May 10, 2016




Van Nuys, CA (May 10, 2016)—Sentry, America’s leading provider of parking solutions and technology, announced today the launch of the parking industry’s first fully automated gateless off-street dynamic pricing solution with integrated Variable Message Signage. The dynamic pricing suite utilizes Frogparking’s groundbreaking parking management platform to monitor occupancy and automatically adjust parking rates for remaining spaces. The dynamic pricing system allows parking operators, municipalities, and private parking owners to maximize their parking revenues while remaining price-competitive. Sentry is the exclusive distributer of Frogparking products in the United States.


“Automated dynamic pricing is a game changer for parking owners,” said Tim Flanagan, managing director of Sentry. “Parking owners and operators lose tens of millions of dollars every year because there has never been a reliable way to achieve market-driven pricing. Ultimately, the goal of every parking owner is to maximize occupancy and revenues simultaneously. For the first time, that goal is achievable.”


The dynamic pricing suite utilizes Frogparking’s revolutionary parking management platform to measure occupancy and adjust pricing based on a preset formula. Parking sensors recognize when a parking space is occupied, reporting that information to a central database via Frogparking’s software. The software continuously monitors occupancy levels for a parking facility or on-street zone, and automatically modifies pricing in real time. The system also includes signage at facility entrances informing drivers how much parking costs and how many spaces are available at that moment. The pricing suite can manage parking areas of any size, from individual parking facilities to parking companies with multiple facilities.


“The dynamic pricing suite provides an immediate return to parking owners and operators,” said Shareena Sandbrook, managing director of Frogparking. “The system has been installed at parking facilities in New Zealand and here in the United States, and every one that’s using it has experienced exponential revenue increases. This is a turnkey solution, and there’s no easier or more reliable way for owners and operators to realize a facility’s earning potential.”


At the inaugural U.S. site in Southern California, the dynamic pricing suite pairs the Frogparking platform with Metro Parking Machines produced by Global Parking Solutions. Monthly revenues have increased by more than 115% over the previous year in each month measured, and monthly revenues have also increased steadily.


“The Frogparking suite has provided an extraordinary return,” said Flanagan. “The revenue increases that we’ve already seen indicate that owners could recoup their investment in just a matter of weeks.”



About Sentry

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