Sentry Control Systems is demonstrating Frogparking’s enforcement tools at their booth at CPPA.

November 04, 2015

CPPA Sentry booth 2015

Frog enforcement:

If you want to issue breach notices or parking violations instantly and easily, this simple, small, Frog solution is for you! Ticket information is sent directly to the Frogparking’s back office, as soon as each ticket is issued on the street – so customer service can pull up information instantly! Issuing a ticket can be done in seconds, minimizing Officer time at each vehicle using a live APP from the enforcement officers mobile device. Offices are guided by the APP to parkers that have overstayed easily and very efficiently, which enables a single officer to cover a very wide area.

– android based – instantly updatable, customizable, lovable.
– designed for ease of use on the street – spend less time at each vehicle
– live and online, full time
– accurate evidence – voice, video and photo media tagged to each ticket
– integrated with sensors, payments and parking time restrictions – automatically tasks    and navigates officers to infringements
– scans NFC parking permits