Parking Operators ABM, LAZ Parking, Standard Parking and Propark/WinPark Actively Encourage Attendance for Women In Parking Annual Conference

June 30, 2016

Parking Operators ABM, LAZ Parking, Standard Parking and Propark/WinPark Actively Encourage Attendance for Women In Parking Annual Conference





The Women In Parking (WIP) organization anticipates a positive turnout for its upcoming annual conference being held from September 22-23 following the National Parking Association (NPA) Convention and Expo in Atlanta, GA. Many of the industry’s largest contributors will be participating in the highly anticipated event. In particular, this year’s conference will expect to see increased participation from the operator sector. ABM, LAZ Parking, Standard Parking (SP+) and ProPark/Winpark represent some of the big names in the operator business that have committed to the organization and have been actively promoting the Annual Conference within their respective organizations.



The Women In Parking Annual Conference brings together parking professionals from a variety of sectors to share best practices, discuss relevant issues and create connections that yield opportunities for both business growth and individual success. This year’s third annual conference is expected to herald a number of notable guest speakers including Nadia Bilchik, an international renowned television personality and professional development expert.

ABM recently announced that the organization committed to sending at least ten internal staff members to the annual conference. Stan Bochniak, Manager Business Development of ABM, is the primary event coordinator for the WIP Annual Conference and is also part of the WIP Leadership Board.  ABM currently sponsors WIP at a titanium corporate level.

Platinum sponsor Standard Parking also publicized the WIP Annual Conference through its internal SP+ Women Advisory Forum (WAF), which shares a similar objective as WIP in promoting a more diverse workforce. “SP+ considers the WIP Annual Conference a premier event for participants from our own internal Women’s Advisory Forum to network with other industry leaders that share our goals for fostering inclusive, satisfying careers for women in the parking industry” comments Nicole Hankins, Regional Vice President at SP+ and WIP Leadership Board Member. “We especially look forward to sharing knowledge pertaining to strategies for recruiting, retaining and promoting the best talent.”

Similar to Standard Parking, longtime WIP supporter LAZ Parking is holding an internal contest for its staff to apply to attend the conference. LAZ’s Vice President of Human Resources and WIP Leadership Board member Andi Campbell states that “LAZ Parking is very committed to employee learning and development and we think that the WIP annual conference is a great resource for our employees to learn and grow.  We intend to send as many people as we can to the conference.” LAZ candidates are asked to submit a video expressing their interest in attending the conference.

Propark and WinPark are the latest organizations to endorse Women In Parking as a titanium corporate sponsor. “Propark places strong emphasis on building connections and fostering dynamic opportunities for our team. The Women In Parking Annual Conference brings parking professionals together, providing collaboration, support and resources, which are integral to the growth of our employees and our industry,” says Propark CEO & Chairman John Schmid. Adds Winpark Liliana Rambo, CAPP: “it’s important for us to be a part of WIP so that we can optimize our mutual organization’s resources and networking outreach to our management team for the overall well-being of our leadership group.”

The Women In Parking Annual Conference has being sponsored by a number of conference sponsors including Smarking; Parkwhiz; Marlyn Group; Sentry; Transcore; Toledo Tickets; Eco Lighting Solutions; Parking Zone; Omnipark. A host of industry profesionals from a variety of sectors have already registered to attend the conference. Online registraion for the conference is currently open until September 12. Participatnts can sign up online at



About Women In Parking

The Women In Parking (WIP) organization was founded in the U.S. in 2011 to serve as the premier association dedicated to promoting the advancement and achievement of female parking professionals by providing networking, leadership, and career outreach opportunities to its members. For the past few years, Women In Parking has worked persistently to offer resources that all organizations within the industry can access and take full advantage of to improve and capitalize on a gender balanced workforce within their respective organizations. There are over 200 individual members as well as corporate sponsors for Women In Parking in the U.S. Women In Parking welcomes membership participation of both men and women from all sectors of parking and transportation. Contact WIP at for more information on joining the organization.