Urbiotica launches a solution for the control of urban noise

June 10, 2016



Urbiotica launches a solution for the control of urban noise


The increase in population and the frenetic activity in cities have resulted in a proportional increase in noise with noise generated traffic being deemed the main source of noise pollution today.


Urbiotica is proposing a noise monitoring network, that allows for constant real time monitoring of the trouble spots throughout the city as well as serves as an alert system, emitting alerts when the sound level reaches a certain point exceeding the preset limits. This is achieved thanks to the new U-Sound device: an autonomous wireless sensor designed by Urbiotica to measure noise in the city.

The information generated by the system is accessible to both the manager and the citizen through the VisorAcustic. By accessing this, both parties gain real time data. Thus, the information is a useful tool in furthering the citizen’s transparency.

Design, robustness and durability: U-Sound is designed for strength and durability. Its purpose is to integrate the aesthetics of the environment, ensuring the strength of the hardware and communication accuracy. These aspects of U-Sound allow the device to reach of lifespan of 10 years.

Urbiotica’s noise surveillance system has already been launched in the city of Girona.

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