California Municipalities Create Two Types of Green with Zenith Electric Shuttle Vans.

September 10, 2015



Danville, Schaefer, Woodland and Redwood City have something in common. All are using Zenith Electric Shuttle and Cargo Vans to become more flexible and efficient with zero carbon emissions while saving precious budget money over time.

The Zenith Electric Vehicles are being used in a variety of ways. Passenger shuttles have replace some under capacity buses in downtown areas. Senior Center Vans are equipped with wheelchair lift and automatic sliding doors. A cargo version is being use for municipal facilities maintenance. The most unique application is for a Police Crime Scene Evidence Van. The Zenith Electric Vans are equipped with regenerative braking. They average between 90 and 110 miles between charges and can be recharge in 4 to 6 hours. One municipality has even installed solar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to eliminate “fuel” costs completely.

“Our vehicles reduce fuel and maintenance costs with zero carbon emissions.” said William Yung III, CEO for Zenith Motor. “The technology for motors and storage batteries will continue to get more efficient. The price of fossil fuels will continue to fluctuate based on production and political variables that no business can control. Our all electric shuttles and cargo vans provide a more stable operational cost structure for our customers and gives the added benefit of zero emissions that their customers overwhelmingly appreciate.”

For more information, please contact Christine Smith at christine.smith@zenithmotors. com

About Zenith Motors

Zenith Motors LLC is a Wilder KY manufacturer of electric shuttle and cargo vans. Zenith Motors is proactively helping companies reduce their fleet operating costs by eliminating the cost of gasoline, reducing the maintenance costs and maximizing the uptime between scheduled maintenance. In addition to reducing fleet costs, Zenith’s customers create a healthier community by driving electric shuttle vans that help in the reduction of carbon emissions and noise pollution. Please visit or contact us at 800-630-9833 for more information.