Parkhound and Local Property Owners Offer Alternative to Expensive Airport Parking

August 25, 2015



Parkhound, the Australian run Airbnb for parking, has partnered with local residents to take on the Melbourne and Sydney Airport parking monopoly. With Melbourne Airport announcing a record $120 million in parking fees last year and Sydney Airport now charging $56 a day, parking at the airport has become as expensive as the flight itself for a lot of holidaymakers.

Parkhound Co-founder Michael Nuciforo said the government and airports should be ashamed. “The figures are so astronomical that it beggars belief. Based on its yearly revenue figures, Melbourne Airport takes home $330,000 a day. We have seen time and time again, that when councils and airports treat parking as purely a revenue stream, prices only go one way – up!”.

“Melbourne Airport generates nearly 20 per cent of its revenue from car parking, so it’s in the best interests of Airport management to increase prices. Some parking charges have already risen up to 90 per cent above inflation since 2004-05” Mr Nuciforo added.

Regular flyer Bronwyn was equally astounded with the on-going price rises, “A few years ago I already felt it was hard to justify Airport parking fees but they have continued to go up.” She added, “There are no public transport options whereI live and taxis are really expensive – so I’m really stuck for options.”

After growing tired of the shameless price increases Bronwyn started using Parkhound. “I had heard of Parkhound from a friend who had been using the marketplace for inner-city parking. After doing a quick search, I found a parking space nearby with a free transfer to the airport included.”

Tullamarine resident, Daniel was one of the first to list his spare parking space on the Parkhound site. Over the course of the past few months he has earned over $820 from leasing his driveway located about 10 minutes’ drive from the Airport. To help holidaymakers, Mr Dibattista even offers a transfer service. “It’s a really easy way to make money and so much cheaper for travellers. It’s an absolute breeze taking bookings through Parkhound as everything is arranged and managed through the site.”

Parkhound Co-founder Robert Crocitti added, “All day parking at Melbourne Airport is over $50 a day. You can pay the same price for a week with one of Parkhound’s nearby parking spaces and the best part is, the money doesn’t go to a faceless organisation, it goes straight back into the community and to people like Daniel”.

Parkhound is actively looking for more potential parking space owners to join the fight against high parking prices and list their parking space on the growing website. “Parkhound is a community based marketplace and the more parking spaces we have, the more everybody wins. The only way Airports will take notice and reduce prices is if they have some serious competition” Mr Crocitti concluded.

About Parkhound
Parkhound is an online community where members can easily exchange and lease parking spaces with other drivers. Local residents make money from leasing a parking space and drivers get a cost effective and hassle free parking experience.

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