February 10, 2016


Local borough supports fast-moving Braddock based tech startup.

CARNEGIE, PA – On Monday February 8, 2016 Carnegie Borough of Pittsburgh launched its mobile app for parking payments for local residents and businesses. A smartphone app developed by a Braddock based tech firm Meter Feeder Inc., can now be used to pay for parking with mobile devices allowing users to pay and add time to an expiring meter remotely.


Carnegie Borough has begun its partnership with Meter Feeder, Inc., which has an app of the same name available for download using any iPhone or Android device. The app allows users to upload and store their license plate and payment information the first time they pay for parking. Consequently, when a user’s time is about to expire, the app sends a notification to their phone, alerting and allowing them to add more time remotely. Commuters can pay by app at any parking meter in Carnegie, including the East Main Street parking lot which also allows payments from a new multi-space Calé meter, similar to those installed in 2012 in nearby City of Pittsburgh. Borough Manager Steve Beuter commented, “We want our Main Street business district to grow and thrive, so we need to give patrons more options to pay that are easy and up-to-date as we become more progressive.” This program now allows Carnegie Borough to monitor parking in both the East Main Street parking lot and nearby meters.


In turn, Carnegie’s enforcement officers will use its administrative companion app, Meter Reader, as an enforcement tool to determine who has paid electronically and issue any citations, as needed. All citations will have a small QR code at the bottom. Dan Lopretto, Meter Feeder’s Chief Technology officer and a native of McKeesport states, “Users of the Meter Feeder app can scan the bottom of the ticket with our app and pay for the violation in seconds with our brand new ticket scanning technology.” Mr. Lopretto assures that this technology will improve user experience stating, “This simply hasn’t been done before and we’re very excited about improving the user experience.” Decals and other signage will be added to the meters in the upcoming week, but users can download the app to their phones and start paying electronically right away.

While the program is new in Carnegie, Meter Feeder Inc. is also in use elsewhere in the region, including Dormont and Brentwood Boroughs. The company is planning to expand into more locations in the near future hoping to foster relationships with the local municipalities and boroughs while continuing to improve customer experience with parking.

About Meter Feeder, Inc: Meter Feeder is an award-winning parking management and enforcement platform, based in Braddock, PA. Meter Feeder entered into the $25 billion parking market, with the goal of disrupting the archaic parking systems by providing very simple, very easy parking tools for any size municipality. As a technology first company, Meter Feeder focuses on usability and efficiency and taking a new approach to solving the existing parking issues and presenting new ways to introduce smart parking solutions. Learn more at