EverCharge Provides EV Charging Nationwide to Multi-Tenant Housing

August 14, 2015




San Francisco, CA – The number of electric vehicle (EV) drivers has increased tenfold in the last 4 years and EVs are expected to comprise over 8% of all car sales by 2020. As EVs grow in popularity it is commonplace for multi-tenant buildings to face the issue of how to support EV charging requests. As demand increases how each property provides a scalable solution to residents is essential.

The question is: “Does the building have the available power and is it in a position to maximize that potential?”

Building electricity is a finite resource and adding EV chargers can take up too much additional power, requiring expensive infrastructure upgrades that most properties are unwilling or unable to add. Ultimately properties are in need of a comprehensive EV charging solution that addresses near and long-term demand while being a win for both property and tenant.

Launched in 2013, Evercharge offers an electric vehicle charging solution that keeps installation costs affordable while also expanding the capacity for more EV chargers in the future.

EverCharge provides a scalable, fully managed EV charging solution while increasing charging capacity by up to 10x through proprietary power management technology. Buildings that could only muster a handful of charging spaces on their current infrastructure, can now house over 20, allowing for each EV owner their own dedicated charger. No matter what kind of property Evercharge makes it possible to add dedicated charging without the hassle of gaining HOA approval, obtaining a licensed and insured electrician, getting city inspection and permitting, or finding building insurance.

The entire process is handled from beginning to end by Evercharge

EverCharge provides an essential service to residents, costs the HOA nothing, requires no oversight of installs or permitting, carries more than $1M in liability coverage, reimburses for power consumed and expands the available power capacity of the building to support demand for many years into the future.
Joseph Nagle
Director of Marketing