ParkHelp Smart City – On-Street Girona

December 01, 2015




After making Malaga the first Smart City in the World to have an Intelligent Guidance System in its 2,500 regulated parking spaces, ParkHelp installed its Smart Parking solutions in Girona (Spain).

The transition to a more sustainable mobility in the Girona not only benefits citizens’ quality of life, but it also allows City Council and operators to reduce traffic congestion and to generate economic growth based on new technology and new infrastructures.

The old legacy system existing in Girona, has been replaced by Smart Surface Sensors have been embedded in several types of parking including: loading and unloading parking zones, parking for disabled drivers and electric vehicles. Thanks to this harmonized network of signage, real-time parking data has been made available and consultable through web or mobile app.

ParkHelp App, available on Google Play and Apple Store, locates all the open paid parking spaces offering an easy access to real-time information and showing the availability and the status of parking spaces in the city.

With more than 10 years of experience in private parking facilities, ParkHelp decided to open its doors to the new world of fully sensorized cities. Our branch oriented to Smart Cities is intended to be a solution to daily concerns which the vast majority of cities have to deal with. This is the reason why we decide to keep working with other cities to extend the improvements in efficiency, encourage advantages to commerce and service industry, increase traffic smoothness and bring cities closer to the care of the environment and to a leadership of the digitalization of the public utilities through innovative and pioneering solutions.

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