May 03, 2016




Expansion Provides Access To Ground-Breaking Parking Technologies To Parking Owners In Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee


Atlanta, GA (May 3, 2016)—Sentry, America’s leading provider of parking solutions and technology, announced today that the company has expanded its operations throughout the Southeastern United States, and now provides services throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Sentry installs and services many of the parking industry’s most popular and advanced technologies, including SKIDATA parking access and revenue control equipment (PARCS), Frogparking sensors and analytic software, INDECT parking guidance equipment, and Global Parking Solutions multi-space meters. With this expansion Sentry becomes SKIDATA’s exclusive distribution and servicing representative in the three states. Sentry is a subsidiary of SKIDATA AG.



“Sentry is America’s fastest growing parking technology company and our expansion throughout the Southeast is an important milestone,” said Blair Taylor, Vice President Business Development at Sentry. “Parking plays an important role in both economic development and the quality of life. The technologies we sell and service help parking owners and operators provide better customer service to drivers while, at the same time, increasing the efficiency and profitability of their parking operations.”

As part of this expansion into Atlanta, Sentry will service SKIDATA PARCS equipment that was sold and installed by Innovative Parking Concepts.

“We look forward to working with parking owners and operators who have worked with Innovative Parking Concepts in the past,” said Taylor. “I think they will be pleased with Sentry’s commitment to providing extraordinary customer service.”

About Sentry

Sentry, a subsidiary of SKIDATA AG, is America’s leading parking technology company, providing innovative hardware and software solutions that improve the parking experience while increasing profitability. By installing, building, and managing parking control systems Sentry can help developers and owners of all types conquer their unique parking challenges. Sentry has over three decades of proven expertise and is backed by SKIDATA AG—the world’s leading parking equipment manufacturer. Sentry [] offers comprehensive services that set the standard, including extensive training to assure that customers are getting the most from their equipment, ongoing maintenance, and outstanding support. SKIDATA AG [] is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Kudelski Group [].