Duncan Solutions, Inc. sells its US-based equipment business, Duncan Parking Technologies, Inc. to CivicSmart, Inc.

August 07, 2015

Further to Duncan and CivicSmart


Duncan Solutions, Inc. today announced the divestiture of its US-based equipment business, Duncan Parking Technologies, Inc., which provides parking meter and handheld enforcement equipment, to CivicSmart, Inc. Under the terms of the sale agreement, which was finalized on July 30, 2015, Duncan Solutions’ US and Australia-based business operations will continue to work closely with CivicSmart in the delivery and support of existing client equipment installations.

The sale to CivicSmart includes all US-based handheld enforcement hardware and applications, single-space and multi-space parking meter equipment and software, vehicle sensors, and related management systems.
“This transaction is a ‘win-win-win’ for Duncan, for CivicSmart, and for our clients,” stated Duncan Solutions President and CEO Michael Flaherty. “Our focus will remain on providing our clients with the quality services they have come to expect from Duncan, and I have confidence CivicSmart has the vision and capabilities to move the industry to the next generation of parking solutions.”
The sale will allow Duncan Solutions to concentrate on its core violation processing and collections solutions for both the parking and transportation industries in the United States and its parking services in Australia.

“CivicSmart is grateful for the opportunity to continue the nearly 80-year Duncan tradition of delivering innovative, reliable equipment and systems to the parking industry,” stated CivicSmart Founder Balu Subramanya. “We are excited to share our next-generation technology and vision with our clients.”
With the acquisition, CivicSmart becomes a leading provider of parking meter technologies in the US and globally, extending its existing vehicle sensing and systems integration capabilities.

About Duncan Solutions


Duncan Solutions, Inc. is a parking management company and a leading provider of parking and transportation management products and services to municipal and commercial clients worldwide, including citation processing, customer service, debt collections, and integrated on-street parking management services. More information about Duncan Solutions is available at DuncanSolutions.com.

About CivicSmart


CivicSmart, Inc., is a technology services and engineering company specializing in developing and delivering innovative parking and transportation offerings. CivicSmart solutions have been deployed globally and, with the acquisition of Duncan Parking Technologies, CivicSmart serves nearly 2,000 clients. More information about CivicSmart is available at CivicSmart.com