SpotPog crowd-sourcing parking app building and expanding its commercial user base through incentive programs

July 27, 2016

Parking Swap App Gains Momentum in Signing up Key Companies and Associations for Commercial Program


SpotPog crowd-sourcing parking app building and expanding its commercial user base through incentive programs


(NEW YORK, NY) – SpotPog—an innovative mobile app which allows drivers to swap parking spots through an interactive map—has signed up key trade associations and companies to participate in its commercial program, which will allow drivers of commercial service vehicles to find street parking more quickly and efficiently.

SpotPog allows drivers to exchange street parking spots for free by connecting them through the app. The benefits to the business community could be tremendous, as plumbers, electricians, delivery people and other workers frequently lose time and miss appointments circling for parking. In addition, all five of New York City’s Chambers of Commerce—Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island—have endorsed SpotPog and are encouraging their members to swap parking spots.

SpotPog is launching their commercial program with a lottery promotion. Drivers earn shares in a pool of lottery tickets by using the app. At the end of each week, participating drivers will share in the winnings.

“SpotPog was the first crowd-sourced app to help New York City drivers find street parking. Now we are the first anywhere to use this approach to help commercial vehicle drivers save time and money instead of hunting for spots,” said Jacques Blinbaum, founder of SpotPog. “At the same time, this program will reduce traffic congestion, improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers. SpotPog is a free, easy tool that’s a win-win for city businesses and residents.”

“In partnering with SpotPog, our members will have an important new technology that aims to help them increase productivity and their bottom line,” said Tony Saporito, Executive Vice President of the Mechanical Contractors Association of New York.

Here’s how SpotPog Commercial works: Drivers looking for a spot find other app users on SpotPog’s map and arrange an exchange. Drivers leaving a spot get a credit, or Pog, from drivers taking a spot. In other words, the only way to get a space is to give one up, which creates an incentive for drivers to post a spot before they leave it.

Thirty percent of all traffic in the city is drivers circling for spots, a large number of which are commercial vehicles. Reducing the traffic those vans and service vehicles cause hunting for spots would have a significant, positive impact on traffic and eliminate tons of street-level pollution every year.

Companies and drivers can now sign up online at The parking network will become more efficient as the number of users grows.