The San Diego Parking Company Saves Money by Going Green with Zenith Electric Shuttle Vans.

September 04, 2015


 The San Diego Airport Parking Company had two short term goals – cut shuttle fleet operation costs while also supporting both Local and Federal Government emissions standards to reduce its carbon footprint.

Lisa McGhee, Operations Manager at the San Diego Airport Parking Company (SDAP) led the effort to look at alternate technology vehicles. “After seeing the Zenith vehicle at a conference and I liked what I saw, I started my research to see how it would meet our requirements. A very thorough due diligence analysis was conducted taking into account the purchase price and ROI including all of the operational cost. I evaluated the maintenance cost benefits, range per fill, energy consumed at our average speed, technology uniqueness & behavior of driving an EV vehicle, environmental benefits, the salvage value and any grant or rebates currently available. All of this was compared to other Alternative Fuel vehicles and this analysis concluded that the Zenith Shuttle would be a perfect fit for SDAP to reduce our overall fleet costs and meet our emission goals.” These vans are equipped with rear air conditioners and back-up cameras. They average between 90 and 110 miles between charges. The next step in the justification process was to find out from other end like users how they felt about the Zenith Shuttle Bus in their fleet. All 4 references were thrilled with the combination of savings and zero emissions. SDAP made it’s decision and was delivered it’s first EV Zenith shuttle on May 2nd and the 2nd shuttle was delivered on July 2nd. “So far, we love the shuttle and so do our customers. The goal now is for SDAP to have 3 operating by the end of this year.”

William Yung III, CEO for Zenith Motor stated that the San Diego Airport Parking Company experience is typical of the comments he receives from their customers. “Our vehicles let you reduce fuel and maintenance costs along with the benefit of zero carbon emissions for shuttle and delivery service businesses. Fossil fuels are a finite resource. While the price of fossil fuels will continue to fluctuate based on production variables that no business can control, electric vehicles in shuttle service or local delivery is already a viable option. They provide a more stable operational cost structure and zero emissions that their customers appreciate.”

Zenith Motors reduces the overall cost of shuttle and cargo van ownership by eliminating the cost of gasoline, reducing maintenance and maximizing up-time while reducing carbon emission to create a healthier community. We serve hotels, airports, governments, hospitals, off-site and community shuttle, commercial delivery and service businesses.

For more information, please contact Christine Smith at christine.smith@zenithmotors. com

About Zenith Motors

Zenith Motors LLC is a Wilder KY manufacturer of electric shuttle and cargo vans. Zenith Motors is proactively helping companies reduce their fleet operating costs by eliminating the cost of gasoline, reducing the maintenance costs and maximizing the uptime between scheduled maintenance. In addition to reducing fleet costs, Zenith’s customers create a healthier community by driving electric shuttle vans that help in the reduction of carbon emissions and noise pollution. Please visit or contact us at 800-630-9833 for more information