People in Parking Directory – PIP

August 28, 2015


Parking Today is the NUMBER ONE publication in the parking industry and PIP is THE directory to quickly find what you need, formatted like your local telephone book, with individual listings in the front, and “blue product category pages” in the back. The PIP Directory is mailed to over 15,000 parking industry professionals during the month of August. PIP contains over 200 companies, over 500 separate product listings, and nearly 9,000 parking professionals. The PIP Directory is the most anticipated book published yearly in this industry. This is your opportunity to have your product or service in front of the decision makers and buyers in the parking industry all year ‘round.

We continue to add exciting new options to the PIP Directory this year. First, being in PIP automatically gets you into E-PIP which is our online products and services directory. New enhancements to E-PIP include hot linking E-PIP to your website, sponsor sections, and company descriptions.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Space deadline is September 28th, 2015

Please contact Marcy Sparrow at 602-688-5227 or