private parking inventory, packaging it and making it readily accessible to the public,” said Braden Golub, SPOT’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We have established a sizable group of passionate users and SPOT 2.0 is all about responding to their feedback. They have been instrumental in driving our growth and expanding the SPOT footprint.”

“The boom of the sharing economy has created a market for idle inventory. We have seen this in lodging, transportation, commerce and now parking, thanks to SPOT’s new technology” said Jeffrey Beir, a former General Partner at Northbridge Ventures and CEO of seed2a.

The SPOT app allows users to reserve a space that is guaranteed to be available when they arrive. A cashless payment component eliminates the need for money to change hands. Owners receive a useful source of supplementary income without requiring any active management, while renters gain access to more affordable parking paired with certainty and peace of mind.

“A lack of affordable and convenient parking in cities like Boston is a problem as old as the advent of the automobile,” adds Golub. “SPOT offers a solution for ubiquitous parking struggles by increasing the available inventory. Our model is also helping to reduce traffic congestion and entice individuals to come into town – we believe SPOT is making Boston a more livable city.”
SPOT was founded in Boston in July 2014 as a sharing economy solution to the parking industry. After a short beta testing period, SPOT officially launched in December of 2014. The company’s next focus is expansion, with plans to launch SPOT in Chicago and Philadelphia later this summer. Longer term, SPOT expects to roll out in Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C. To download the SPOT app, visit or for more information, contact