SKIDATA AG honors Scheidt & Bachmann’s 50th Anniversary

April 20, 2016


SKIDATA AG honors Scheidt & Bachmann’s 50th Anniversary


SKIDATA made a surprise presentation to Scheidt & Bachman celebrating their 50th Anniversary in the parking industry during the Intertraffic trade fair. The Executive Board and Management Team from SKIDATA presented Scheidt & Bachman celebratory cakes customized with the S+B logo, parking equipment and SKIDTA’s mascot hummingbird “sweb” wishing them all the best.


“We have a very professional relationship with Scheidt & Bachmann. We challenge each other with the objective to improve our solutions. At the end the customers are the winners.” said Robert Weiskopf, CSO at SKIDATA.

Martin Kammler of Scheidt & Bachmann added: “The members of Scheidt & Bachmann were very appreciative of SKIDATA’s act of kindness in support of Scheidt & Bachmann’s 50th Parking Anniversary celebration during Intertraffic. As global players, both of our companies have mutual respect towards each other’s achievements and we look forward to continuing to encourage each other to lead with better solutions for the industry.”


In photo, L-R: Alexander Vouk (SD), James Toal (SD), Dr. Norbert Miller (S+B), Hugo Rohner (SD), Robert Weiskopf (SD), Martin Kammler (S+B), Willem-Jan Balk (SD), Ralf Klomp (SD).