Meet this parking intelligence app: Xtreet

July 29, 2016

Xtreet Square

Meet this parking intelligence app: Xtreet



San Francisco, California– Xtreet was founded to solve one of the biggest problems in San Francisco- parking. Silicon Valley experienced entrepreneurs witness the cost and challenges of parking and transportation in the city. Drivers dread driving to the city of San Francisco because of the stress caused by parking. Finding legal parking is time-consuming. Understanding complex parking regulations, fear of getting parking tickets and being towed are some of the stress factors to drivers. Thus, founders built a parking intelligence app, Xtreet.


XTREET Available Parking


Xtreet was built to be as intelligent as possible, so drivers don’t have to think about parking ever again. Imagine, driving off your driveway, going about your day without stressing over where to park because you have it in the palm of your hands. Xtreet is your parking intelligence software that provides drivers recommendations of nearest, available, legal and safe parking. Moreover, Xtreet notifies drivers in advance to move the car before “risky” events occur- street cleaning, towing, expired meter, time-limited zones, etc. in order to avoid parking violations.


XTREET Car Locator


The founders worked hard to make the technology, software and data as accurate and robust as possible. As the leading parking software in San Francisco, Xtreet expands coverage to the largest cities in the U.S. namely Chicago, New York, Seattle, L.A., Washington D.C., San Diego, and they plan to cover 20 more largest US cities by the end of next year.


XTREET Meter Payment

In partnership with other leading parking and transportation companies, Xtreet provides a comprehensive solution to parking-related concerns. Using Xtreet, you can pay meters via smartphone, reserve and pay for parking spot, locate your car, request a valet service, and be notified with “risky” events such as street cleaning, expired meter, etc.


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As the future of transportation and parking is gearing towards “connected car”, the timing is perfect for Xtreet. Currently, there are other startups in Silicon Valley that attempt to solve parking problems incrementally, but not comprehensively. Xtreet has piloted in San Francisco and received an overwhelming response that there is a definite need for a more comprehensive service for dealing with parking. Xtreet offers a unique set of solutions to the community not provided by any competitors.


XTREET Valet Payment


Drivers in U.S. cities need Xtreet. Car manufacturers need it for the “connected car”. Rental car, car-sharing, delivery, and fleet management companies need it to avoid the cost of dealing with tickets and parking anomalies. Smart and self-driving cars need it to understand on-street regulations to park legally and safely.

Moreover, there is a huge opportunity to provide regulation data as an API.




The team of founders consists of a highly mixed skillset covering technical, engineering, marketing, business management and operations excellence. Xtreet has a unique and comprehensive solution in an exponentially emerging market. With thousands of San Francisco drivers using the web app in San Francisco only, there is a definite need for a comprehensive service for dealing with parking. The company is heavily investing in developing technology, network of partners and community of loyal users.




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