SKIDATA, Inc. Update for 3M/Federal APD Equipment Owners

July 11, 2016


SKIDATA, Inc. Update for 3M/Federal APD Equipment Owners



Hillsborough, NJ, July 11, 2016: SKIDATA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SKIDATA AG is pleased to announce an update for 3M/Federal APD equipment owners.


As previously announced, in 2015 SKIDATA purchased 3M’s Parking Business software (EFMS, ScanNet) and firmware, along with PARCS equipment drawings, gaining the exclusive right to develop and produce 3Ms parking products (formerly known as Federal APD). Since then SKIDATA has been working on providing various solutions on how to run 3M / FAPD hardware with SKIDATA software (Parking.Logic) and develop a migration offer for 3M / FAPD customers.


Below are some highlights of the solutions SKIDATA has developed for sites with 3M/Federal APD equipment that are now ready to be implemented:


• Extend the life cycle of your current equipment: We offer solutions that allow you to maintain frictionless operability of your business and to keep using your existing devices as long as they are functional.

• Enable your facility to accept credit cards and equip it with PA DSS validated terminals: We offer an uncomplicated and economic solution to ensure the latest PA DSS compliance of your terminals. This solution can be integrated in your current system as is. No major investment or change of your hardware is required besides the installation of the terminals.

• No more dealing with issues generated by expiring licensing keys or upgrades for EFMS and Scan Net: Replace your old system with SKIDATA’s state of the art PARCS software and take advantage of our annual optional upgrades. Our software also works in a mixed environment comprising your old devices and potential new SKIDATA equipment.


Of course we are aware of the fact that each facility is unique and has its own requirements. Please feel free to contact us any time either via email or by phone so we can learn more about your business and find the right solution for you.


SKIDATA is passionate about its commitment to deliver superior, reliable, and trend setting solutions. We are ready to help our customers to unlock the power of SKIDATA.



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