Southland Printing Co., Inc., received from Amano-McGann certification to produce their new Opus tickets.

January 06, 2016


Southland Printing Company Inc

Southland Printing Company, Inc. is a family-owned business, offering printing services for the parking and transit industry since 1960. Products include Fanfold and Roll Machine-dispensed tickets including RFID, Barcode, and Magnetic Stripe. Also supplied are Hand-issued Valet tickets as well as Validation Stamps, Hang Tags, and other related items to keep your business running smoothly.

Southland Printing Company,, is very proud to announce that Amano McGann has issued a Declaration of Conformity and recognized Southland Printing as a certified supplier of parking tickets used in the OPUSeries (barcode system) parking equipment.

John Manno, Jr., President of Southland Printing says, “We are excited to add this ticket to our extensive portfolio of products. Southland is well known in the parking industry for the wide variety of products we produce from regular Hang Tags to the technologically advanced Bar Code, Magnetic Striped and RFID tickets. This certification shows our desire to stay on the cutting edge of parking industry innovation.”

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