December 02, 2015



Fort Collins, CO (December 1, 2015)—Colorado State University today announced the completion of their latest green parking initiative as part of their vision to remain the greenest university in the USA. The installation of a sensor-based parking guidance system from INDECT USA enhances the LEED certified garage, which has also been designated a Green Garage Demonstrator by the Green Parking Council.

“CSU is committed to sustainability and the INDECT sensor program will make a vital contribution to our efforts to make our campus greener,” said Doug Mayhew, Associate Director of Parking and Transportation for the university. “By guiding parkers directly to open spaces, the parking guidance system minimizes the amount of time spent searching for parking. The program will also dramatically decrease the amount of vehicle exhaust emitted in the structure, and reduce the amount of unnessasary fuel wastage.”

Colorado State University has been named the 2015 America’s Greenest University by and is the first school in the world to receive the platinum star rating by AASHE STARS program (

The new parking guidance system features the installation of parking sensors in each of the 645 covered spaces and monitors all 870 spaces in the university’s only parking structure. A space indicator light is installed on a dropper at the front of the parking space offering drivers a clear view of where open spaces can be found and what type of parking is permitted in an individual space. Different colors indicate each space’s status and user group: green for available, red for occupied, blue for handicapped parking, and purple for electric vehicle charging stations. The lights are clearly visible to drivers when they enter each level so they can quickly determine if a space is available on that floor. A monument style sign is installed at each of the garage entries to advise customers of real time parking availability as they approach the garage.

The sensors collect data about length of stay, occupancy and usage for each of the different user groups at the garage, which the university will use to enhance its parking policies and procedures.

“It’s not just about functionality, asthetics are important too.” said Dale Fowler, Director of INDECT USA. “To ensure the sensor system was as unobtrusive as possible, CSU required all INDECT sensors to be applied directly to the ceiling above each parking space. It is the highest installation of ultrasonic sensors in the world with some sensors installed up to 19ft from the floor.”

“CSU’s parking sensor program demonstrates the versatility of single space sensors,” said Fowler. “Sensors are well-known throughout the industry for the parker convenience and management benefits they provide but the sustainability advantages are just as important. Colorado State University is already recognized as the greenest university in the nation and this program will push that bar even higher.”

“Student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with many reporting that the system is easy to understand and has made parking a breeze,” according to Fowler.

As the university expands its parking resources, INDECT’s sensor-based parking guidance system will continue to play an important role. Colorado State University is currently developing a second parking garage, which will also be equipped with INDECT sensors. That garage is slated to open in August 2016.


INDECT is the leading provider of parking guidance systems. INDECT’s systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably. INDECT USA can be found online at