DESIGNA: “qinkk” – from anonymous user to loyal customer

October 20, 2015


Kiel, 2015-10-15: Something is afoot in the car park management market. It isn’t just another permutation of contact-free entry into multistorey car parks. Now, for the first time introduced at the EPA Congress 2015 in Berlin, car park operators can communicate directly with their ‘anonymous’ short-term parking customers using qinkk, the new, patented beacon-based app from DESIGNA. This is something many operators have been craving for for a long time, be-cause until now, these parking transactions have been completely anonymous and there has not been a way of making direct contact with customers.

But what’s behind this new app and what are the benefits?



The qinkk app enables car park customers to enter and leave without a ticket, using instead a smart device, and to pay at the pay station without registering or logging on beforehand. This applies to any car park that has beacons (Bluetooth low-energy transmitters) fitted to its equipment. Bluetooth beacons are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) trend.

Installation itself is unremarkable, and the car park management system you use is not an issue either, because qinkk is designed as an open solution and is system-independent. The qinkk app gives operators the unique opportunity to tell car park customers about special rates or loyalty bonuses by smartphone, and this means a new way of achieving customer loyalty.

DESIGNA’s qinkk app is a highly promising new cross-product solution that harbours enormous po-tential for everyone involved. Available for iOS and Android.

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