AppyParking launches real-time parking availability in Coventry

May 23, 2016

AppyParking launches real-time parking availability in Coventry



Coventry, UK – AppyParking, The Intelligent Future Parking Winner (British Parking Awards 2016) has just announced another smart city solution that puts Coventry high up on the Smart City pedestal.



In partnership with Coventry City and NWave, AppyParking allows drivers to see parking availability in real time on a free app and website. A total sum of 72 bays including every disabled bay and 36 paid bays have been enabled with the latest low cost, low energy, long life sensors. The trial could be rolled out across Coventry if enough drivers download the free award-winning app and use the real-time parking availability.


Nwave Sparkit sensors are the next generation of low profile surface mounted sensors that take under a minute to install. The unique benefit of its wireless technology allows thousands of real-time sensors to talk to one base station up to 6km away.


This trial is part of a wider initiative between Coventry City Council and AppyParking to save motorists time, stress and money. The app understands any parking rule and shows every possible type of bay and restriction to any kind of driver. In just a few taps, motorists can see the “Cheapest & Nearest” parking spaces available to them. The app then guides the motorist to the available bay using turn-by-turn navigation.


Studies show that the average British person in their lifetime spends 347 days and £34,097 on fuel searching for parking spaces, so their are obvious benefits to real-time sensors. Councils also see congestion and pollution reduce by 22% during peak hours and local businesses benefit from increased productivity.


Dan Hubert, CEO of AppyParking, said ‘‘It’s incredibly exciting to be the first company to trial this game changing real-time sensor technology. There’s been a stigma about the ROI of previous trials, but this low cost solution makes the UK’s ambition to become a smart nation an achievable reality.”

Sunil Budhdeo, Innovation Manager Coventry City Council “We are so thrilled to work with AppyParking to put Coventry City at the forefront of transport management. Not only will this revolutionary app make looking for a parking space a thing of the past but it will help businesses be more productive and also reduce pollution. This really is the dawn of a bright new day.’’



 About AppyParking

AppyParking™ is more than just another parking app. It’s all about Big Data with Big Detail and fits strategically within the connected car, smart city revolution. AppyParking™ has revolutionised the UK parking industry by consolidating the fragmented public and private sector by creating a standardised data set that understands every possible rule, restriction and tariff regardless of what kind of driver you are. This free public service in the form of app, website and API saves motorists time, stress and money from parking tickets while dramatically increasing productivity. On the plus side cities hugely benefit from reduced traffic, congestion and most importantly, pollution.

AppyParking is currently available across the nation; London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Norwich, Cambridge and Sandwell. Coventry is the first city AppyParking have trialled real-time availability. It is FREE to download from the App Store and Google Play.
Parking data

  • Studies show that looking for a car space takes the average British person 347 days and costs £34,097.44 over their lifetime.
  • 16% drive less because they find it hard to find a car space (RAC 2014 Report)

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