Parking Data for Property Owners – What’s Not to Like!?

June 30, 2016

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Parking Data for Property Owners – What’s Not to Like!?



San Francisco, CA, May 20, 2016 – Smarking Inc., the leading data analytics provider for parking professionals, announced today a working relationship with Brookfield Properties, one of North America’s largest owners of commercial real estate assets.



The core of the Smarking Management System is a real time dashboard that enables property managers and parking professionals to monitor and optimize their parking operations with data. Smarking uses existing parking data to calculate: real time occupancy, predicted occupancy, real time revenue, predicted revenue and a host of analytical reports surrounding parking durations, historical occupancy, and historical revenues.

“I believe that our working relationship with the Smarking will allow our team to better leverage parking data to improve operational efficiency, fine tune our financial models, and make smarter pricing and inventory allocation decisions” said Laura Longsworth, VP of Parking at Brookfield.

Beyond the day to day management of parking facilities, Brookfield plans to leverage Smarking’s platform to assist in the acquisitions and audit processes associated with parking facilities.

“Laura has been a believer in Smarking since our early days. With Brookfield’s commitment to push the boundary of innovation we’re honored to work with such an industry leader.” said Director of Growth, Diego Torres-Palma of Smarking, “Brookfield is generating a tremendous amount of parking related data, it’s our goal to leverage that data to make sure that it is being utilized to the fullest extent.”

In the longer term, Smarking plans to share live and predicted occupancy data to various sources including autonomous and connected vehicles in order to reduce congestion and route cars to their true destinations: parking spaces.

To learn more about Smarking and how to improve your ability to pro actively manage your parking data, please check out our website at or contact Diego Torres Palma for further discussion and a demonstration of the Smarking tool.


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