Switching to AeroParker from any pre book parking technology is straightforward & zero risk

March 23, 2016



Switching to AeroParker from any pre book parking technology is straightforward & zero risk


Continual up-time in pre-book parking is critical. Swapping from one system to another presents Airport Parking and Commercial Managers with a daunting decision. As an airport manager, you may be hesitant to switch your pre-book parking platform for fear of hassle and loss of revenues. However, once you realise just how easy and simple it can be, you may change your mind.


Moreover, an airport is a 24/7/365 retailer who needs to cater for multi-channel, multi-platform customers alike. If an airport can’t guarantee that, not only will it lose revenue but its brand will be impacted negatively as well.

We offer a straightforward and zero risk switch for any airport’s pre-book car parking needs from any system to AeroParker, no matter what the incumbent barrier system, payment gateway or IT infrastructure is.

AeroParker’s tried and trusted process for a zero-risk switch

Scope, plan, build, test, deploy, support is our mantra.

The entire AeroParker implementation is delivered on a test environment to prove bookings can be received from all direct and 3rd party channels and sent to the barriers and fulfilled. Proving refunds and booking amendments can be effected and pricing files can be exchanged with all channels in real time is also completed.

Moreover, we always integrate with the existing payment gateway. We do this even if you decide to switch to our own recommended payment gateway which works perfectly on every device. The reason we do it is that it will mean that when you switch to AeroParker even customers who booked on your old system can amend and cancel their bookings for as long as is needed using AeroParker. This is just one example of how we go the extra mile to make sure the switch is completely hassle free.

Before and during go-live we also take multiple data imports to ensure the integrity of the booking data we are importing in that it is complete, validated and correct. This is an example of how we make sure the transition is completely risk free.

All resource, skills and expertise under one roof

It isn’t just technical expertise that is required to make the switch to AeroParker zero risk. AeroParker has every resource and skill required to switch pre booking systems in-house. At AeroParker we do not need to outsource anything. So nothing falls down the cracks and we do not have to rely on the availability of any 3rd parties that could lead to delays.

If its front end UX expertise or HTML that’s needed, we have it in house. If it is client services personnel required to liaise with barrier system vendors or all your 3rd party resellers and take the pain away for you, we have that in house too, together with multi-lingual capability as well. If it is CRM and email marketing expertise, we have it in house.

Happy airports and passengers

The results speak for themselves, with zero downtime every time and a very quick switch time, that can be as short as 6 weeks, then this makes for the reliable and painless switch from any pre book parking solution to AeroParker which ultimately means an uninterrupted pre book parking service availability from the airport’s point of view and a no interruption in revenue or data collection.

The story doesn’t end there

At AeroParker we know it isn’t just about switching you over to our system. Once you have switched our multi-lingual support team are available to talk to 24/7.   Also, our development team are always here working away on enhancing the AeroParker system and any updates to the platform will be automatically delivered to you at no extra cost.

Now you know how easy it is to switch what are you waiting for? Just email or call AeroParker on jon.keefe@aeroparker.com or tel: +44 161

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